Dr. Berg Explains Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type

Dr. Berg Explains Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type

One of the most common body types is the adrenal
body type. Let me explain. The adrenal gland sits on top of your kidney
and there are two little triangle glands that sit right on top of the kidney. The purpose of the adrenals is to counter
this one thing called stress. The adrenals have everything to do with stress,
emotional stress, physical stress, infection, you name it. Emotional stress, by the way, like losses
can hit the adrenals a thousand times more than actual physical stress. That’s why a loss of a loved one can turn
into a major problem with your health. The first problem with this adrenal gland
body type is you start developing what’s called belly fat. Now, this is my nice diagram of belly fat. That’s someone standing side with their belly
hanging out because they have a … It’s called pendulous abdomen, a sagging belly. This fat in the belly is 100% coming from
cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that activates fat
being stored in your midsection. Stress triggers cortisol which then makes
fat in the stomach. Here is a question, why is it going there
and not somewhere else? That’s a good question. Location of all the vital organs like the
heart and the liver and kidney happen to be in your midsection. That’s why you gain weight in the belly because
the body, as a survival mechanism, wants to hold this fat as a way of feeding it. Fat is potential energy, so you’re not really
fat. You have potential energy and it sounds better. It stored around the organs. It’s called visceral fat and visceral fat
means the organ fat. You might have some superficial fat but it’s
mainly around the organs, survival mechanism. When people have the belly sagging like that,
it means their body is not surviving too well and adrenals are overactive. The other thing you want to know about belly
fat and stress is that stress, over time, can cumulate belly fat as you age. In other words, when you’re 18, cortisol is
at its lowest. When you get 50, 52, after menopause, that’s
when it’s at its highest. That’s why, over time, you might start developing
a belly unless you counter it. That’s one thing about age. Number two, all stress is accumulative. I have the worst handwriting but just bear
with me. All stress is accumulative. In other words, you’re like a bucket and your
body tends to fill up with stress. You’re like a sponge, so everything that ever
happened to you, from birth as accumulative stress-wise and it builds up much like a lot
of applications on your desktop computer. That’s the relationship between stress, cortisol,
belly fat. Now, let’s get into the next problem. The next problem with adrenal is your brain
or let’s just say cognitive. It has a major problem on cognitive function. Number one, the person will do excessive thinking. They think and they think and they think and
they can’t turn it off. What are they doing when they’re thinking? They’re trying to survive. They’re trying to solve problems. They’re trying to evaluate the environment
with their own experiences to come up with solution to problems, 24/7. Sometimes it gets out of control where they’re
not even controlling these thoughts. They just come randomly and they can’t seem
to turn off. As far as the cognitive function with adrenals,
you’re always on. You can’t turn off. You’re worrying, things like that. This eventually starts affecting your focus
and your memory, going downstairs. “Where am I going? What am I looking for?” Trying to find your car in the car lot. It can really affect your focus, your attention,
because thoughts no longer become in linear fashion. They come more like popcorn thoughts. They just come randomly and it’s very dispersing
and it’s hard to complete things because you got all your attention into this and that
and this and that. You don’t feel very productive. It affects excessive thinking, memory, focus. It affects tolerance to stress. The more problem you have with adrenal, the
less tolerance you have to certain personality types, specifically the people that are incompetent,
slow drivers, people that make mistakes. You can’t tolerate these people. Some people, to the degree, that their adrenal
becomes so burnt out that even the sound of a ticking on a clock drives them crazy. Just like, “Tick, tick, tick.” They don’t tolerate a lot of things. They don’t like things out of order. Why? Because their adrenal is the survival gland
and anything non-survival, chaotic, insane, logical, they don’t deal with that too well. They have a hard time dealing with certain
things and people and all that. That would be cognitive. Now, the next one is sleep. See if I can draw. How is that? Is that pretty good? Okay, that’s a little half moon. Let’s see, let’s draw a little star right
here and then we’ll … Snoozing, right? We have sleep, is a problem with adrenal. Now, when you go to sleep at night, there’s
what’s called a circadian rhythm. Every 90 minutes, your body is supposed to
go through four cycles of sleep. We got four 90-minute sleep cycles, from a
light sleep to a very deep sleep. The deep sleep is where you burn all of your
fat. Not in light sleep. In fact, 98% of all of the fat burning occurs
at night, not during the day, and this would explain, with adrenal cases, if you’re not
sleeping, you’re not going to burn fat. What happens? Either you can’t wind down easily because
your body is filled up with stress. Either you wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning,
just totally awake and you can’t seem to fall asleep because you’re not tired. In fact, you’re more awake in the middle of
the night than you are during the day. The best sleep for the adrenal is a half hour
before the alarm clock goes off. That’s when you can finally sleep and just
when you have to go work because the next day is going to be dragging. The quality of sleep suffers with the adrenal
because your body is stocking stress. Try to sleep with a lion chasing you to some
degree. It won’t work. Can’t burn fat. Can’t sleep. Can’t rejuvenate. Any time you don’t sleep, you have to be careful
because you don’t want to start exercising because exercise in a too high-intensity fashion
can actually damage your heart. The best exercise for the adrenal type is
purely walking right now. Nothing high intensity. Just getting your attention, looking at stuff,
not thinking about anything and it’s going to be hard, but you can do it. We have sleep quality. The deeper sleep, that’s what you need. Excessive thinking, stress, and now let’s
talk about the next one which is going to be, let’s see if I can draw this here, salt
cravings. Does that look like a salt shaker? Salt cravings, that’s in a form of chips,
especially those little cheese crunchy little things, like that. They need salt late at night because you lose
sodium with the adrenal stress. If we look at the purpose of sodium, it’s
an electrolyte. I’m drawing a battery here. I don’t know if it looks like a battery, if
you could see this battery. Your body has cells that are like mini batteries
that tend to be filled with certain types of minerals. They’re called electrolytes. You lose electrolytes like potassium, sodium,
and even calcium which is not electrolytes, it’s just a mineral, with the adrenal. When you lose salt, what happens is your hydration
becomes a problem and you’re cravings for salt go way up. One of the things you have to realize is that
salt is not bad to consume if it’s a sea salt. Sea salt is not a problem even for blood pressure
because if you don’t have enough salt, your muscles are going to get really, really tight. Just from a lack of sodium, you can start
twitching and things like that. The other thing that happens with the adrenal
is that your urine starts becoming very acid. Now, why? You lose acids with adrenal. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you
that, “Well, everyone’s too acid” and acid is very bad and you need to alkalize your
body, so here’s this machine and start drinking this alkaline water. Well, with the adrenal, it’s just the opposite. You want to have more of an acidic type of
urine. In fact, the normal pH or the acid level for
the urine should be about 6, 6.5, but with the adrenal, you’ll have it like a 5 or maybe
even a 4, so it’s too acid. Now, what’s happening is you’re losing all
these beneficial acids and that means that your blood is becoming the opposite to an
alkaline. Initially, it’ll be too acid and then the
urine will lose all these acids and then the pH will start going higher, higher, higher,
higher. We want a certain pH. We don’t want it too high or too low. I’m not going to get into chemistry right
now but just realize you lose your acid with adrenal and guess what you’re going to crave? Acid. What foods are very acid? Probably the most acidic food would be lemons. Adrenal cases love lemon juice and water. They just crave it. They just consume tons of it and what they
really want is the acid to try to help with this adrenal. The other thing they can consume is apple
cider vinegar. That also works as well but they definitely
like lemons. Adrenal cases will crave salty foods, they
will crave chocolate, lemons, sometimes little sweet, sometimes a little combination of both,
but that’s what they like. Now, the next thing we’re going to talk about
is muscles. If you can see, this is an arm. This is my bad drawing of an arm here. That’s a muscle. What happens to muscle with the adrenal? Well, first of all, your body causes … The
adrenal excess will cause a situation where you break down muscles too fast. What muscle? The quadriceps femoris, the quad. What muscle is that? Your thigh. Your thigh muscles become eaten up or destroyed
by that hormone. When your thigh muscles get destroyed, your
climbing is a problem or getting up from a seated position is a difficulty because you
lose the power of standing up. Not only do you get winded when you climb
stairs with the adrenal, but your muscles start getting atrophies. Atrophy, they’re shrinking. That happens to be connected to your knee. How many people have knee problems with adrenal? Many, many people have knee issues or weakness
or achiness or restless-like syndrome. It’s all adrenal. The adrenal gland controls the anti-inflammatory,
so anti … In other words, when you run out of that hormone that becomes dysfunctional,
all you get is inflammation because you have no more anti-inflammation or anti-inflammatory
effects. Where does that show up in? Chronic pain, chronic fibromyalgia, arthritis,
bursitis, tendonitis, all the [itises 00:13:16]. One more thing about this pH. When you lose your acids, you also lose potassium. Well, guess what happens when that happens? Your blood pressure starts going up. Your pulse rates starts going up. All these different issues occur. We have a problem with low potassium. We have a problem with pain and inflammation. We have a problem with weakness in muscle
and then what happens is because you’re not sleeping, the heart has to work really, really,
really hard. What does it do? It anchors itself to the breastbone here and
the back, the upper back. Guess where your muscles are going to be all
tensed? Right up in here, up here in the back. You’re going to have tensed shoulders. People will give you massage but it comes
right back because the cost is with tired heart. It’ll also cause tension in the neck as well. The muscles become a problem. Loosed skin, collagen. Collagen is the glue that holds everything
together. It’s like when you lose your collagen, your
joints fall apart, your skin starts getting loose, and your arms, back of your arms, the
inner thighs, the lower part of the belly, underneath the neck. Other than that, you’re perfectly fine. I’m being sarcastic. We got a problem with excessive stress, excessive
[thinkingness 00:14:40], fluid retention. Fluid retention in the ankles. We have a problem with blood pressure, high
cholesterol could happen eventually, acid reflux, ulcers, diabetes, low vitamin D levels,
these is all adrenal, and sinus because what they did is they took … The adrenal glands,
they removed them from certain dogs in an experiment and these dogs end up with all
sorts of allergies to everything in the sinus. The adrenals are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. I mean isn’t this some of the most common
problems that people have? The adrenal gland also controls the blood
flow, the constriction, the blood flow to the heart. A lot of times, when the heart … When the
adrenal gland gets burnt out, the coronary, the blood supply of the heart starts tightening
up a little bit and you might get chest pain but you get tested and everything comes out
normal because it’s an adrenal. I mean think about when the heart stops, what
do they inject the heart with? Adrenaline, that’s one of the adrenal hormones. These are some of the characteristic of the
adrenal body type. Now, here’s the problem. The problem in medicine, actually in healthcare,
is that there is no real evaluation other than emergency care where you break a bone
and take an x-ray, what happens is that they’re associating the symptom with the problem. They will take each individual symptom and
treat it directly. They don’t look at what’s behind it. They don’t look at this. They wait for this to show up on a blood test. Well, guess what? The adrenal has enormous functional reserve
and I’m paraphrasing from a book called [CIBA 00:16:28], Encyclopedia of Endocrinology. The adrenal gland has an enormous functional
reserve. Indeed, the adrenal gland has become … Let’s
say, nine-tenths of the adrenal gland has to be unresponsive before it’s clinically
manifest. What does that mean? It means that it has to be 90% destroyed before
it even shows up on a blood test. The problem is they go, “Well, let’s wait
and see. Let’s check you and see. If everything comes out normal, you’re healthy. Just lose weight and let’s wait and see until
you become a full-blown problem with the adrenal.” What I’m trying to do is I’m not trying to
diagnose you. I’m trying to give you educational information
so you can think what the information yourself. This is your body. You need to be aware of the relationship between
the function of that or the dysfunction of that and the rest of these symptoms. Symptoms should only be used as clues to find
the real reason why something is the way it is. I hope that gives you an understanding of
the adrenal and the characteristics that can follow from that. Now, the question is what do we do about the
adrenal gland? What do we do about the stress? Well, we do know that all stress is accumulative,
so we do know your body is like a bucket and we have to extract the stress. What I’ve been doing for the last 24 years
is developing systems and techniques to extract the stress out. I created a couple of different courses and
they’re do-it-yourself programs. One is a very short PDF file that show you
how to do these maneuvers and then another one is the series of videos that are more
comprehensive. It’s all based on this [acupressured 00:18:13]
device that I had built based on my fingers when I work on people. I actually build this for myself and I said,
“Wait a second. Why don’t I actually teach people how to do
it?” and that’s what I did. It’s a tripod. It actually kind of sits right here, it sits
right here, and so you can lay on it and put like your neck right here and it really will
help you extract stress using gravity. There’s about seven places in your body that
you’re holding 99% of all the stress. You’re going to be learning how to use this
to extract the stress. It’s totally okay to experience stress as
long as you can get rid of it every day. That’s the goal. You would do this before you go to bed. In fact, I do it every night, about five minutes. You go through the maneuvers, we show you
how to do it, it’s real easy, and you go right into a nice sleep. You will feel wonderful from this. This is the device. There’s two different courses. One is a real short little thing on a PDF
and the other one is a big course. It shows you all the videos. If you really want to learn this well, you
can do it. By the way, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee. If this doesn’t blow you away, if it doesn’t
amaze you, go ahead and send it back. I’ll give you 100% refund. In fact, even if it’s after 60 days, I’ll
definitely give you 100% refund because thus far, I’ve never had anyone return this because
they really loved them because they’re … I had a guy in a plane. Everyone is watching and do these maneuvers
because he was flying back to India and it really saved him the jet lag. I hope you enjoy this. Actually, I think you will.


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  • Dear Dr. Berg, you are a gift to the world. You like knowledge, and it shows. It must take a lot of time to read and study all these material. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge with us. We need more doctors like you. Also, your manner of speaking is very pleasant to listen to. I can listen to you all day.

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