Ebay Manual Variation Listing Online Jobs tutorial (ENG/SUB) Tagalog

Ebay Manual Variation Listing Online Jobs tutorial (ENG/SUB) Tagalog

Hello and welcome back to our channel. So now I will teach you guys how to create variation listing manually in eBay So for those who watched our videos for the first time Please visit our channel And watch the quick guide For us to know the content of our channel because we are teaching online jobs and what video are we going to watch first Don’t forget to subscribe So now we are going to create a variation listing If you noticed here on amazon, this is the product that we found. We already created a single listing for this in our previous video. If you noticed the pricing of the variation it has 19.99, 22.99 and 22.99 So they don’t have the same price that’s why we need to pay attention and check it carefully. and in variation listing, we will not look for it if we are searching for products just in case we found variation items in our listing we can list it So like this one there’s is no variation from the item we copied He only sells black Since the same item that we found has color blue and grey we can list it as a variation So we will just do the same We will go to our ebay click this sell button because we are in ebay.com then we will put the title again it’s just the same as what we did in a single listing but we will not skip the variation icon so what i’ll do is ill get the title ill paste it here or we can optimize title Get started and we will not click anything here continue without selecting any product now, what we will do is go to category this is the item that we list previously exercise mat Now, we will create variations just click create variations so here you will see the attributes you see the model, the MPN so what i’ll do is just click the “X” and I’ll add a color So in Amazon UK or in eBay UK rather if the color is not in here in these options you can add your own and if you cannot input the word “color” we will use the word “colour” or add the letter “u” this is how we will spell the word “colour” but since its already here just click the box referring to “color” and save So now what are the colors of our item what are their colors So the colors are black, we will click the black So if you’ll notice if you click the black, it will appear here in this side Click the blue then the blue also appears here and also grey This is the variation. This is only a drop-down menu So now we will just continue Then, we will add photos So what we did recently is We downloaded the photos from amazon So we will get it So now i will not put it in 12 slots here I will not use this 12 slots Because what I’m going to do now I will create below here in this photo Use default photo, then color Then you’ll see here, it has black In black, the main photo that we will input here is the color black here from our downloaded photos in our computer View large icon from this color black photos Next is the color blue In blue, what we will do is we will go to the supplier’s site Click the “blue” and we will just get the main photo there Click, right-click then save image as So this will be number 5 so next let’s close this let’s go to grey let’s click the picture then save image as number 6 then I’ll return here in eBay in color blue, what I will upload here is color blue, the main photo of the color blue next, in grey I’ll add the color grey so thats how to add photo in variations now now, we will go down below in UPC, we will put does not apply then the quantity is 2, or If there’s any other size so our list is not too many we can make it 1 but now this is what the clients are usually using so we put 2 in our price recently is $27.95 for black So for blue, we will compute for the price again because they don’t have the same price Let’s say for example Just for demo purposes so we won’t waste time What im going to do is For example, I already computed it the price of this is 29.95 this one is 29.95 Because if we check it, the prices are not the same from the supplier 19.99, here is 22.99 so thats why the prices here in our variations are not the same Next is save and close So we will just this fill-up like in our recent video in video number 5 or number 6 in single listing condition is new then we will go to the photo, you see we already have photos here now then here in Brand, we will put does not apply in MPN we will put does not apply Material is rubber, size is 24 square foot So as we noticed here, the color is gone Because color is the variation of our item we are not allowed to put color or for example here in our title The last word has the word “black”, But then we have a variation, we will delete it in our title that particular color. because it has a specific color that mentioned in the title So let’s go back to the description For example, we already input all the descriptions Specification, I mean Then we will go to the description like what we do recently in our single listing We will get the descriptions next is the title and so on so if we already get all the descriptions We can still get those from the lower part of the page Like what we did in our single listing So to make this video short let’s continue here in the lower part of the page So selling details, again, you don’t need to put the price because we already set it up in our variation listing so as you can see the price is already here the quantity is already here too so we will go down here in shipping details we can input the dimensions here that can be found in the lower part of the supplier’s site 25, 25 by 4 inches so we’ll put it here, 25 25 by 4 inches then the item weight we can also see it here, 4 pounds Next is, if our client wants to promote his listing if he wants to promote it we will click it here in “Sell it Faster” If he wants to promote it by 5%, we will put 5% here so this one this promotion fee will be deducted once you sold the item via promotion there is no charge for every promoted listing you will be charged once it’s sold via promotion so again, once it is sold the item thats the time you will be charged So we will now list the item So now I will try to check the list that we created. We will check the outcome of our recently listed item So this is the item we listed. This is already Live So as we can see here it has a drop-down menu where the buyer can choose color blue so if we input the image of the color blue in the main photo of the blue section the blue image appears here then if grey, you’ll see grey image here so our competitor doesn’t have any dropdown menu or he has no variations in his list unlike us that’s the advantage of our listing so we can see here our item specification and we can see the description here so now we have a thing called manual monitoring So we will put it here We will put the eBay title here which is this one this eBay title Next is the supplier which is amazon the supplier’s link here we will copy the link from where we found the item we’ll paste it here if there’s any variations or none if it has variations, we will put the variation here which is black next is blue next is grey The supplier’s price is $22.99 $22.99 and the price of the Black color is $19.99 and the final price for the blue color is $29.95 and $29.95 for grey color So, it automatically calculates the breakeven because we are using a formula for this then we will get the link the link from our supplier, for example, the link for the color blue we’ll go to the amazon site we will click the blue color we will copy the link for color blue coz every color has different links paste it here go back here in amazon we will copy the link for grey color copy then paste then the title is only one so our supplier is amazon only so this is our monitoring and this is how to create variation listing in eBay manually so in our next video, ill show you guys how to create a multi-variation listing So stay tuned, Goodluck Thank you very much.


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