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So I don’t know about you but when I
have a day where I don’t get very much done I tend to feel like crap about
myself afterwards unless of course it was intentional like I’m on holiday or
just relaxing but when I mean to get things done I don’t I tend not to feel
that good but there’s a weird sort of math that goes on with getting things
done I don’t know if you’ve ever had days like this like us say a Sunday
where the whole day is empty and the only priority I’d said is like okay well
at least exercise today do something and it’s like that doesn’t even get done a
lot of Xbox maybe cuz played or some you know Netflix watch but nothing
productive happened with the whole day free and then there’s other days like
today where it’s not even noon here I have been to the gym I’ve written up a
whole bunch of videos I want to film and I’m filming videos and it’s not even
noon and then I’m gonna have meetings and then do some more filming and then
get all this email stuff done and how the heck does that happen
well my theory is that if you are wired a little bit like me if you happen to be
maybe an ENFP, INFP, or an adrenaline junkie or someone who needs stimulation that the
more you actually do the easier it will become see I don’t know if you’ve had
this where like you have a test the next day or a project at its deadline and
then suddenly you’re able to focus well this is coming from essentially not
really adrenaline but stress hormones which then cause like dopamine and
releases of these different chemicals in your brain which help you focus very
similar to like adderall would do and so what happens is when you are like two
weeks before your projects due yeah I don’t care it’ll it’ll get done and then
it’s like the night before and your brain feels the stress of failing
because brains don’t like to fail just like anything else and it releases all
these chemicals tied to the stress and you’re just like okay let’s get this
done and then you get it done right well I think that’s maybe what happened when
you get a lot busier as well so if you have sort of an empty day planned you
don’t have an need to like do things quickly there’s
this thing Tim Ferriss talked about in the 4-hour workweek
I think that’s Pareto’s principle or law or no Parkinson’s law which is where the
size of a task will swell up based on how much time you allocate to it right
so if you have a whole day to do something you’ll be like whoa this is
gonna be so hard and you’ll procrastinate it and all that or if you
give yourself 20 minutes to do all your emails for the day it’ll be really quick
you’ll just like get them done and you’ll prioritize and all that and
you’ll just focus on what’s important and so because of this like whether it’s
the extra stimulation or feeling more like excited or interesting or whatever
I’m finding more and more that the more stuff I’m doing the more stuff I get
done and the better I feel and the more efficient I am with my time so I might
challenge you that if you’re having trouble sort of focusing or getting much
done step back and look at like how close to your potential are you right
now with what you’re trying to do is it sort of like a really easy work schedule
you’re taking on are your projects a little limp a little easy maybe that’s
why you’re having trouble focusing on them if you were to load up a lot of new
projects a lot more to do that extra stimulation and excitement would allow
you to get a lot more done and be a lot more effective now I know it’s some of
my other videos I talk about focus and not having shiny object syndrome and not
trying to do too many things at watch right so how do these come together cuz
you probably Dan what the hell are you talk about you just told me not to do
too many things and now you’re telling me do everything and I get it okay I’m a
little emotional these days I say all kinds of crazy things know what it is is
don’t do things that really are like from totally different parts of your
life like contradictory things don’t try to start like a fitness gym and a like
frozen yogurt stand and have a paper route all the same time
that’s not gonna work very well right but within your business you try to do
like either more ambitious projects or take on sort of multiple projects at
once depending on how your own brain will work better be more ambitious yeah
that’s what you’re doing and what you’re trying to take on so make it more
challenging so you have more to do and all that maybe as you get more settled
in one business it is okay to add like a second business or a second part of your
business or expand things once something is really solidified and working
consistently right so it’s not that you can never do multiple things but if
you’re in sort of an early phase definitely don’t try to do multiple like
different projects and businesses at once but try to do more ambitious
projects try to work with more challenging clients try to set bigger
goals for yourself all this will require you to really step up and you know who
you are and how you’re performing and I think you’re gonna find that you end up
delivering a lot more and then of course you know feeling better about yourself
and more confident and getting better results and then getting money and then
you’ll fall in love and then you’ll buy a nice car and then you’ll be like I
don’t need this nice car I’m loved and happy and then you’ll sell that nice car
and then who knows what else could be happening in your life thanks for
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