Elimination Tattoo Preview: American Traditional Production Style – Ink Master, Season 7

Elimination Tattoo Preview: American Traditional Production Style – Ink Master, Season 7

– Welcome.
Only six of you remain. Half of you will compete
in the live finale, and half of you
will go home empty-handed. Only one of you
will win $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine, and the title
of Ink Master.– I’m so close to the finale
right now,
I can taste it. – This is the strongest
top six ever, but it’s only going to get
more brutal, because, once again,
this week, there is no flash challenge. You are moving directly into
your next elimination tattoo. – Everything we do now
has to be on point, and everybody knows it,because any slip-up
can send you out the door.
– This week,
we’re testing adaptability.– Adaptability means you need
to be able to do
anything outside
your comfort zone–every style, any style,
any time.
– I’m sorry, Jesse. – In the 1940s and ’50s, production tattooing
was a technique developed by shop owners to complete as many
tattoos as possible in a short amount of time. They found the quickest
way to work was to mimic
a factory assembly line and have one artist line,
one artist shade… – Oh, [bleep]. – And one artist do the color. And that’s exactly
what you must do today. – Whoo, Lord have mercy. – Working in teams of three, you must tattoo an American
traditional clipper ship.– Clipper ships
are super challenging
because there’s so many long,
one-pass outlines. That right there in itself
is a challenge. – It’s up to you as a team to decide which artist
tattoos the line work, which artist tattoos
the shading, and which artist
tattoos the color. Once you choose,
you can’t switch. – I [bleep] hate traditional. – It’s a production
line, where the guy sits and gets the outline,
then he sits and gets the color. Once you’re sitting
getting the shading, you cannot go back to sit
and get the outline. Back when they used to do
production line tattoos, people would play up
to their strengths– people that would just
line all day long. If somebody in your team
is better at one thing, play to that strength.– I’m a little bit nervous
with Ollie,
because he is an American
traditional specialist, and he knows all the rules.And he’s not afraid to tear
people apart
for breaking them.– You’ll be judged as a team. Let’s meet your canvases.Today, your teams
and your canvases will be randomly assigned. Canvases, one by one, you will each choose
three skulls to determine which artists
tattoo you. – Christian. – If I get stuck with the wrong
guys on this challenge,no matter how good
my part looks,
the overall piece is gonna
look like [bleep]. – James.– I totally don’t want to get
paired with Jesse Smith.
He has no idea how to do
American traditional
or anything but his
new school crap.– Jesse. – God damn it.– I got the two oldest guys
in the competition,
and they have to know
about traditional. They’re old.I feel good about my team.– Matti. Cleen Rock One. Anthony.– Anthony and Matti have this
little house of alliance,
and these guys have been gunning
for me since day one.They better put all the
bull[bleep] aside,
because we all need to
work together as a team. – Those are the teams. You’ll have six hours to tattoo an American traditional
clipper ship. And remember, you’re being
judged on adaptability. Good luck. – Hi.
– Cleen. So where are you thinking about
putting this ship at? – The left thigh. – Okay.
– Ooh, good spot. – Every artist in almost
any genre has to be adaptable
to be successful. – Six hours’ worth. You’re gonna get
a pretty big tattoo.– And today, these artistsreally have to work
well together, for the simple fact
that they’re being judgedas one tattoo,
and everything has to fall
perfectly into place, or we’re gonna pick
it out in a minute. – All right, man
– Man, we’re gonna have a blast. – I’m sketching.
– Yeah. I’m a little nervous. I don’t do American
traditional at all.As much as I hate Cleen
as a competitor,
Cleen’s style is derived
from traditional tattooing.
Being on his team is definitely
gonna work in my favor. – I think it looks great.– Of course I’m the only one
drawing this
because I’m the only one
that knows what I’m doing. – You just–you whip that out?
– Yeah. I’m not here to teach guys how
to do traditional tattoos.If you don’t have
these fundamentals,
get the hell
out of the business. – You want me to do the black,
and him do the color? – I’ll [bleep]
line it out quick. – You drew the whole damn
thing, so– I mean, if I had drawn the whole
thing, I would’ve lined it. – I mean, I got no problem
lining it, dude. – You do the roses, I’ll start
this, and then we’ll– and we’ll figure it out
and meet in the middle. – Christian, is there anything
you want me to work on? – Jesse helping us
is the equivalent of having a three-year-old help
when you’re making dinner.He can go off and do
some little thing.
Me and James will take care
of the real work.
– I can do the line work
if necessary. – I’ll do it. – So we’ll do black shading?
– Yeah. – I mean, I’m definitely
a color dude, so I feel like color
would be my strength, but I’m down to do anything that anybody feels like
they’re not confident in. Are you listening to me? – I am.– Christian and Jamesare pretty much
shutting me out of this. It’s obvious they have no
respect for me as an artist. – My big concern with Jesse
is if he doesn’t do a lot of traditional,
he’s gonna [bleep] overdo it or go too smooth
on colors. – Getting the palate together.– Oh, Lord have mercy.It’s American traditional.You don’t need 80 colors.Reel it in.[mimics line humming] Come on, Jesse, come on.
Aaah! – They need more colors
in their tattoo. Look at that. – Minimal, minimal, minimal. Any more colors than this,
and we’re in trouble. Lose this one and this.
– Just one–fade it. – Jesse, you’re gonna [bleep]
this [bleep] up, aren’t you?[industrial music]– Okay, artists. You will have six hours
to show your adaptability by tattooing a clipper ship
as a team. And your time begins now. – Let’s do this. – All right, all right. – This stencil…– For this elimination tattoo,we’re doing something
we’ve never done on “Ink Master” before:
production line tattooing. – Am I just stenciling this? – How many people does it take
to screw in a light bulb? – Two is good
for stenciling this big. – Each team has to produce an American traditional
clipper ship. – I like it.
– Pretty straight.– Strong outline,
strong shading, bright color–
clipper ships are one of my
favorite images.One of these teams messes up,I’m gonna nail them
to the wall for it.Cleen’s gonna do
the line work
since he drew the [bleep]and wouldn’t let anybody else
put anything in there.
– I’m going nice and slow, trying to make love
to this line work. Of course I’m gonna line it.You got to start out with a
big, bold, traditional outline.
I’m never this anal about
my line work.I’m not gonna let these jokers
keep me from winning today.
– Looks good.– I don’t need a strong team.I am the strong team.– You think you should move your
water a little over here? – I think you should move
and let me do this outline. – Working with Christian
is showing adaptability,because he’s a turd.– Are you sure about that? – The outline is almost done,and you two old maids
need to figure this out,
’cause Ollie’s gonna
tear our ass up if not. – Aesthetically,
I like this way better. However, if it’s incorrect,
then we look like assholes. – Four hours remaining. – I got it, Matti.
Just get set up.Get it, Matti. Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on. – Yeah, that’s a good whip
right there, Matti. – Man, I bet you guys
are making him nervous just a-hovering
right over him. – We’re working as a team, bro.
That’s how it works. – Is that what you’re doing? – I hate that this
elimination challenge has to be a team effort.I do clipper ships
all the time.
I could do it blindfolded,but I’m stuck
with just the shading.That sucks.– I don’t care what’s going on
on my team.All I know is this tattoo
won’t send me home at all,
because my shading’s
gonna be on point. – Just turn the damn shading in
without any color, and we’re good. Tattoo of the day,
black and gray. Work it out, player. – Two hours–
two more hours. – All right, Jesse,
no pressure, but everything now
rests on you.– I’d make the bottom one
solid, you know? Anthony’s got me walking him
through every step of the way. – All right,
so what are we doing here? – A little brown off of there, a little brown off of there, just a…
[tongue clicking]Figure it out, bro.I adapted more than
both of these guys.
I adapted into a teacher
and showed these two apprentices how to do a traditional tattoo
for the first time. – Oh, whoa.
That’s the wrong one. That’s–that’s brown, bro. God damn.
I just had a heart attack. – I may not tattoo American
traditional a lot, but I’m not an idiot. – The worst part
is just sitting here. – 30 minutes. – Get to work.– I know how to put in color.It’s super solid,
super saturated… We could put a little bit
of brown in here. – Hell, no. No more brown.
[whistling] –But all these assholes
are getting all stressed out,
and they’re projecting it
on me, and it’s starting to make me
stressed out. – It’s not that you’re slow
or nothing, Jesse, it’s just that you’re slow. – Stop yelling at me, Christian. We’re on the same team. I’m trying to make sure
this [bleep] is tight. – James and I gave Jesse tons
of time to finish the color, but he’s taking twice as long
as it should. And if we get [bleep]
because of Jesse, I’m gonna be pissed. Jesus Christ, Jesse. – Hang in there, Chris. I’m trying to make sure
this is solid. –I would like to rip
his little head off
and stuff it into
a little animal, and give it to my kids
to play with. – Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Time’s up. Machines down. No more ink. – What do you think, Chris? – That looks badass. – That looks really good. – I thought Matti was gonna put
some black in this thing. There ain’t no shading in there. Just like–
[whistling] – Do you love it or what? – Yeah, I really love it. –After looking at this tattoo,I ain’t even worried
about Jesse’s color, ’cause we got this thing.


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