Developing the labour workers in the UAE // Expo Live – Smart Labour, UAE

you know we’ll have two point two
million laborers in this country and because of the lack of education they
are not able to express themselves well and this affects their productivity
their happiness and their overall contribution to the economy as such so
we have come up with a kind of solution where we are it’s the first basically
mobile application specifically for blue-collar workers and laborers but
they can learn life skills English Arabic basic stuff in their own language
collect points after taking small tests and then convert those points into
telecom reward so they become connect with their families which are you are
outside the UAE for free and they also have built an engagement platform for
residents to contribute minutes data and you are kind of introducing a new
currency for people to do good in this country and help laborers to also be
part of you know all the other benefits that we enjoy in the smart world many
other areas will open for them and we expect to see completely a new
innovative services specifically for this segment


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