(ENG SUB) produce x 101造假,后面有更大的权利游戏![青春有你]

Hi guys, I’m Motoshushu! Yeahhhh I invited Dongdong’s friend Junbum today Because he plays a very important role in today’s video Hi guys!!! No no no, you should louder! I just pumped life into this video! I am Junbum (ignored Motoshushu) Audition season is coming again Motoshushu was recognized for the first time because of talking about the audition program A few days ago, a large-scale audition program in South Korea was exposed to a big problem We have to mention CJ when we are talking about audition program As a national audition,was exposed to several problems include ‘’PD picks participants“, promoted specific company participants, voting manipulation, and so on Cheating What would you do if someone else cheated on your exam? Mad as hell! There was someone cheated during the beauty exam Really? This person did not qualify at all but rely on network to pass the exam Let’s start with the story of the development of the idol audition program in South Korea Fifteen years ago, TV stations had a bigger say than entertainment companies Even if entertainment companies have talented artists, they can’t be successful if they don’t appear on television However, 10 years ago, front-line entertainment companies like SM, JYP and YG had a lot of public influence When one of their top stars appears on a TV show, these entertainments would ask for adding a new artist to join the show as well They would refuse to send the artist to a major awards show if the artist performing at the finale was not from their own entertainment That was the power of the entertainment companies at the time The entertainment company is above, and the TV station is below Under such conditions, CJ had to come up with a solution That is, by making audition programs, to regain power So CJ had plans to make audition programs But will big companies participate? Of course no Because they can cultivate idols according to their own strategic plan, Being on CJ’s show is to help CJ, they don’t need to help CJ No company wanted to get involved in the very beginning The Produce program has grown in size Then the second line of entertainment companies began to take the initiative to participate in CJ programs Produce X 101 was revealed to have had a pre-arranged scandal with some entertainment companies The famous South Korean report programdescribed this case in detail I have watched Like a movie When all the doubts came together, I really got goosebumps From the voting results, each participant received a multiple of a certain number of votes It was cheating! All eyes naturally focus on PD Ahn Junyoung Ahn PD was previously recognized by the CJ However, Mnet sued him now At the time, public aimed to CJ But now CJ is pushing the program team out to take criticism So some people are criticizing CJ for making the program team a scapegoat This is not a confirmed message! The official result has to wait because the police are still investigating Surprisingly, CJ’salso has cheating doubts According to the regulations, the program must first pass the first round of approval, select 3,000 people, and then in a stadium for the next round, and then determine the final participants of the TV show But it was later discovered that some of the show’s participants did not attend the stadium interview This means that the program team has already decided on the participantsparticipants had to live at a kind of army facilities Girls will feel very uncomfortable in such an environment They were not free to go outside and had to turn in their mobile phones Is this a prison? Whether in the field of games or entertainment, youths (younger than 20 years old) are not allowed to work late at night But there are also late-night recordings on the show What abuse! We’ll have to wait for the results of the police investigation before we discuss it Some participants came forward to talk about the terrible situation. It is the truth SM, YG, and JYP haven’t sent their trainees to attend at the very beginning But JYP and YG started to send their trainees to these audition program recently In other words, Produce series has grown a lot CJ claimed they will startaudition now There is actually a saying in the entertainment industry Does CJ want to build a CJ Kingdom? In the film industry, CJ has its own film production company, distribution company, and theater It’s CJ CGV Industry-related professionals point out that CJ has the problem of dominating market share Same in the music industry now CJ owns entertainment companies, production companies, and the television station We even can see “WE ARE KPOP” slogan in Mnet Some related professionals think ”We worked so hard on KPOP and CJ just took all the credit?“ Many entertainment employees think negatively on CJ I don’t want to talk about it actually In this situation, I don’t know how CJ will conduct the next audition programwill start on November or December I will make a reaction video later on Who is your bias in BLACKPINK? Jennie How about Lisa? My second bias is Lisa Lisa become the mentor ofI was thinking Victoria would be the mentor actually Because she did a really great job in f(x) It surprised me Let’s talk about BLACKPINK They recently held 32 concerts in 23 cities on four continents successfully finished their first world tour They will have a concert tour in several Japan domes later Some fans are worried about how Lisa is going to get through so much of her schedule Now that we’re talking about the female audition, can you give us some tips on female hairstyles? When participants get different missions on the show, their hairstyle should change as well For example, If this time they’re going to do an intense performance When they do very powerful movements Usually, we straighten her hair Because the hair keeps moving If you use hair gel, your hair will curdle So no hair gel! you should use hair essence Keep your hair hydrated If it is a cute style performance, do curve hair (for example, Lovelyz) When you do a cute style curve hair, please curl your hair outward It would be ugly if you curl your hair inward Do you guys know it before? That’s why I invited Junbum If I have done with my hair, but the recording will start 4 hours after Can I sleep? That’s a disadvantage if you have short hair If I lean back like this, my hair will be flat after a while But if you are long hair, no worries When you want to lie down, just put all your hair up You can cover it like this when you get up To short hair friends You have to find your hairstylist ^^ What do you think of today’s video with Junbum? I can talk about idol hairstyle and hairstyle tips in the future And I want to learn about Chinese hairstyle We can’t tell which countries hairstyle is better because each country have their own style and technical skills I want to learn it and improve my skills He said a cool quote! If you like Jumbum, please subscribe to my channel This is my first time to say it~~~ Please subscribe Motoshushu~~~~~~ Bye bye~~~~


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