Employer J-1 Visa

Employer J-1 Visa

We’ve had excellent experience with the intern program. The best thing about it is that you get outstanding people. We’ve had terrific young people, either students or recent graduates. They’re bright. They’re energetic. They’re highly motivated. We’re looking for people who have a certain level of English, but we’re looking for people who are energetic. We’re looking for people who are bright and articulate, and can talk about how this internship fits into their career goals. And typically those are the types of people we’ve gotten. It’s very rewarding to be able to help young people, both to learn more about the United States and advance their own careers or develop skills that can help them down the road. Of course, employers in the internship program are all types of businesses. But I would really encourage any American employer to look at this carefully because as I said, I think you get really, really top-notch people. And you’re able to help really top-notch people, and it’s always great to have talent in your own office. It allows young people to have this experience in the United States at a time when it can really be culturally enriching for them and also expand their career possibilities.


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  • Muhammad Yaseen Rathore says:


    I am Muhammad Yaseen i m from Pakistan ,i have completed BBA-HONS in 2011, i have to done internship Sui Southern Gas Company in finance department from 10th Feb 2014 to 10th Mach 2014. i have completed internship in Askari Commercial bank, in 2014, and i have experience as a Asst,Admin Officer at Iqra University from June 2015 to April 2016
    Sir/Madam i was read your website i have satisfied but i want discussion with you, i will apply English language Institute In Boston USA for improve my English i want to come in Boston USA ,i have Completed 4 year Bachelor Business Administration and i have 3 years Experience in account & finance in different Companies and One year Experience as Assistant Admin Officer University level,

    Sir/Madam after i will start Master Business Administration in Finance, so i want get some experience with my English language study so i want apply J-1 Visa u can guide and help me, how is possible i can get that visa if u personally take my take case and solve my problem because your super, brilliant honest lawyer and u have team also you must any positive way for me when i will come in Boston USA i can work very legally i hope you must cooperate with me because i want make a bright future..

    Best Regards

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