Digital Business News Magazine: All about Digitalization in Europe

Patrick: This is Digital Business News. This is
the first issue: The EP election special – the parties, policies and digitalization
in the EU. What do you think of that, Micha? Micha: Well yeah, we did the first
magazine we ever did from digital business news and we focused on the
upcoming EP elections that are taking place in Europe, and with that, also on
Brexit and digitalization in Europe in general. You wrote some articles
on the EP election system and the parties taking place, also some run into
Trump and China and how they affect the EU. What are some insights that you’ve
gained from that as an American living in Europe?
Patrick: Yeah. Well, writing about the EP elections: that was probably the most interesting
thing for me to write because I learned everything about the EP elections. I’m
not from Europe and European politics are a little foreign for me even though
I’ve lived here a while and learning about the parties was probably the best. I was
able to put together a lot of information about the different parties,
and really, I learned that it’s very important to vote in the European
parliamentary elections – probably as important as voting in your own
country’s elections. So that was probably the biggest eye opener for me and I think
it’s good that it’s in here, because people from all over Europe or the globe
can learn about what the European elections are. Micha: that’s a very good
point, because as many people will know, the European Union has a lot of say in
national lawmaking by now and especially on e-commerce and
digital issues, there’s a lot of harmonization of regulations going on.
We have also talked to Ecommerce Europe, the association that covers all
of Europe about how they feel like European politics should move forward to
ensure that we get a digital single market and such stuff. And we were not
the only two people working on this magazine. There were other people as
well, who wrote articles on Brexit, a timeline how it happened and
what’s still to happen. We couldn’t cover that in the magazine, because the
decision-making was set after our deadline. But we covered a great deal of
that and stuff like this. Patrick: Yeah, the Brexit timeline is really,
really great, if you don’t know much about Brexit. My friends and family and
professionals in North America asked me all the time about it and I don’t really
know where to begin. There’s so much information and we
kind of put it together in a good kind of timeline to take a look at.
Michael: The magazine itself is available in a digital format in a PDF that you can buy,
also in the print version like we have it here. It’s 40 pages full of
information and we will link in the video box below I guess because we are
putting it on all the marketplaces across Europe. We are live
on eBay right now but we also want to get onto the other platforms so
everybody in Europe is able to buy it. Just check the video box below
and I guess that’s it from us. Patrick: If you’re doing business in the European
Union from outside or within the European Union but you’re not from
Europe this is really a good publication to look into. If you’re in e-commerce
then you really should keep yourself up to date, so thanks very much for
listening and watching Both: See you, bye!


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