3 thoughts on “Downtown Lorain starting to see a business boom”

  • The chocolate game says:

    It was time for the chocolate game. The year ten boys really enjoyed this game, this was because they got to drop kick the year Steven's. However, the younger years had armed themselves with knives and floppy bananas. I have to say, they're still pretty good. I think I'll go back to running around the field with a handful of tray and testicles poking out from the sky. All together now! Update: 13 years later, I am embarrassed to say this: I think I accidentally taught my grannies something they won't forget. Some parents have.

  • LOL. Now all we need is a new council who will get out of businesses way.
    We just had a politician complaining bout semi's being Parked around town. Don't these people know that's who pays their salary's??

  • So far they had maybe three cars parked out on Broadway? I hope the folks spending there hard earned money to revive this ghost town all the luck in the world, because they are going to need it.

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