DRONE EVICTION: worker bees dragging drones out of the hive

DRONE EVICTION: worker bees dragging drones out of the hive

Epic battle. The top bee is a worker bee and female. That huge bee is a drone, which is male. You go girl. Another one right there. Man. Not a good day to be a drone. It’s eviction day in the beehive. There’s a big drone on the edge, right here. He’s trying to sneak back into the hive. He’s already been kicked out a few times… He’s trying to get back in. He’s like, “c’mon girls, just a little honey?” And the ladies are like, “Nope!” Winter is coming. You don’t make the honey, you don’t eat the honey. Oh there’s another one. Two worker ladies trying to kick a drone out. Out with you. The drones are just so much bigger than they are. Here he is again. See? There’s the drones in the middle. And the worker bees are trying to get them to leave. And he just keeps coming back in. The little worker ladies… They’re going to drag him back out in a minute here… It’s toward the end of summer. I believe it’s after our main honey flow now. Yep, here he is again. They’re like, “No! Get out of here!” Another one here, too. Get… Out of here… You are not helping. You don’t get to live here in the winter. Poor guy. Yeah, one over on the edge, too. Far edge. A drone, trying to get back in. A worker bee is blocking him. Got a little too close to the hive. They just gave me a warning bump.


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