Digital printing – Production of Wallpaper rolls with Xeikon

Digital printing – Production of Wallpaper rolls with Xeikon

Danny: The Xeikon wall covering suite is your
total solution to produce from a big roll of substrate and end up with a final product
being a small roll of wallpaper, either a short-run wallpaper or a photo mural. The solution consists obviously out of a couple
of very important components. We start with the Jamboree unwinder. The Jamboree unwinder fits woven as well as
non-woven substrates. If you use non-woven substrates, we recommend
to install pre-humidification unit. In this case, this one is provided by Weko
to pre-humidify the paper before it ends up in the Xeikon digital printing press. The press that we show in this video is Xeikon
3500 machine which is in fact a simplex printing press. It has 5 color stations so you have the CMYK
basic colors and you have a 5th supporting color that you can use for spot colors or
to enlarge your color gamut. Instead of the Xeikon 3500, you can also use
a Xeikon 8000 series press which is in fact a duplex machine. That means that you cannot only print the
wall coverings itself but you can also use it to for instance, print sheets that you
can use for sample books. So when the printed wall covering come out
of the printing press, the next thing we do is we have to finish it. This means that we will slit both sides accurately
so that the lanes are ready to be put up to the wall and also, cut at the end of each
lane. When the wallpaper is cut, it’s picked up
by the Fotoba rewinder that makes a very small roll out of it ready to be wrapped in plastic
and shipped to your customer.


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