2 thoughts on “EPA’s Revised Worker Protection Standard”

  • EPA is attempting to regulate all activities engaged by humans.  There is a cost for these activities–waste of time for businesses and waste of tax dollars employing folks to implement programs.Demand EPA shut itself down and stop bankrupting the country.

  • OK Lets Say GMO safe So Want in Food Not Safe? All Are on List Type&Amounts ,Vitamins,Minerals,Sugar,Fats,on,on!Why Not List The SO CALLED SAFE GMO Too?Are They Trying To Hide Something? what about Freedom of Choice? If One Gets Cancer How Can One Rule OUT GMO NOT Listed By Type & Amounts ? Allergies how Does One Rule Out GMO If Not Listed? HOW DO YOU RUN TEST TO EXCLUDE GMO?& is it not better for the Land , Economy For Small Eco Friendly organic Family Farming To Flourish More So Than Big AG & Questionable GMO ,Now Global Warming Science Has 97% of All Science Behind It & Third Party Blind Peer Reviews Its Real Not Like One Side FDA GMO Science That Is Banned In Over 60 Countries All Over The World ! Vandana Shiva PhD Has A Lot Of Info On The Bad GMO Science . Just Saying More Flicks But Lets See Small American Sustainable Farms Please !

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