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Isabel: Did you know that the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission offers a variety of valuable resources for employers? OESC has a vast amount of experience collaborating with and enriching the business community. Rory: Whether attracting new employers to Oklahoma’s labor markets or supporting existing employers, OESC is a vital partner of business. Isabel: In this short video, we will introduce you to some of the services we have to offer. Rory: Employer Services Specialists for OESC will work with you to help create solutions to meet your business’ staffing needs. Isabel: OESC offers these no-cost services to all employers: job matching, customized recruitment events, employee skill upgrading opportunities, labor market information, layoff assistance, and access to available tax credits. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of these services. Rory: OESC is committed to helping you meet your hiring needs. Our Employer Services Specialists provide: referral of quality job seekers to available job openings, assistance in the development of job descriptions, applicant pre-screening, and specialized recruitment for hard-to-fill positions. Isabel: Our nationally recognized recruitment model, the Talent Acquisition Team, is a unit of recruiters assigned to assist employers with a customized strategy of recruitment services. Rory: Our highly trained staff works diligently to connect your business with qualified candidates for challenging positions. Isabel: As demands for Oklahoma businesses expand and change, our employment professionals are poised to work closely with business customers to determine their specific needs and formulate an effective service solution. Rory: You can save time and money by letting OESC organize a customized recruitment event for your business. Our Employer Services Specialists will facilitate job fairs and mass hiring events, coordinate application submission, pre-screen candidates, and provide space in a local Workforce Center for you to interview qualified candidates. Isabel: Targeted job fairs are an efficient and inexpensive way for you to recruit candidates for multiple positions. Currently, OESC sponsors major semi-annual job fairs each spring and fall in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. These job fairs attract on average over 1,000 job seekers and more than 100 employers. Rory: OESC knows that well-trained employees are the key to your business success. In today’s competitive labor market, demand for skilled workers far exceeds supply. Isabel: That’s where training comes in. OESC can help your business save time and money as well as gain a competitive edge through a variety of skill upgrading opportunities. Rory: We offer skills and proficiency testing, and Career Readiness Certificates in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. Isabel: We also facilitate industry-specific training for either new hires or current employees requiring advanced skills. Rory: OESC also sponsors employer council events in partnership with Oklahoma’s business community to encourage networking and education for employers. Employer councils bring together employers of varying sizes and industries to learn about local employment and training issues. Isabel: Employer councils meet on a regular basis as determined by the needs of council members and each meeting includes an educational presentation that qualifies for credit toward recertification from the Human Resources Certification Institute. Rory: Currently, OESC sponsors employer councils in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. Each month, nearly 275 industry professionals attend presentations by leaders in human resources, labor and employment law, and business and management offering cutting-edge information regarding current trends in the industry. Isabel: OESC is concerned about your business’ future. We can provide you with up-to-date information regarding the status of Oklahoma’s economic health. We produce, analyze, and deliver timely and reliable statistics to help you make informed business decisions. Examples of the information OESC provides are: employment and wage data by occupation and industry, labor force and unemployment rates, economic indicators, and population estimates. Rory: A layoff is difficult for everyone. OESC can help your impacted employees by providing a variety of resources if it becomes necessary for your business to downsize. Our services focus on ensuring that your affected employees are aware of the Unemployment Insurance program and job seeker services, including referrals to other community resources that may be available through the local workforce system. Isabel: OESC is dedicated to finding ways to help your business thrive in today’s economy. We can connect you with available tax incentives that can stretch your business dollar. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit incentive that the federal government provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from nine target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. Hiring from one of the target groups can mean direct federal tax savings to your business ranging from $1,200 to $9,000 per qualifying employee. With minimal paperwork for you to complete, OESC can provide certification that your new hire qualifies your business for tax savings under one of the target groups. Rory: The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission provides solutions to meet your business needs. For more information, please contact your local Workforce Oklahoma Center by calling 1-888-980-9675. Isabel: Or visit www.oesc.ok.gov. Thank you for watching.


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