Dropbox Paper (2019) in 14-minutes

Dropbox Paper (2019) in 14-minutes

Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel on today’s feature. We’re going to be diving into Dropbox paper I wanted to show you around the application that is developed by Dropbox Give a little bit of the information and hopefully help you to make a decision on this application Now as you can imagine, we’ll be reviewing this on the web version there is an iOS application and an Android application in which you can access Dropbox paper and It now is about three years old So it’s relatively stable in the market as a way for you to create notes documents mood boards, whatever it is We’ll be showcasing two examples in this future We’re going to be creating some meeting notes and also followed by a project of some kind we’re going to create a miniature document for a project now some of the key bits of information this is a little bit like a Google document to some extent you can go ahead and create a new document and It’s in the same familiar format. However, you get some more interactive elements that are better for projects And I also believe that it’s better for collaboration as well You get it just feels more interactive And also you get a lot more so features that are related to collaboration and it will connect up your Dropbox account So this is obviously connected to how much storage you have on there and you can also insert pre-created Files and folders that you already have there are a bunch of templates, but we’ll come to them at the end Let’s jump in to Dropbox paper So guys just before we dive in I just want to let you know you can subscribe to keep productive We put regular videos about all range of tools, so it’d be great to have you as a follower. So here we are We’re on paper Dropbox calm and as you can see I have used it in the past with some clients in terms of be able to for example, I used it with Diana when we were sort of mood boarding a few designs and this is a sort of general Layout of Dropbox paper in terms of you can embed videos embed images and the nice thing is you can communicate on there with other people in terms of adding gifts and as you can see you can even add interactive elements in which we’ll come to Now to start to showcase the meeting agender abilities because I think the meeting notes are really interactive As a way to be able to take general meeting notes It could be on a specific event or on a specific project. You’re working on now moored I’m into the project details. So in sound of paper you get you can see all of your documents here and obviously you can check those bonds that have been starred so you can simply star one of them just by Uninstalling them or star in document. You can select multiple ones in them even move them export them archive them. Delete them Which makes it really easy to navigate your account. You can access your folders here So if you’ve got a specific folder with Doc’s in and you can manage all the general documents here and you can even sort them Based on who’s owning them what they’re shared with Which makes it really accessible so you normally land on this page and up here. You can connect with your Google Calendar So up here. You can see that a Google Calendar option It pulls in whatever is in your Google Calendar, and that’s one of the selections when you go to get started with your paper account Whatever. You’ve got a new calendar now some meeting with Marie Paulson who is gonna be touring us around her notion account. I was really a Wally and Misjudge at the time. So this is not actually the meeting But in this case, I’m just gonna go ahead and create a meeting agenda So once you click on it, it will obviously bring you to This pre created page. So the great thing is Once you connect it with a calendar event, and you can connect it to for example You want to link it to another calendar events or two calendar events you can do and it brings them Whatever is on your calendar in this case I don’t need meeting agendas for a pool in a point But you get the idea you’re able to connect to whatever is existing on your calendar so we’ll create this sort of meeting notes layout for you with the date the attendees and Their agenda discussion action two items. So it’s a pre created template which makes it really interactive So one things you can do is for example, you can say okay. This is me in here So that’s just an app doc and you can also tag other pea that might already be in your Dropbox They’ll automatically get invites to the document when they’re tagged which is really helpful So that’s one of the Bennis is and you can start listing what’s in the agenda. So for example We could say catch up About Notion and then do notion saw and I could even add like 20 mins So, there we go, you can start adding an agenda you can actually talk about what was discussed And then also the actions So what’s good about the actions is there this sort of check box and the check box come created down here So if you want to create more you can do So what you can do here is actually just type in what was need to get done and you can tag certain people But you can tag them and set a due date over here So for example if I wanted to be like, okay I’m gonna tag myself and set a due day of the 31st so you can say like edit future Then I’m gonna get that as a task and you probably wondering where the heck is this gonna be? Located because obviously gonna have multiple of these as you go across and adding more and more. So if I go out of this You can obviously see meeting notes have been created and they’ve been added to this and now actually locators unfiled already But you can see the task go up here so you can see edit the feature so you can see it by Document or by date. So for example due tomorrow, so it’s almost a new mini task manager there, which it’s quite handy Now going back into this if I want to toe I can add it to a specific folder like sample Docs And it automatically adds that I can go up here and I can invite certain people to it Which is really easy to do so I can go ahead and publish the document if I wanted to which means that it would allow other people to see it And make comments. You can add a link to it so if you want to share it present it which is really Really attractive actually in terms of being able to view it on screen You can even change it to dark mate if you wanted to if you’re having that special meeting in the evening That might be helpful Maybe it’s less stressful for people’s eyes as well You can also star it follow it which helps you to keep updated with other stuff and they’re a bunch of sharing settings as well Now in terms of traditional document experiences you get the doc history you get the word count Which gives you information about how many words and characters have been used now? You can also see the comment history and that the changes it made to the document and you can also roll back to that version very similar to Google Documents Now one of the things you can do is actually template size this so for example if you wanted and you created your own Template that you were pretty impressed with or you’re happy with as a new document You can go ahead and add that to your template gallery, which means in future. You can replicate it So it’s essentially a faster way of duplication. You can present print and export the export abilities are fairly easy you can export as Microsoft docx Markdown or even publish the document? Which gives all of but it hides all that it says here share a version It hides comments names and dock history anyone with a link can have access that might be good for external people now inside of here you can also search Your paper for any upcoming meetings, it breaks it down quite nicely and gives you a preview I actually didn’t know that it gave you a preview which makes it really attractive You can’t scroll through the preview But that’s really nice and set a keyword or certain person that you may be working with You can check all of your notifications here which gives you indications of for example Who’s commented on something and you can add all the obviously mark them as read or unread? Now up in the top right hand corner You just go ahead and create a new document pretty easily if you’re looking to sort of stay within this window But if you want to come out of this you can see that as you see now a task appears inside of here So it automatically detects a task based on how it’s been assigned to Which is it very very handy And if I want to do I could share this Quite fast without needing to necessarily go into the document will obviously opens it up as a document But that makes it really easy to get started with and you get a little icon as well depending on the certain project That is it’s obviously being created. So for example in this case meeting notes gives this lovely like alarm clock style thing so I could go ahead and create an I may be this good opportunity to show you some of the features that are involved inside of a document So obviously you’ve got your traditional multimedia ones like images media which can be videos and things like that, but you can also insert Existing Dropbox links that you may have or even stuff in your files. So maybe I wanted to add this hold Module so that people can have a link out to and you can see here that it actually gives you a preview There’s actually was nothing in there, but it gives you a preview of what was in Side that Dropbox area and you can go ahead and delete that quite easily now if you want to you can create a traditional table and I would just refer this is very similar to Evernote to some extent because it’s a very basic table So it’s not really gonna break the break the bank or just make it a fantastic table experience But it’s a good start but the real magic is in timeline abilities, and this is really helpful for projects So we’ll show you how this can be used in projects But it allows you to see for example a month you and begin planning you can assign tasks to people and again this appears inside of the tasks or to dues area that you can see up here and the great thing with this is if for example if you want to Go to it to do that. You’ve got it will automatically take you there, which is really really helpful Okay guys, so they used to have a specific templates area It actually just seems to be not there But I’ll include a link if there is one be used to be able to create templates And for example, this one was a project plan And you could basically add the name of the project and this is pre-built, which is really helpful So you can obviously get started with it so for example, there’s a goal section what you’re trying to accomplish a table that indicates some of the tasks and some of the associated Ownerships of those tasks due dates and also the deliverables so that’s just a very simple table So obviously that’s a good way and getting started You could create your own one of these if I’m honest it would be pretty easy to do So so let’s go ahead and create that it might actually help you to understand the sort of features of this experience So let’s go ahead and call it project plan. I’m going to go ahead and add goal as One of the top projects and I’m going to just change the the highlights on that one That’s going to be a bold one. Then we had the two do’s So we’re just going to create these ones as heading ones because they’re nice and clear So we might in this case actually just start adding to dues here and just below it. We’re going to add this new temp timeline ability so I can see The full month and what I can start doing here is just adding tasks So for example, in this case, I might want to say you know research titles and Maybe one add descriptions choose The title options for new book So, there we go, I’ve obviously added something to get me started I can move the the length of this one which is really easy to do so or even just drag a few more on if I wanted to and obviously it’s very easy because once you got more people you can start adding and obviously assigning it to other people so It’s really easy for other people to add more details now One of the things you can do is you can add mal stones as well Which is really easy and that helps you to determine When you need to be doing certain things based on the ninth, I could say choose choose titles and that would be a way for me to see the indication of that and I can just change the Relativity. So for example if I want to see it in two weeks or a Quarter, then I get a bit of an idea of how close I am to those goals Now the nice thing is you’ve got you got this really smooth way of viewing the quarters if you wanted to and if you had quite a large document you could obviously scan through using the outline on the left-hand side So guys Dropbox paper is a really fun Interactive way to create documents now it is backed by Dropbox which always helps There’s doesn’t seem to be any limits to the storage right now It’s available on iOS and Android and also has a web version right now It doesn’t have a Mac version, which is a bit of a shame But it’s a good application. If you’re looking to take meeting notes create simple project plans and Coordinate with other people whether they have Dropbox or not, very similar to Google Drive as I said But also an opportunity for you to get a bit more interactive With timelines and tables and it would eyes a big thank you for stopping by. Hopefully, this was helpful and make sure to subscribe It’s the key productive YouTube channel. See you guys later


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