Ebay Multi Variation Listing Online Jobs Philippines Tutorial TAGALOG Tagalog

Ebay Multi Variation Listing Online Jobs Philippines Tutorial TAGALOG Tagalog

PLS VISIT OUR CHANNEL FOR UPDATED VIDEOS WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLE and now, we will learn how to list multi variation our previous video is just variation, just one option like, color but now, it has sizes this is the multi-variation for example, we choose black this black has 3 sizes this pink also has 3 sizes they are indifferent prices if you choose 11inch or 13inch or 15inch, sometimes it varies by price for example black, they are the same price but there’s a time that we will check it for example this black the 11inch is 8$ then the 13inch is 9$ and the 15inch is 10$ something like this the black and the size is 12″ to 12.9″ is 17.99$ and the 13″ to 13.5″ is 17.99 also 14″ to 15.6″ it will become 18.99$ we need to be alert about the price because our profit the other drop shipper they just want 1.5$ profit something like that or 2$ something like that but always remember just fulfilled by amazon so here in our title I am going to build a title because we we’re going to use a brand name like ASUS, ACER Lenova, Dell, HP it is prohibited to post in your title like HP toshiba, chrome book computer, it’s prohibited but we can use it in another way that’s what I am going to teach you on how to optimize the title with brand name so, all of my video if I forgot something ahh I just remember it if I am doing it in actual like this so we expand our knowledge of the new things we learn just apply it so, we’ll be going to list here if manual most of multi-variation is just manual listing we still be needed a spreadsheet why do we need a spreadsheet? of course, we know that this is our monitoring but if black then 14″ to 15.6″ then it also has 13 to 13.5 they have different link this link and they have different price here, they have different price and link so like this one this ASIN number here this is the ASIN here I am looking at the sign if I click 12″ to 12.9″ it changes, like this G6K if we click this it will become GCP if we click this it will become FKH it changes the link this is what we called landing page link it changes the landing page link so that’s why we need to be alert about the prices, sizes we need to be alert like other client wants, “if you find an item like this just list is in variations, don’t list it single he doesn’t like it so, let’s list the item this sell here it is always in front, let’s click it even if you switch the page it is always in front now we will optimize the title this should be another learning on how to build a title with brand name like this chrome book first like what I said on how to build a title what are we selling laptop sleeve case protective bag or, it’s quite long we can say, laptop case bag, don’t place protective that’s why we are buying a bag is just like people know that this bag is protective that’s why we will buy it now how do they know the specific items they needed we will put “FOR” here this title is ok for we will maximize it we’re not going to put these 12 to 12.9″ and 13″ to 13.5″ what we are going to do is, 12″ to 15.6″ just skip the other sizes place 12″ to 15.6″ it’s automatic for 12 to 15.6 in size because buyers like… buyer- “I will buy case for my laptop, what is the size of my laptop?” something like 11″ or it’s 12″ – “So just search for 12″ case bag” remember, just think on how buyer search for item we’ll not going to build a title on our own now so, ” what our laptop brand? because it has a different model and size “our brand is dell, Asus, or Acer laptop case bag for 12″ to 15.6” Inches Asus Acer Lenovo Dell Hp Toshiba Chromebook this is our title did you get it? now, here in Inches, we can put like this for example


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