Ebay Manual Single Listing Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB) Tagalog

Ebay Manual Single Listing Online Jobs Tutorial (ENG/SUB) Tagalog

Hello and welcome to our channel and now I”m going to teach you the manual listing here in our eBay store here we’re not going to use dropshipping tools what we need to prepare is our eBay store which is our client will give us an access next is our manual monitoring because we don’t have dropshipping tools and calculator because we are going to compute the price for example, this is the product we’ve search for the first-timer who watch this video if you want to learn how to do the product research just visit our channel let’s watch the quick guide here for us to know if what is our channel is about and don’t forget to subscribe so the product research is here in video number 3 and the manual monitoring is here in video number 9 so this is the eBay manual monitoring this number 9 and now what I am going to do is we will search for this item in our supplier my client is using amazon I found this item already just for demo purposes and the price here on Amazon is 19.99$ and the price here on eBay is 29.99$ here the client makes a profit what I am going to do it here On ebay.com we can see the sell icon here if we click this we will be going to type the title to list the item on eBay UK it does not have a sell icon you have to go to “my ebay” then selling this is for eBay.co.uk and go to the listing and create listing then single listing they are just the same here we have to put the title not the link most of the client they just copy the competitor title, where they get the item they just copy the title and this is what they going to use because this is the selling title but the other client wants to optimize the title next is get started then do not select anything here what are we going to do is continue without selecting a product so we have title here already here on eBay, the title character is only 80 characters we have to use the character correctly that we can make a good title this is what we called title optimization next is the custom label the use of it is for the seller with item number for their inventory next is the category in category, to determine if our category is correct just go to the item we copied then check his category so exercise mats and here is exercise mats, our category is correct next is just skip the variation we will teach that in the next video here in UPC, does not apply and because we don’t have UPC condition is always new and here in photos what are we going to do is we will download the photo on Amazon where we found this item I’ll click it, then right-click and save image us then just create a folder where you can find it easily I’ll go here in my desktop and eBay photo accessories number 1 then the next picture right-click, save image us number 2 next save image us, number 3 other client wants to edit their photos and I’ll teach this in photoshop on how to edit a photos I got all the images and what I am going to do next is I’ll upload it on eBay the other client wants to fulfill all the photo slots here and we can add another photo then we can use the same photos this is what other client wants to fulfill the 12 slots here next is we will go herein item specifics so we can add what is in here and here in brand, we always put does not apply and MPN Does not apply if we don’t have MPN because we are dorp shipper and what specs we can put in here like, the material is rubber, color black then the size just to back to Amazon and find the size here 24 Sq. ft copy then paste and what other specs we can put and if there is no specs name here we can add for example. size, for example, and we will put here the size 24 Sq. ft. this is how to use it then save because we already have the size, this will not come out next is item description what are we going to do is, go here on Amazon where we got the product first I’ll type the Title Title next, I’ll go back to Amazon and copy the description just make sure do not include the like money-back guarantee phone numbers, emails, do not include it next, if I can find anything here below like additional description like this copy then paste here and enter and if I can find another one but don’t include the images here because eBay can detect it if where is your listing coming from it has what it called image address copy paste enter and we now have a description herein manual listing next, here in selling details, do not change anything here because it’s already set up by the client what are we going to change here, is the price so how to computer the price? first I am going to take the supplier price I’ll take the supplier price so 19.99$ and I will multiply by then I will multiply by 0.16 or the 16% Break even the break-even is the eBay and PayPal fees then the break-even is… 3.2 then I’ll go again to supplier price which is 19.99$ and I’ll multiply by 0.1 or the 10% profit this is 1.999 almost 2 and I will add them together the supplier price 19.99$ plus our break-even 3.1$ 3.2$ let’s consider it to 3.2$ and I’ll add the profit 2$ this 1.999 here if how much the total price that will be our final price on eBay 25.91$ so this is what I am going to put on eBay 25.91$ but because our competitor price is 29.99$ what I am going to do is I will add a little the 10% client profit that’s the standard it’s just a minimum if this is 29.99$ and our is 25.91$ we can make ours like 27.95$ we can make more profit and our price is lower than our competitor that’s how to compute the price here on eBay after the pricing is our quantity if how many quantities we have but usually 2 then what are we going to do is, we will go herein… this one, we will not change anything from it we can put weight size in dimension, we can see it here on Amazon below in… product details, here we can get the dimensions we will just copy it here, and paste it here his dimension for example here is our dimension then the custom weight then we can list it before we can list this, sometimes our client is giving us a criteria or he will ask us to promote our listing of 5% how we can promote it? here in sell it faster, before we list just check the box and put 5% in it just in case that our client is asking to promote our items then we will list our item list item then I’m done now this is how to list manually on eBay in the video, I’ll teach you how to list variation and if how to input our listing here in our manual monitoring just stay tuned and our next video is variation listing that’s it, good luck and thank you


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