[eng sub] who is song hyungjun? // PRODUCE X 101

[eng sub] who is song hyungjun? // PRODUCE X 101

[starship song hyungjun] [showing off his charms with a funny dance routine~] [handing it over to son dongpyo trainee] [song hyungjun & son dongpyo’s collaboration!] [the dance battle reaches its climax] [amazing synchronization!] [kim sihun what are you doing…] [what a cute shy bean blblblblbl] [nam donghyun trainee spots his first victim] hyungjun : i’m song hyungjun from starship entertainment donghyun : what kind of window breaks easily? hyungjun : win…dow… donghyun : no chocolate for you! – hello~
– hi~ hyeop : where are you going right now? hyungjun : 1 2 3! hyungjun : we’re on our way to film tiktok boyfriend gif ~
sejin : the tiktok boyfriend gif ~ hyeop : that was cute! hyeop : can you do it for the camera? hyungjun : i was gonna go to bed…but i thought of you so i called ~ hyeop : that’s so cute! yeah ~ [minkyu appeared out of nowhere]
hyeop : hey minkyu is here! hangyul : song hyungjun trainee!
hyungjun : yes hangyul : you look cute even from this angle hyungjun : ah really? hyungjun : can you show me? hangyul : sorry i can’t
hyungjun: i wanna see… hangyul : are you gonna change your hairstyle? hyungjun : i already changed it once hyungjun : stay tuned! hangyul : you didn’t change it yet
hyungjun : this is embarrasing! hangyul : are you embarrassed? [hehe go away] [pretending to go away] hyungjun : i’ll film you now hangyul : isn’t the camera heavy? hyungjun : yeah a little bit… hangyul : he’s not really that strong in real life hyungjun : but i’m manly when i dance on stage hangyul : hm?
hyungjun : i’m manly when i dance on stage! hangyul : … [for the first time they are performing live for the producers] midam : i hope we don’t make any mistakes midam : and show you 100% of our potential midam : we really want to get compliments! hyungjun : we have to debut, so don’t give up on us hyungjun : we’ll never give up! hyungjun : that’s why the lyrics say “don’t give up”, “don’t let go” hyungjun : in our songhyungjun : helloi’msonghyungjunfromstarshipentertainment hyunjo : hello i’m yun hyunjo from gost entertainment hyungjun : onceagainpleasewatchuswewillworkhard hyungjun : 1 2 3 thank you!


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