Do You Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth? Productive Time VS Wasted Time – Dan Lok

Do You Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth? Productive Time VS Wasted Time – Dan Lok

(dramatic orchestral music) Your hand, if you have
the figure, so I know. Once you have your number. How much your time needs to be worth. How many times, yes, question? Yes? – [Audience Member] Oh, $150. $150, good. – [Audience Member] $300 $300, okay. What are numbers? Okay, just write them down. (mumbling) Put up your hand if you’ve
got the number, so I know. Okay, couple more minutes. Whatever it is, divide that. Everybody has a number? Yes? Okay. But that’s not your number,
that’s not a number. Here’s why. Because if you are not honest you are not productive all the time. There are variables, yes? So if there are variables,
here’s the actual number. You need to times that number by three because you have productive
time and unproductive time. Because those 220 days, you’re not working every day eight hours a day you’re not always productive, yes? So what are the numbers if
you times that by three. That’s your actual number. That’s how much your
time needs to be worth to achieve your goal. Don’t bullshit me because I’m not productive all the time. So if you think about it, to
make a million bucks a year your hour needs to be
worth $1,704.54 per hour. If you want to be a millionaire that’s how much your
time needs to be worth. Now if that’s how much
your time needs to be worth tell me what have you learned? – [Audience Member]
Don’t have enough time. You don’t have enough time? You’re not charging enough. No but what have you learned? What does it mean for you? – [Audience Member] You’re
not working well enough. You’re not working well enough, yes. – [Audience Member] You
shouldn’t be doing something that’s really easy. So think about it, that hour
you spent mowing your lawn? That just cost you $1,700. You think you’re saving money? That just cost you money. That one hour you spend washing the dishes that just cost you $1,700. Burn this in your mind,
picture this in your mind. Every time you do this unproductive task just imagine you have your wallet and you’re burning hundred dollar bills. Seriously, that’s the mental
picture you want to have. You’re burning the $100 bills. Fuck that’s $100, fuck that’s $100. You’re burning and not even get much fire. You can’t even do a fucking
barbecue with this, right? It’s just gone. Yes? – [Audience Member] What
if you don’t have the money to delegate that task? I’m gonna get to that. How many have this question what if I don’t have
the money to delegate? Yeah, I’m gonna show ways
you can delegate for free. I’ll show you in a moment. So what else have you learned? – [Audience Member] You
have sixteen hours and you have to leverage it. Sixteen hours, no but also, think about it $1,700 an hour is a lot of money. Is it very difficult to attain? Can you do it just by you doing the work and get $1,700 an hour. – [Audience Member] No. It’s gonna be very challenging, right? Even top lawyers, how much do they charge? – [Audience Member] $200? $230, $300 an hour, right? Sometimes lawyers, the lawyers bullshit. They bill you for, oh
I’ve been thinking about you in the shower and I’ll
bill you for that shit. You know what I mean? Sometimes they can double
bill different clients and they make up all this shit, right? Even if you do that, that is
still a difficult number, yes? What I’m saying is, so basically
you want to hit that number if you’re not making money
while you’re not working you won’t hit that number. If you’re not, listen closely. If you’re not making money
while you’re not working you will not hit the number. Even though, I don’t
care how valuable you are from time to time you might hit it closed one sale, spent
an hour, you make 10,000. But can you do that every day? Can you do that seven days a week? Can you do that consecutively,
220 days a year? Can you do that? You cannot. That’s why systematization
and delegation is key, yes? – [Audience] Yes. So non-productive time,
what am I talking about? Talking to friends, surfing the internet checking and reading emails, studying- yes, studying and learning
time as far as I’m concerned learning time is not productive time. It does not include, okay? Checking website stats,
organizing desk, cleaning office. Productive time, it means
you’re doing an activity that makes you, what? – [Audience Member] Money. Makes you what? Money. So creating products, closing sales marketing products, managing
money making projects setting up joint venture deals create systems to automate business. Those are productive time,
those are productive time. So non-productive versus productive. So I want you to think in terms of ROTI. What is it? That’s return on time invested. No return on investment and
no return on time invested. I’m investing $1 into this, I’m
investing a minute into this I’m investing an hour into this what’s my return? Because it’s very fair, you and I have the same amount of time. You and I and Bill Gates
have the same amount of time. 24 hours a day, 52 weeks
a year, it’s the same. Bill Gates go to bed,
get up in the morning made millions of dollars. Return on time invested. Okay take two minutes, how long? – [Audience] Two minutes. Discuss among your table
what you’ve just learned. (audience mumbling) Okay stop. Give the high fives,
thank you for sharing. – [Audience] Thank you for sharing. Okay let’s have a talk. A-ha moments, a-ha moments. Doing too much shit, okay, smaller tasks. Yes? – [Audience Member] Need a chef. Need a chef, yes. (laughing) – [Audience Member]
Don’t pretend you can be productive all day long. Yeah, don’t pretend you can
be productive all day long. In fact, for most people including myself I think if you’re productive
one third of the time you’re doing very good. This is coming from me and
I’m fucking productive. Okay and I’m saying if
your day, your working day if you’re one third of
your time productive I think you are doing phenomenal. There was a study, I forgot exact number I’m paraphrasing this, the average CEO has like one hour
productive time per month or some shit like that, yes, yes. It’s startling. So we are not productive all the time. Any a-ha moments? I don’t want some generic I’m not asking you to reflect
the answer back to me. What it means to you, your a-ha moment. What are you gonna change? How do you look at your time differently? What are some of the new things you might do in your business? That’s what I want to hear, yes. – [Audience Member] I
need to be more efficient and effective. More efficient, more effective very good. Yes? – [Audience Member] Be productive
so I can be productive. Organize things better, get my workouts in so I’m feeling healthy for the day. Nice. – [Audience Member] Make
sure I’m actually reading so I stay mentally focused. Nice. So kind of scheduling
blocking time to do that. – [Audience Member] Blocking
in time to do things that make me more productive. Nice, very nice, yes? – [Audience Member] I need
to be able to trust others with things that are critical that I think that only I can do. Yes. Yes and there is a competent guy and sometimes that’s the problem. We’re too competent, we’re
too good at what we do. Yes, one more? – [Audience Member] I’m
gonna stand up here. So I was one of those
people that over gave my time, energy and money and
so for the last three months I decided to do an experiment and that is I’m just gonna stop it and see what happens and
the result was a little bit heartbreaking but it taught
me a really good lesson. And that was nobody called me. (laughing) and I’m just like wow they’re
just calling to get, get, get from me and I realized wow I guess I need to find some new friends. (laughing) so I hope that resonates with someone I definitely learned my lesson there. Good, awesome, thank you. (applause) and I’ve been through this. Again, I used to be the
same way and yes, Jo? – [Jo] I just want to
comment on sort of the phenomenon thing that is
between the non-productive and the productive time
and that being resistance like when you know your core things that are gonna bring in the money that’s a goal to even be aware of them and yet you just don’t get to that. Okay, very often, any business if you look at any business and I learned this from my mentor, Alan only two or three critical success events. What are they? Critical success events, that’s it. Whatever business you are in. Two or three things that if you do well your business will prosper. Let me give you an example. Lets say if I want to grow a
tree in the back of my garden what is the first critical success event? – [Audience Member] Plant the seeds. I’ve got to plant the seed. That’s the first step. I can fuck everything else wrong but if I plant the seed, right? That’s the first step, right? What’s the second? – [Audience Member] Water. I got to water and nurture
it, make sure it grows. What’s the third one? – [Audience Member] Take care of it. Take care of it. Maybe nutrition, whatever it might be. Three things. Yeah I can kind of mow
the lawn, cut the grass and kind of make sure the dirt is cool put some decoration, all this is shit. Three things, plant the
seed, water and nurture it. That’s it. So usually Jo when we are afraid let’s say you are afraid of prospecting or meeting with people,
whatever it is that you do. Usually means either
is a lack of confidence or fear of rejection or a lack of skill because oh my god I just
talked to another ten people they all rejected me, I
don’t feel so good about that so it’s a skillset problem
or attitude problem or a fear of rejection,
self-esteem problem. It goes back to that. So it’s not so much oh Jo here three steps to solve that thing. They are often just a mental shift because when I was a copywriter
and I was cold calling opening the yellow pages and
I was cold calling businesses. I had no money, I wanted to buy food I wanted to provide for my mom and I was calling businesses,
I was getting probably a couple 100 rejections every week. People hang up on me, people swear at me whatever it might be. Now, does that bother me? – [Audience] No. No, why? (audience mumbling) Because I had to provide for my family. When I think about that, this
stuff doesn’t bother me at all so what? So you reject me, so you say no to me I’ve got another 5,000
people to call, hello! So why does it matter? It doesn’t bother me. So it is a question of why. Question of what? – [Audience] Why. Why is wrong enough, none
of that stuff matters. So maybe go back to your why why are you doing it in the first place then you remember my weekly
focus after It the frog is you do the ugliest,
the most challenging task in the morning because when you do that when you solve a problem,
a complicated task you feel a sense of joy
and it builds your momentum it builds your confidence
for the rest of the day. So maybe, oh my god, in the
morning I’ve got to call this client or this prospect. I’m so afraid, they’ve been
saying no to me for a long time. I know if I got that deal
done, wow I’d feel so good and the rest of the day is easy. Does that make sense? – [Narrator] Ten times your finances Ten times your business Ten times your marketing Ten times your life Hit the subscribe button now.


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  • Dan, thanks for the term: ROTI- Return On Time Invested: This will help me make more productive use of my time since I will be viewing everything I am engaged in daily through that prism- it simplifies the process of getting through my day seeing that I give and get the most benefit out of each time I spend connecting or engaging in some activity. Thanks again Dan for sharing.

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