Die Employer Branding-Strategie als Basis für die Mitarbeitergewinnung

Die Employer Branding-Strategie als Basis für die Mitarbeitergewinnung

Why is employer branding important for your business? Assume the following situation: Your company operates trans-regional. You compete in the marketplace with other companies from germany. Your company stands for high quality of the offered services and products. In order to maintain this quality permanently or even to increase it, you are dependent on qualified specialists. In the struggle for these talents, your company is in competition with sometimes very well-known companies and brands. As there are less and less qualified specialists, they now have the choice between the companies in question. Your company must therefore present itself as an attractive employer on the market and, above all, stand out clearly from the competition. What to do? In order to develop and strengthen your profile as an attractive employer, your company needs an employer branding strategy. It starts with an analysis. The base for this is a differentiated analysis, which elaborates the weaknesses and strengths of your company in the range of employer attractiveness. Within the framework of the following positioning in employer branding,the central question is how your company would like to be viewed will be answered. What kind of ideas should an employee or an applicant associate with your company? From this, concrete recommendations for action can be derived which lead to a better perception of your company in the labor market. The employer branding strategy defines the core factors of communication in medium to long term. This includes media planning and, of course, the monitoring of the measures used. The authentic and lived employer branding helps sustainably to bind existing employees to your business and helps to attract new employees to your companies. Employer Branding now helps you to achieve this goal.


4 thoughts on “Die Employer Branding-Strategie als Basis für die Mitarbeitergewinnung”

  • Employer Branding ist nur eine neue Schlangenhaut – ein Wunschdenken gekleidet in Neo-Anglizismen – um der Bachelor-Generation ein bequemes Einstiegsdenken zu suggerieren; schön gedacht – hat aber mit der Realität nur wenig zu tun;

    In Deutschland herrscht der kleinbetriebige Mittelstand – und der hält nur soviele nicht familiäre Mitarbeiter wie es unbedingt notwendig ist – und das auch nur auf Zeit. Deshalb ist employer-Branding eine Sache der Globalisten;

  • Never Code Alone says:

    Wir haben auch mal ein Video zu dem thema gemacht https://youtu.be/P823yJQuHgM Ist die beste Strategie nicht gute und glückliche Mitarbeiter zu Worrt kommen zu lassen. Im Blog, im Video oder auch auf Konferenzen. Oft hat man den Eindruck, daß Employer Branding ein professioneller Verkauf ist.

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