Employer Recruitment Stories – Metal Fabrication

My name’s Jack Hamilton the name of
our business is Premier Metalworking and Engineering We principally in the steel fabrication and engineering trade Currently we employ four apprentices;
one fourth year, one third year and two second years. We mainly recruit our apprentices
firstly by, people turning up seeking employment. The second most common way is
through the school system, through careers advisers at both college and
high schools. Biggest quality for a potential
apprentice is punctuality and reliability, so meaning turning up on
time that’s that’s a real big one! We can teach most other things, but if you’re not here it’s a bit hard to teach you. It’s self worth, that’s a big one! Our interview process is not daunting,
The first interview is usually just a casual chat to get to know the applicant
a little bit better and they can also get to know us a little bit just to make
sure that they are seriously interested. Then we hold a second interview which we go a little bit more depth, hopefully the the applicant has some references,
they could be from anybody, the next door neighbour, someone they have done a bit of part-time work for, school teacher, sporting coach, something like that. We
also like to look at their school reports. The grades aren’t so much, it’s more the comment, what the comment says. Little Johnny is a great bloke, tries real hard, terrific! Mainly will try them, in a trial
situation, you give them a couple of small tasks to take to see what they
come up with, but we also check it during the year through the CIT. Talk to
the CIT on a regular basis, they let us know exactly what’s going on at Tech whether they are clowning around or turning up on time and so forth. Advice I’d give someone looking for a
career at starting as an apprentice, would be that, be careful what you
choose and make sure you give it 100%! It’s your trade it’s, its what your ability is going to be for a considerable amount of time. Your
school life is short compared to your working life. Recruiting apprentices adds benefit, because the biggest thing we get out of it is job satisfaction. Ive run into
apprentices that I’ve had 20 years ago and you run into them somewhere it could
be anywhere, and they’re happy to come and say G’day and thank you. Once they’ve grown up and they’re tradesmen, and say ‘Gee I remember when I was an apprentice under you, you know, and you were a tough bloke, but geez I learned a lot!’ We keep in contact with the CIT weekly, sometimes more often. To keep notification from the CIT on hand on how they’re progressing, so if there are certain areas they’re falling behind, we
can set them a few extra tasks, whether it be, even after hours, for them to just catch up a bit and give them a hand, before it becomes too far behind and
they start to struggle. I started off as a motor mechanic, just one thing led to another, now I’m in the steel trade, with a couple of trades in
between as well, but that brings me to a thing, that just because you might become a steel fabricator doesn’t mean that you might not end up being a, running IT
security for Parliament House Anything’s possible! It’s only a starting point


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