Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify


100 thoughts on “Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify”

  • I think Doug Collins is lying. He skirted the question. I want him to be pinned down and actually answer if they are or are not going to subpoena witnesses and if so, then who?

  • Nice try Chris. Try putting the clips in the proper context. I would guess you're banking on most people didn't watch the hearings. All you clips were shown to be hearsay. None of these witnesses had firsthand knowledge of any of the conversations and only repeated what they heard from others. So, there are no facts showing wrongdoing by the President.
    Chris, please leave and join your fellow leftists at an MSM outlet that better exemplifies your true colors.

  • How dare a President refuse to give away millions of dollars of US citizens money unless they show progress in eliminating corruption. Clearly grounds for removal. Just because the last pile of aid given to Ukraine disappeared in an oligarch's bank account and chunks of it got recycled into the Biden"s bank account is no reason to stop the gangsters gravy train. Let's impeach him and get someone much more corrupt into power like Schiff or Biden and then the US public can go back to sleep and allow themselves to continue to be robbed while the US gets dragged into more silly wars across the globe creating robber baron states ripe for the funnelling of even more dirty money. Yes stuff the US constitution I say. Let's all follow the mainstream media narrative like sheep, join the Dem party and vote for gangsters today!

  • Chaanan Milk man GMS Indianapolis says:

    Tell this bum! stop lying. I've never seen a group of people, go out their way to convince maturity of a country. Don't believe what you know is right from wrong .

  • Chaanan Milk man GMS Indianapolis says:

    The real funny part is, no matter what Fox tells Their audience. The impeachment not only is real but it's going to go all the way through.

  • Chaanan Milk man GMS Indianapolis says:

    All this time you turned into this channel, to hear a belligerent, fake defense. If you want to call it that. Common sense will tell you, that their story changes. To convince you bribery is the norm. So if it happens to you, you get what you deserve. If you support the president support the next criminal.

  • Chris Walllace has always been a Hack.  now Martha and Bret have also gone over to the dark side  every time I see any of these political hacks on Fox  I turn the channel

  • Hey Chris quick question for you buddy how much are the Democrats paying you? Quick question Chris why do you only show one side of a testimony? Quick question Chris did you expect Doug Collins to be that strong during the interview? Doug Collins is a real American that fought for our country. Doug Collins is a faithful man of God. We need more Americans running our country like Doug Collins.

  • Republicans don't let them get away with this!!! Register to vote now, request the day off and offer rides!!! STOP ASSUMING HE WILL WIN!!! ENSURE IT!!!!

  • Chris: just real quick; were almost out of time. You are such a liar! You tried your best to provoke Collins and YOU LOST! Aren't you embarrassed yet?

  • But Schiff cant testify, because hes a liar, biased, and House rules breaker…..a sham artist! And his time is almost over!

  • SCHIFF IS ACTING JUDGE< HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A JUDGE TESTIFYING? The Republicans, and Trump are not useing this Process as a Trial or hearing> They are useing it as a Congressional meeting. This is a HEARING TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS, YOU NEED TO TREAT IT AS ONE.

  • Wallace is a biased hack….not a factual news reporter anymore…..he shows this by avoiding the deeds of the Democrats….only attacking Republicans….he should not have a job….hes simply obvious, and the American public sees it…..but hes so ignorant that America does! An all on opinions, and presumptions, not facts….

  • Adam Schiff should testify but Trump shouldn’t even though he’s the subject of the inquiry. The mental acrobatics Republicans have to do to excuse Trump’s actions is astounding.

  • It's ok to lie to cheat on taxes wife's smart not to pay. Chris Wallace great job truth hurts the Trump laws r4 the poor.

  • Is Wallace stupid or just plain dumb? He just keeps saying the same thing over and over again after Colin's explains everything ?‍♂️

  • Democrats sure were busy with Ukraine under the Obama administration weren't they and using tax payers money to fund illegal businesses in Ukraine and have become crooks

  • Wallace is just a DNC shill. All should remember and brand as partisan and bias in favor of the totalitarian "progressive" movement

  • Collins is a Russian agent promoting PUTIN AND supporting Russian PROPERGANDA !!! What fools these Republicans are that believe this !! Do they think we are Stuip !!

  • Was that Chris wallace or Chris Schiff Cause I heard Him and Adam were getting married after chris gives birth to Adam's Impeachment Baby (born with 2 heads and still only half a brain).

  • I can see why people were sold the Brooklyn bridge over and over again. When people refuse to believe that cults, tricksters and hustlers' words are clearly coded to make you move to do their dirty work but at the same time protect them if the authorities have to question them, this is the outcome, ordinary people begin to support the criminals. I am happy that some of us lived in communities where a person's words are true and consistent, however, i have lived in cities where one of your existence is to try not to be conned by smooth talkers with hidden agendas. Sadly, many people dont recognise deceit.

  • Collins as a co-conspirator knows the repubs. are as dumb as rocks and can't keep up with anything more than 4 words. REMEMBER TRUMP SAID HE LOVES THE UNEDUCATED!!!!…..because he knows they are easily manipulated!

  • seems like a socialist, chris wallace do you question your democrat masters?chris you are are a moron your questons are stupid and trying too shape a leading question you are manipulating prick

  • The republican senate needs to copy the rules of the democrat run house. The democrat minority in the senate will be completely controlled. Let’s go after all of these characters and put them under oath and then put them all in jail.

  • Theologie des Nationalismus says:

    what a Joke – you can't look into corrupt and evil people because they are your political opponents?
    Are these people serious?
    That this farce actually can happen shows the fully completed corruption of the oligarchy of the usa.

  • if a soldier came home from the viet nam war and was shunned by his neighbors, part of the blame goes to chris wallaces trouble making dad, mike. seems like the wallace family is left handed, left minded.

  • Read the ?? Constitution on foreign policy Doug Collins and you take the oath to defend Trump all I hear out of you is blah blah blah.Trump lawyers don't have a defense strategy yet.

  • Hey Chris open your mind what is the crime commited for this charade to have even taken place ! Perhaps Mr. Schiff could bring out this evidence as the first one to testify since he has brought only "allegations" and as the Mueller report and so many others no smoking gun !Be fair!

  • Wallace is playing the witness statements when the Republicans ask them did the president tell you he wants a investigation they all said no and not one of those witnesses spoke to Trump it what they Though Trump wanted

  • George Vangordon jr says:

    Well evidently Wallace doesn’t have many fans. One anti trumper gone 2 left it seems… this mess is never gonna make it to the senate we should all know that.. it’s all only a distraction. While all but 2 democrats voted to start this inquiry when it come time to vote on actual impeachment dems won’t have the votes all by design.. there is no way the democrats want to allow the senate to call witnesses.. they don’t want Biden or shiff to testify or probably others because if they lie this time they are removed or go to jail.. so they must tell the truth.. or plead the 5th which in my mind is the same as an admission of guilt. It ain’t gonna happen. Watch and see the Dems are gonna drop it like a hot rock

  • How can you just show the lies these witnessed were telling before they walked them back? If you're going to present a video, show all of it, Mr. Wallace ? We already have these same problem on other MSM, that's why I come here to Fox, I trust them, until your show comes on. Sorry, but true. Chris Wallace, your daddy was a truth seeker and truth teller, a man of integrity. Honor him, would you? Have a blessed day.

  • Funny how left the Fox News division leans…lol all of them could work at any network or news channel without being out of place. They have even shifted further left post Megan Kelly and Shepherd Smith.

  • Cassandra Magnuson says:

    Republiklans investigating the investigation they can't and won't investigate the criminal they serve. Morons Are Governing amerikkka

  • Vindman Is Deep State and Has Comitted Treason ! Just like the rest of them. J. Biden witheld 1 billion to get prosecutor/investigater looking into Hunter Biden and its on Video. 2 tier Justice System – Dems vs Reps

  • What evidence is he talking about?
    It was all opinions and propaganda. They couldn't provide a single evidence. Only testified that there was no crime. Chris Wallace, you really are a BS journalist.

  • patricia velazquez says:

    Wallace is uptight he hates The President, it's incredible how these people are so lose with the word hate. People have so much sickness in their soul, incredible. In this condition people think they are going to heaven? There is a purging, a repentance, a humbling, their is a gate in heaven without Jesus no one is getting in. So we have to get ready down here so we can enter up there. The only laws that count in heaven is what God says. No left or right, no corruption is getting in through those gates. So we have to repent down here. Jesus says repent pick up your cross and follow me, in the good times in the bad times every time, because he will give you the grace to keep on following him. Try Jesus and you will see how great he is.

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