Employer Success Stories – Zain

Employer Success Stories – Zain

My Name is Rana Rawas, I work at Zain Jordan in the HR talent acquisition division. My role is to attract and hire the talented people for Zain. At Zain we enjoy a wonderful culture that encourages people to speak out share their ideas and come up with innovative ones. This is very important because the telecom industry nowadays is facing huge technological challenges where we have to keep up with different technology advancement such as B2B, Fiber, LTE, etc. So we at Zain realized that basic element to address all these challenges is the human talent that’s why we make it our objective to hire and attract the most talented people in the industry. Capturing and hiring talents is not an easy job, yet Bayt.com is one of the best Jobsites in the Middle East and they have one of the best sources for talented individuals that makes our job easier. We depend a great deal on their database and that reflects on me and my team in addressing the company’s needs in the shortest time possible. My advice to applicants is to convey that they have the right skills and experience necessary to fulfill the job while assuring that they are prepared to commit, work hard, shine and be innovative in their roles. Also my advice to applicants is to keep searching for different positions announced by Zain through Bayt.com, and to update their profiles occasionally, this is very important because we always do searches on the qualifications and skills that are published on Bayt.com. Also, my advice to fresh candidates is to apply their resumes because we hire a lot of fresh graduates that are willing to shine at Zain and I promise them that they will have a bright career future at Zain.


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  • عــلي صالح المريسي says:

    مجال الشركه يدخل ضمن الطاقه الكهرو مغناطيسيه
    5- جذب × كهرباء = مغناطيس
    6- كهرباء × مغناطيس = كهرو مغناطيس
    7- مغناطيس × كهرو مغناطيس = مغناطيس كهرو مغناطيس ( موجات ضوئيه )(الطاقه الضوئيه الجديده )
    8- مغناطيس × كهرو مغناطيس = موجات
    9- كهرو مغناطيس ×موجات = ذبذبات
    10- موجات ×ذبذبات = ترددات استقبال وارسال وحمايه ؟

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