[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [단독/선공개] 7분 미리보기ㅣ’국프님, 프듀X를 전적으로 믿으셔야 합니다!’ 5/3 금요일 밤11시 첫/방/송 190503 EP.1

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [단독/선공개] 7분 미리보기ㅣ’국프님, 프듀X를 전적으로 믿으셔야 합니다!’ 5/3 금요일 밤11시 첫/방/송 190503 EP.1

The ‘X’ will finally be revealed! Mega Global Idol Project 101 boys from all around the world are gathered here today 101 boys and their journey towards the final debut! 101 boys with unlimited potential and talent Who will become the members of the next global Idol group? Individual trainees
– Oh!
– Finally! Individual trainees! A big reaction towards the individual trainees
– I was looking forward to this That was a bigger reaction than the big agencies Kim Jae Hwan sunbaenim was an individual trainee too I was looking forward to this Automatically standing up 7..8.. wow! The individual trainees keep coming in What? Wow there are so many of them That’s a lot Oh wait!! Lee Eugene trainee decided to become an Idol through PRODUCE X 101
– Wait what?! – He’s an actor The trainees are surprised to see him on the show
– Oh my god! He played ‘Su Han’ He was Jin Jin Hee’s son~ My friends imitate his character a lot Ma’am, you need to have faith in me Take in Ye Seo into your home… Yes, ma’amfrenzy? The best place in the pyramid is not the top, it’s the middle The middle is the best! – Did you just act out a scene?
– Yeah I’m Su Han there, and today I’m here as Eugene My only wish is… Being No.1, like everyone else In life, being in the middle is the best But sometimes you need to be on top of the pyramid I’m just running towards the top Doing my best, for the producers… That’s my only goal! Producers…. you need to have faith in me I think it’s gonna be a big company Which agency will it be? Oh Jellyfish! It’s Jellyfish! It’s here… The bungeoppang(fish-shaped bun)! Jellyfish’s logo is famous for looking like a bungeoppang
Great now I want some bungeoppang It looks like a bungeoppang It always looks tasty That moment!! The trainees from Jellyfish are walking in Wow oh my god No one reacted like this when we came in The other trainees are shocked by the Jellyfish trainees
– Hello everyone!
– Hello! He’s my pick Insane visuals Why do I keep looking at him, I think I’m falling in love I’m already hooked I’m in love He’s so handsome Were we that good-looking down there too? (Umm… nope) He looks like Prince charming on a white horse I hope he takes me on a ride There are so many good-looking people Visual explosion What about us? Us? Chubby cheek explosion I’ve never seen anyone as good-looking as him No Dong Yun, you’re handsome too Checking on their faces because of the handsome trainee
– I look like a beetle Let me see Right? How do my lips look? Do I look okay? Or should I put on something? Rub your lips together Like this – Should I put something on?
– Gimme Visual upgrade complete The Level Evaluation finally begins Next trainees, please come in BRANDNEW MUSIC? Wow it’s BRANDNEW MUSIC Wow BRANDNEW MUSIC, I’m curious The BRANDNEW MUSIC trainees enter the studio Wow I’m so excited Everyone seems excited They look confident I’m excited about this 4 trainees, just like season 2 What kind of performance did they prepare? – I heard that you prepared a self-written track?
– Yes Wow, they don’t disappoint BRANDNEW MUSIC always prepares self-written songs We’ll be looking forward to it What kind of performance will they show us?– BRANDNEW MUSIC (Kim Si Hun, Yun Jung Hwan, Lee Eun Sang, Hong Seong Jun) When our eyes locked
I knew I’ll never see anyone but you Is this a dream?
I pinch my cheeks Yeah Perfect
You are a piece of art Yeah When I first saw you I
Everything about you I still can’t get it out of my mind
– They’re good All day always
I’ll be by your side forever Because we were meant to be There’s only one thought in my head You fill up my heart
Too much that it suffocates me Wow he’s handsome This never happened before I don’t have time to wait I
I gotta have you
– Nice! Forever
Because we were meant to be BRANDNEW MUSIC never disappoints DSP media is up next
– Son Dong Pyo trainee…
– Yes? Is there anything else you can show us? What do you want to see? That confidence! I think this is the first time a trainee said that He’s playing with them I’ll give you a lucky number, Track 7 please Son Dong Pyo trainee shows off his talent Just look at him go So cute He’s adorable Cute He’s so good, so good He’s got so much talent How old is he? He’s 18! Look at the monitor Look at his expressions Son Dong Pyo trainee did his best to show off his talent
– He’s so cute~ Adorable! Dong Pyo was looking at me the whole time Dancing to that song, and making all those expressions Did his plan work? I was trying to seduce you We approve of his talent! First Episode on 5/3 (Fri) at 11 PM


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