Dreadnought Dominion – Silent Acknowledgment – A Star Trek Fan Production

Navigator, do you have those coordinates laid in? Computer is auto-loading right now.. Let’s do it old school.. Do it by hand. [sound of incoming hail] Cool! Gotta stay in practice I haven’t done this since the Acacemy! Sir, The yardmaster is asking about our E.T.D. When we’re good and ready, Lieutenant When we’re good and ready.
I still have time on the meter! [sound of buttons] [sound of opening hail] We will launch shortly. You will be notified in advance. Lieutenant Tompkins. You’re our new Beta Shift Communications Officer? Yes, sir. Happy to be here! We had a few raised eyebrows at Starfleet Command being the first ship with a deaf Communications Officer. The joke around command is .. “What’s next, a blind navigator?” Give it time, Captain, give it time! Lieutenant, being deaf is something that can be corrected at birth. Why didn’t you have the surgery when you were younger? My parents didn’t believe that being deaf was something that needed to be cured. The deaf are proud of our past, our culture, and our language. I had no idea, I’m sorry if I offended. No offense taken, Captain! I learned a little bit of sign in the Academy. I know a little. Of course, the joke is that I sign with an accent! You did fine, Sir! What made you choose Communications? For someone being deaf, that’s a rather odd choice of vocation? Growing up… I was always a “Chatty Cathy”. If that is the correct hearing expression. I love talking and learning about people. It seemed natural to go into communications! I had no idea!.. However, people are people, hearing or deaf . I get it! I would love to talk more off duty. Are you free for coffee after shift? Yes, Sir. I’d love to. Great! It’s a . . . D – A – T – E ? Yes Sir. It’s a date. [sound of incoming hail] Excuse me. [sound of channel opening] [Man’s voice over channel]
Bridge, Deck Seven Airlock. [Man’s voice over channel]
Base personnel are disembarking [Man’s voice over channel]
Ready for launch. Deck 7, Bridge, Acknowledged! That’s not something you hear everyday. A “silent acknowledgement”!


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