Employer Branding Melitta

Highly coveted. The situation: Melitta is a well-known brand name in various business fields. Main markets are Europe, North and South America and Asia. The company stands for high-quality brands that take leading positions in international markets The problem: Melitta is the classic hidden champion. A family business with a real track record. Over 100 years old but with a weak appeal for workers. If you hear Melitta you think about coffee. That Melitta has brands like Toppits or Swirl in its portfolio, owns over 1000 patents, and is positioned internationally unfortunately nobody knows. As an employer brand, Melitta has to fight
for the best minds with even more charismatic companies But as there are fewer and fewer, they have more and more choices. As a result, Melitta has to position itself
and to differentiate very clearly. The starting shot: Together with the agencies promerit and weigertpirouzwolf Melitta developed an employer branding strategy. The goal: to increase Melitta’s attractiveness sustainably and significantly. In an complex analysis relevant strengths
were identified and summarized in the EVP. The campaign: First of all a claim was developed out of
the 4 fields of the EVP: Packed with possibilities. This claim communicates the advantages the Melitta Group offers to Generation Y: Personal development Work-life balance international career opportunities Dynamics, Innovation and a culture of appreciation These possibilities were implemented in all media. At the same time, internal initiatives took
place to bring up the contents of the campaign to the company staff as well. The result: The campaign is a huge success case. Melitta is unstoppably making its way to a
highly attractive employer brand. A brand, that attracts qualified and skilled
employees at home and abroad.


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