Donald Trump Business Conflicts Further Degrade US Credibility On China | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Business Conflicts Further Degrade US Credibility On China | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • So…the 3-year-long Russian conspiracy theory bit Rachel in the azz. Hmmm…what to do? Muh China! Heh. That some people are being duped by Rachel is saddening.

  • So would it have been better if he said he wants the people of Hong Kong to bathe in the blood of the Chinese people because it seems to me saying he wants everything to work out for both sides is a pretty reasonable response but then again I dont have a show on MSNBC so I dont know

  • No wonder the people of Russia wanted to vote Putin out, ten cities made in 1987 you bet they are radioactivity when it is normal for citizens run out to get iodine to off set radioactive poising.
    Now our President gives them both a free pass on controlling population by force?

  • So, the Chinese last defeated a significant enemy in…? Sure, they are good at attacking unarmed civilians and maybe at standing over their poorly armed neighbors but as for fighting a real war…

  • Diane laughalot says:

    So while tRuMp has degraded all in this country China has been organized planning and building up there credibility on all things China! The fall of America is closer then u think? Maget supporters have now been officially confirmed as …. used up no good ….CONNED leftovers ? because that's what con artists do. Chew u up and spit u out?

  • Diane laughalot says:

    It is to late to vote this dump out, the players have all been in place since day one! Do u really think voting rights and polling places are protected…… sadly this has been planned and is now being shown as if we are the FOOLS just by the flaunting of their abuse of power as the new norm.

  • Like how Rachel maddow talks about the Chinese military against protestors ….like that’s never happened in America ….hypocrites

  • His Tariffs with China hurts American… buuuuut he gets paid from and use state owned co. of China!…not to mention Ivanka's coziness with China contract deals.

  • unless the people of Hong Kong utilize Martin Luther King's strategy of nonviolent protest they will be massacred, and trump `inc. will find a way to profit from it

  • He only cares about money.
    A ‘Bridge’ to China, and Her Family’s Business, in the Trump Cabinet
    Elaine Chao has boosted the profile of her family’s shipping company, which benefits from industrial policies in China that are roiling the Trump administration.?

  • This is all the Chinese and Russian army can do. Be used against civilians and weak countries. America didn't even Show HALF of what the American militarz could do during the Gulf War.

  • Dear Rachel. Often love to see your show. Now this one is over the top. Violent rioting is confronted with police force anywhere. Also in New York. Showing capability from Chinese side is to show their patience. The demands of protesters are as coherent as a sugar pile. They would be wiser to demonstrate calmly over a longer period of time and formulate a concrete wishlist and the go into dialogue. All these so-called Chinese troops can not hold 20% of Hong Kong. So they are useless for that.

  • China: Entrenched in Corrupt Communist Aristocracy . HONG KONG is fantastic and the TRUE face of China. The delusional trump junior is a reptilian fool. GHASTLY.

  • Coolcat AMApro says:

    This is why we have the 2nd amendment MSNBC NOT FOR HUNTING. The poor China people in Hongkon don't have chance and if you incompetent people don't understand history and can't believe this can happen here you're fools

  • We in N. America may have to prepare to absorb the Chinese freedom fighters who manage to escape from Hong Kong. The good news is that they are generally hard workers and good at creating successful businesses that feeds the local economies.

  • Be it China or USA, our governments are being run by the 1%. Our corrupt government officials are their puppets, being rewarded financially for doing the 1% dirt. God be with the pro democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong

  • Which person who is independently and legally wealthy would want to come to Trump's America? Great move, Ken. Moronic understudy to trump.

  • What is Trump gonna do if China’s army storms into HK batons flying!!… Probably jerking it, wishing he could do this in San Francisco or Chicago…

  • You better.get.ready Trump is going to start a war
    . Trump is the man of darkness
    Trump is just a man . He is evil
    The man of sin. Why is every one afraid of him.
    He is the ANITICHRIST think about it befor it's to late

  • David Mayer de Rothschild says:

    The Chinese army along with the Russian army North Korea army if all four countries invaded America America wouldn’t stand a chance

  • Christian O. Holz says:

    I hope folks in HK stay strong and don't back down. Their democratic freedoms are worth fighting for. The CCP and its corrupt authoritarian regime needs to fall. Just don't expect any support from the current US administration. While I don't with agree with Rachel Maddow when it comes to her general support for corporate Democrats, I do appreciate her in-depth analysis of the connections and context. It always comes down to greed and corruption. In Trump's case it adds yet another layer as he just loves authoritarian governments and tin-pot dictators. It is nice to see that some folks in Russia are now also seeming to push back against Putin's self-serving regime. That takes a lot of courage as those who oppose Putin tend to disappear just like folks in mainland China who oppose the CCP. I do hope that all those who are brave enough to stand up for what is right keep doing so and will eventually succeed in bringing about lasting democratic change.

  • James EJ Jones says:

    Black men and women here in the United States and children can tell the unharmed Chinese people how it feels to be targeted buy your government and local police smfh ?

  • The ONLY thing, the only real thing, that can save us now LOVE! Love is kind, is peaceable, blames not, accuses not, is longsuffering, it is pure, it is genial! ONLY LOVE can save us now. One sure Love is the love of God! If you love him, he will never leave you or forsake you! His love, through The Christ, can save us all! Please read the Book of Acts(The acts of the apostles) in the New Testament to find out how to reach this selfless love of God.

  • I knew from start that Trump's tariff BS was to get more from China. They paid $500 for his other real state project last year but he wanted more. And now he is getting it.

    This crime family will pay but the real criminals are the ones that voted for and STILL support this racist criminal orange traitor.

  • America will NEVER forget that the white supremacy Republican voters, aka the descendants of Confederacy, aka THE DEPLORABLE, cause this massive decline and shame for America. SOON!!!

  • He sold his soul to the Devil. Why are we surprised? He only wants money, power and pledges of unwavering, undying, fall on your face obedience, loyalty and glorious, spontaneous adoration and worship (reminds me of another of God's creation, the Father of all Liars, Satan, himself.)

  • I hope they place this totally useless 'Real Estate Project' right by an active Volcano that erupts as soon as it's done.

  • Once all this stupidity is over and every Trump supporter is asked about this type of obviously corrupt activity, the refrain they'll use is either, "Yeah, but where are the 33,000 emails," or "How could anyone have known."

  • well rest assured if Xi goes too far with the protestors Tronny D will give him a stern talking to. A stern talking to and a tounge lashing should force the despot to change his awful ways concerning Hong Kong.

    And if you belive that I got some great, cheap property in Miami for sale. Just send me a check and youll be pool side in Miami for cheap.

    Really its a sad state of affairs our country seems to be in: politicians, authorities and the media all pitting us fellow Muricans against each other, trying to redirect our attention from the actual real problems that matter. And all the while our real problems are not talked about, not discussed because the powers that be wanna deflect responsibility and accountability away from where it should be focused.

    The media and the government are all just parts in the infernal machine that it is Murica today. They pit us against each other so that we wont pay attention to the fact that they get richer and richer and amass more power while the placated masses get poorer and have less and less rights and power.

    Really its diabolical genius to redirect the masses anger this way, especially the gulliable uneducated white people of this country. Evil but genius. The ignorant simpletons of our country have been throughly duped by the whole scam, and because most dont wanna admit they got suckered for fear of being stupid, they double down on the belief of the lie. Because the economy is good and theres now a white guy in the white house, uneducated whites shouldnt have any qualms.Yet notice they do? And what are those qualms? The machine make them up for them. Muslims, immigrants, democrats, anything besides the real actual problems that are really holding them back: lack of financial and educational opportunities. They get poorer while the rich get richer…..But instead of blaming those actually responsible for these inequalities these simpletons take their cue from the infernal machine and blame immigrants, blacks anybody they can for their problems instead of the actual culprit……Well how exactly can an immigrant mowing your lawn or building your house be responsible for your lack of education or opportunity? How exactly is it their fault that the rich get richer all while they squeeze everyone else out? How is it a Central American immigrant, who lives on a dollar day, fault?

    It's really sad to see how throughly both the government and the media seem to be failing and adding to the problems instead of helping. Instead of being the oversight of the government the media is supposed to be it becomes its enabler. The media is meant to hold the powerful in the the government accountable.
    Not as a tool to spead social disharmony amongst its most gullible, ignorant and impressionable citizens!

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  • Profiting from power is not new to gov just Trump is blatantly the fox-in-the-hen-house who isn't hiding stuff and maybe he wants revenge on a crooked system that bankrupt him then hearing Obama call gov corruption just Asleep at the Wheel…

  • Berg Djelderian says:

    @ Rachel Maddow, there is nothing spontaneous about the protests in Russia and Hong Kong, It's all organised and financed by the CIA, to create turmoil in those countries. be honest for once and admit it.protest for democracy? there is more democracy in Russia and China than in the US Congress and Senate, they aren't controlled by the Israeli lobby.

  • Nettie Watkins says:

    They are simply schmoozing. They think if they get the tramp name on anything they will have a place in the country. Clearly a conflict of interest and should not to go forward what Trump is in office

  • Jeffrey Turner says:

    We don't have a president. We have a twump-tater in the building. I mean the white house. Whoa… We're in trouble!! I'm just saying.

  • Democracy is like a plant and the American people are like the owner of the plant that never waters it, then complain how the plant is dying. Of course its dying. You think democracy means sit on your butts and hope the government does what you want. Push some buttons in November and magically things will work out? Is that how women got rights? Slavery ended?

    Get up off your lazy butts and start acting like the freedom you have today was worth the deaths of those who fought so you could have the freedom to sit by and watch Trump burn all they died for?

  • People are sick and tired of the Kardashians and Now people are sick and tired of the Trump's. When will All these people be forced to Dash to Their Cars and blow Their Trumpets ?

  • So, the trumps using US policy, the tarrifs, as a bargaining chip to kick out and rob the chinese project in indonesia..well, good luck to you..hehee..they will come back to hit back, they have been around here for as long as our history made..

  • Traitor tot Don the Con jr fully expected to be arrested for conspiracy to defraud the U.S.election following revelations that he was coordinating release of stolen emails with enemy Russian agents. Page 59 in case you forgot Instead, he is making wonderful deals (bribes?).

  • Oh please. The previous administration did not do anything about China stealing American technology, and you did not say anything about it.

  • Democracy – anarchy of the rich….uneducated masses are hypnotized by the word "democracy" but evidently it is failing in every country in the world.

  • Weeping Wabbitt says:

    So,Nancy Pelosi,just what in your eyes is an impeachable offense.
    The fact that we have not reached that point,indicates we are so screwed.There is apparently nothing the Trump clan can do that meets her criteria.Whats up w that,Nancy?

  • adam kolendorski says:

    France help America , George Washington, to become a democracy, ,,
    Why aren't anyone helping those people in hong Kong,
    It's so sad,,,USA???

  • LoveAndLight 360 says:

    We the people!!!! Will NOT let this stand. In the end we will all have to make the choice to stand UP or fall. IT IS TIME TO REMEMBER WHO WE ARE, to remember what this land calls for us to do as free unbridled humans …..we must wake up and leave the matrix of lies and mind control. It is time to be the original product of this universe and liberate our GOD GIVEN sense of freedom forever. We are DONE! -GOD SPEED

  • I saw Sputnik pass overhead with my own eyes when I was about 15. If you compare the IQ of the population of the people of the US then (mid-50's) to the IQ of the population of the people of the US NOW (2019) I'm afraid you'll find them very very similar; not increased, as would be expected. The trend is actually pointed downward. We are, as a nation, producing a scientifically illiterate society, on average, taken as a whole. Given the tendency of the human species to have to try all the other ways things don't work right before settling on the one way where it will work right……I predict the demise of the human species within 1,000 years. [ Moon and/or Mars colonies excepted ]. Given the plethera of contingency input variables involved, and the demonstrated urgency of most US politicians reguarding these situations, especially reguarding global warming, climate change generally, and the tsunami of domestic terrorism killings, it becomes obvious that the outputs are beginning to show signs of frank, uncontrollable chaos; the state where any inputs at all have no effect at all on the outputs obtained. There IS no control any longer. AND given the plethera of positive feedback loops in the way our society attempts to control itself politically, financially, academically, etc. the time will soon arrive where nothing attempted will work correctly. Some aspects of our society have already entered this realm….the medical/healthcare industry comes to mind. It's the single largest expense for our society and it's cost is growing. Big pharma comes to mind. Big oil comes to mind. And the scary part is that THIS is the very best the people of earth can do.

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