EFT Devblog. Работа со звуком (sound production)

EFT Devblog. Работа со звуком (sound production)

Greetings, friends, denizens of Tarkov! I’m Vadim and I’m the one in charge of the sound and video for Battlestate Games. In this issue of dev diary we will show and explain our approach to recording of sounds for the Escape from Tarkov project. For our purposes, all sounds can be categorized into weapon sounds, ambient sounds, movement sounds and sounds of interacting with objects, character voiceovers – obviously – and various specialized sounds. To recreate a feeling of living world, we need both general soundscapes of nature in different weather and time of day and separate sounds that create these soundscapes. For instance, that’s how we recorded the ripple for the brook with artificial rapids, the one that flows to the gulf through Customs. That’s what it takes to deliver the joy of lively flowing water, [joking] exerting ourselves, risking our health… Needless to say, the very idea of shooter is impossible without firearms We have already shown, many times, our visits to our renowned weapon producers. The essential purpose of such visits is recording of specific weapon sounds and, whenever possible, some footage to show you the process. However, beside sounds from open ranges and closed galleries, we also need to get a comprehensive natural noise of weapon operation in all imagineable environments. That’s why we record everywhere: field, woods, different types of indoor facilities. Hello, everyone in Tarkov We are now proceeding to record an AKM. And now, basically the same, but with silencer. Well, I guess you’ve heard how well the silencer works. Hand-crafted, by the way. Maybe we’ll tell you about it later. No easy path to live sound recordings. Check out the conditions. Like bamboo in Vietnam. No digital reverberator will ever come close to a true live sound. But here… here it is au naturel. Recording! I’d like to tell you that’s how weapons really sound in spaces like this one: like a sledgehammer against an iron plate. Ew, dust all over place. Silenced AKM, resuming record. Ready… Recording! Mag change And now we’ll start recording sound in closed space. It’s a bunker with rather tight concrete corridors, but I guess you’ll see it yourselves. Ready? Recording Stopped. How does it sound? Heavy aural punch indeed. Blessed be the headphones. Silenced AKM shots. Ready? Recording! That’s it. It’s still snowing concrete as usual, but I might add that even in such tiny concrete space the silenced sounds are much easier to bear. Hope you can hear it too. We are now at the special firing grounds divided into several rooms and will now record advanced weapons. Escape from Tarkov is, first of all, a shooter about tough guys scrapping it out in abandoned city. And that means we also have to recreate quality sounds of character movements. Taking into consideration equipment and the type of surface the character is moving on. Surfaces include city streets, industrial parks with various facilities and basements, woodland patches and open spaces… And to create really high-quality audio environment the team visits the respective locations. As you can see, everything is being recorded live with all equipment and weapon in hands, so that all small sounds, clanking etc get captured on record We’ll now commence recording sounds of all kinds of movement in gear Falls, various rustle of fabric, and so on. The region still has some derelict landmarks Finally found some abandoned bomb shelter with a bunch of junk on the floor. Right what we need to record the sawmill. Recording shotgun hits. Tarkov, however, is not only about combat, but exploration as well, which means we need not only movement, but also sounds of interacting with the whole bunch of different objects. For example, to grab a bite in a raid, a character must take the food out of backpack, open up a can, eat the contents and down it with drink What’s the treat of choice, sprats or mackerel? I’d go with sprats. Alright, while it’s all quiet at the customs and in dorms I guess we have a chance to sustain ourselves. The most pleasing sound Cheers! On one hand, the sound recording process takes quite some time and effort, there are many professional aspects to consider For instance, we use specific microphones for different purposes same sound gets captured on different recorders with different settings and at different distances. That’s how it’s done, folks. In the woods. Over natural background ambience No parasitic ricochets, echoing and such crap. Nature at its finest Bon appetit, stay healthy On the other hand, it’s still a creative process which is full of funny moments. For example, we often have to pause and wait for occuring background noise to subside. Which is especially enfuriating at 3 a.m. when everyone and everything is expected to sleep, and not fly, ride, or bork. Planes are our bane, never stop making noise. Let’s See Who You Really Are! Well, that’s how, in broad strokes, the work with sounds looks. That’s just a start, or course, from here on the sounds get processed, integrated into engine, adjusted… But that will probably be the topis of one of the next diary issues. All the best, and happy hunting!


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  • I'm so happy to be along for the ride to see how this game develops and unfolds. A small but very ambitious and passionate team. Seeing the hard work that goes into this game and their passion for making it only increases my own passion and excitement for it.

  • Dinosaur111Pwn says:

    A question from me. Are some of the "advanced" guns also fired in different conditions to simulate their true sound, or was that only for a few select guns.

  • Звук в EFT потрясный, спору нет. Но я не понял, в чем разница, стреляли вот из АКМ с глушителем и без, они ж прям совсем похоже по громкости грохочат.

  • Jake Bombardiere says:

    How did you guys access weapons like these! Some of these weapons I have never seen in real life, and I shoot almost every weekend.

  • Oktaff Paronie says:

    Отдельное спасибо Вадим-у уж очень подняли настроение этим видео и присутствием себя ) Да и звук в игре на уровне что не может не радовать.

  • Михаил Иванов says:

    Я куплю эту игру! Обожаю оружие, а в отечественную качественную игру всегда мечтал поиграть.

  • круть) ждемс звуки перезарядки при использовани ПЭмагов и ПУФмагов;)

  • You guys have proven that you don't need the most fancy equipment if you know what you're doing and you've mastered the art of sound production.

  • riper poland says:

    hello my dev's friends. How quality you use to records sounds? 2-chanels, 24 bit, 48000 hz? or 192000 hz?

  • I like how you opted to record everything from scratch instead of using stock sounds for even the most mundane stuff. Not hearing the same samples from different games is always refreshing, even if it's for very minor things. 🙂

  • Александр Штырн says:

    многие снимают ролики про звук . но только в таркове я оценил что звуки очень классные . вопрос только что делают другие конторы с записаными звуками а в игру вставляют какой то шлак.

  • Samuel Jackson says:

    Is it finally going to be surround sound or is it just going to be left and right sound I'd really like to find out by now. ???

  • Звук на высшем уровне. Очень атмосферный и отлично погружает в игру.

  • Perhaps my words may not reach you in full. However I think I can speak for everyone in the community of Tarkov that we appreciate your dedication and resourcefulness.

    It really has shown and I plan to support the game further past my basic pre-order thus far, so keep it up!

  • Love your stuff guys

  • Stratikah Gaming says:

    Very Cool Stuf!!! I miss the Base Frequency in a lot of Shooting sounds tho 🙂 sounds very crisp and high most of the time 🙂

  • Satans Behemoth says:

    Это конечно круто про то, что юзается реальная реверберация, но слишком большой гул. В таркове они более чистые. Хотите сказать что вы ничем не обрабатывали дубли?

  • Артур Бобылев says:

    ну класс че, бежишь с одним пистолетом . а у тебя постоянно гремит сраная антапка автомата

  • Though the community rants on the bugs and glitchs of this very early game, a game that none of its kind has ever been seen before. you have to say that they are extremely dedicated to their game. going all the way into the middle of no where just to capture some really small sounds. it's insane. i love EFT and i love this company , keep doing great!

  • You guys deserve a billion buyers and players, truly a masterpiece, I hope you guys complete this game to perfection, and I'm sure you will!

  • Eugene Lychany says:

    Ребят, каким рекордером вы пользуетесь? Есть ли смысл записывать бинауральное аудио для таких проектов, или его потом невозможно обработать в плане позиционирования звука?

  • Your makeing it loke like it is something so compliated. Easy !!! Afcourse you record sounds if you dont want to pay money on sounds already recorded :)))))))

  • Хз на счет звуков оружия! Где звук этот атмосферный когда на улице война? Эти щелчки так называемые! Когда на расстоянии кто то стреляет! Хз стоит поучится звукам у игры squad )) я так понял вы не записывали звуки стреляющих в далеке чуваков)

  • Bought this game 2.nd of October after finding about it on the web, been playing it non stop, even upgraded this sale. The sound is amazing , that you lose most things you bring to raids keeps me on my toes and truly the only game out there that makes me paranoid when i hear sounds and has this crazy effect on me , 10/10 and will recommend to everyone.

  • This is freakin amazing… Easy best computer game ever made, best dev's to walk the planet. Without a doubt when Tarkov gets released will be masterpiece, made with waaay less resources and much more love than so many other "masterpieces"

  • тарков это прежде всего "создание неудобства ради того,чтобы игроки заносили деньги"

  • 3D звук?! не не слышал, теперь понятно откуда настолько кривые звуки (постоянно разное расстояние и направление, я уже не говорю о том что запись звуков снаряжения полный бред дерганые и бросание а поведение при взаимодействии так вообще какой-то гопник а не нормальный солдат).

  • Your PR team is atrocious and the way you treat people in real life gives me ZERO interest in whatever artwork you conceptualize or create. Cookie Cutter corporate shills. Have all your department leads shove it up their ass. Merry Christmas.

  • WroobelChannel says:

    Amazing work You have put into this project. It's such a small details for most people, but I always appreciate effort like that, plus, making sound effects as a job must be super satisfying. Keep up the amazing job!

  • Вы смотрите кто комменты пишет. Одни европейцы , а почему ? Да потому что у них железо лучше . Вы блять заебали со своим "поносом программистов " просто позор . Сделайте наконец оптимизацию или НОРМАЛЬНУЮ регистрацию урона . Пофиксить броники ,а то смотреть тошно как 2 барана в дефиках хуярят друг в друга по 3 обоймы. Вы так в лес выйдите ,оденьте броник хороший по вам с калаша полоснут я бы потом посмотрел сколько пуль вас прошло а сколько нет . В крысу не реально убить человека . Спасибо за баланс в игре ставлю лайк

  • EFT for me has the best sound in any shooter game ever. Battlefield 3, for me, was the one of the last few games that had amazing sound. But the sounds you guys make is leaps and bounds over the others. From gun sounds, footsteps to eating rations. I remember how I always flinched hearing grenades go off in the distance (usually Resort, Dorms and Sawmill) when I first started out. It was terrifying. Even more terrifying when hiding from fully geared PMCs in smaller maps.

  • Никита Михайлюк says:

    Любопытно, а как записываются звуки попадания различных пуль в различные тела, поверхности ? И записываются ли они вообще ?

  • На вашем движке надо Сталкер сделать, вот тогда игра станет топом на много лет

  • в таккове со звуком – полняй пиздец я могу слышать как ктото поворачивается на месте 1-2 этажами ниже. такого не должно быть

  • Japanese Language : 凄い! 飲み物を飲むときの音がゲームと同じ!
    English Language : Great! When you drink a drink, I hear the same sound in the game!
    Russian Language : большой! Когда вы пьете напиток, я слышу тот же звук в игре.

  • Александр Леонов says:

    Можно видос про глушитель и по больше инфы о работе с ним.

  • Awesome work!
    Now to even get on the next level you have to use Binaural Microphone from 3Dio, then we will definitively get real life sound immersion.

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