Employer  Resources and Incentives

Employer Resources and Incentives

(upbeat music) – Many businesses in Ohio that we meet with
say, we want to hire individuals with disabilities, how do we do this? And if you visit our website at ood.ohio.gov
and look at the Employer Toolkit, there’s some very specific things that talk about
how individuals in businesses can file for Work Opportunity Tax Credits that show that
investing in individuals with disabilities help their bottom line. It also shows businesses that if you hire
individuals with disabilities, you see greater productivity, you see your onboarding costs
go down because turnover actually reduces. – [Narrator] Individuals with disabilities
have proven to be dedicated, conscientious, and highly productive employees, providing
numerous benefits to employers. The Toolkit for Employers is designed to help
Ohio businesses successfully integrate individuals with disabilities into the workplace. The Toolkit was designed in collaboration
with Ohio’s top employers and provides more than 50 different resources for businesses
to learn about best practices on the recruitment, hiring, and retention of workers with disabilities. It also provides information on tax incentives,
as well as how to find and provide workplace accommodations. – The WOTC is a Work Opportunity Tax Credit. It’s a federal program and employers can use
that to help them in hiring people with disabilities. Employers can be reimbursed for each eligible
employee referred by OOD. AskJAN is a program from the Department of
Labor called Job Accommodation Network. And employers such as OhioHealth can contact
JAN for assistance, for accommodations. If we have complex issues, we can talk with
a consultant, pretty much can — all of the things that are needed for accommodations,
JAN can offer us. JAN services are available at no cost to employers. – [Narrator] OOD’s trained professional staff
is on-hand to help you recruit and retain employees with disabilities and the Toolkit
for Employers is a great resource to assist you along the way. – So visit our website at ood.ohio.gov and
click on the Employer Toolkit to find out many benefits to businesses here in Ohio. (upbeat music)


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