Employers Target Associate Degree Students

>>Penn College’s
recent career fair showcased the demand for future graduates. One hundred eighty-one
employers sought a wide variety of students, including
those in two-year majors.>>We’ve had good experience
with associate’s degrees in the drafting field. Even project managers and
onto the estimating side ->>Basically, from building
automation through mechanical to plastics and polymers ->>We’re looking for
associate degrees in heavy equipment operator, heavy equipment operator
technology, and welding ->>An associate’s
degree is great for us. We have a lot of
hands-on positions for building automation,
HVAC, network specialists, and on the security IT side. We found that with Penn
College you have a lot of hands-on experience in
the classroom and in the labs that is able to apply
directly to our positions.>>More
students need to consider the two-year
degree route. According to a recent
study released by the Georgetown
University Center on Education and the Workforce and
by Civic Enterprises, a public policy group, the United States ranks
second worldwide in its share of workers with a
bachelor degree but 16th in sub-baccalaureate
credentials. The number of people with
post-secondary certificates and associate degrees
hasn’t increased since the baby boom era. The result is a demand for
such middle class workers, especially in the
technical trades.>>These jobs are
certainly good jobs. Excellent wages, full benefits ->>They’re great positions that
allow you to get in the field, start working, working
with people that are more senior
in their career ->>These are very good jobs. These are salary jobs,
company vehicle, all expenses with unlimited growth potential.>>To encourage
future growth, many employers at the career fair offer
continuing education benefits for employees. Associate degree graduates who enter the workforce can
continue their education in one of nearly 40 Penn College
baccalaureate degree majors, including six that
are offered online. Welding major Jennifer Wheelis
might take advantage of that down the road, but for now, an associate degree
suits her just fine.>>Jennifer Wheelis:
If you can get out and get a great paying job like
first thing, I feel honored to be able to do such
things, and I want to, like, make my family proud. I want to be proud of myself. I want to have a better life. It’s just helping me go
in the right direction.>>For “PC
Today”, I’m Tom Speicher.


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