Episode 1 | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Episode 1 | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Nang, is Mikmik here? She’s not here yet. Don’t let her find out! She’s still in school. I’m still waiting for
the stuff I ordered. I’ll just ask them
to use the back door. Alright. I’ll be back before
Mikmik comes home. I’ll just get something. My goodness, Ella. Jenny. Come to our house
later, okay? Alright! I’ll just wait for
Lala. Mister Romy! Is the cake ready? Yes, it’s here. Take a look at it first before I seal it. Make a wish, dear. Happy birthday! I hope my wish comes true. I want to be a doctor. What if I find a way to fulfill that dream? Nay… It’s fine. I know we can’t afford it. That’s why it’s just a wish. It’s free, isn’t it? He’s already in college. Thank God. Very soon, Gabriel and I can
retire. And he will take over the
business. Are you sure your husband
is willing to retire? Look at him. We’re at a party, but he’s still
thinking about work. Well, I can’t stop him. He’s stubborn. Gabriel… Ma, just let Papa be. I can give you a lower rate
for the steel. You know,
for the construction of your new subdivision. I already have a deal
with someone else, David. I’m sorry. Gabriel, have you
introduced Eric to the Villalunas? Not now, Divina. We’re still discussing
something. It’s okay. I want to know your son. I’m David Villaluna. I’m Eric, sir. James. Eric. This is my son, Michael. I’m Michael. And his girlfriend, Katrina. You are a very lucky man. I am. Thank you. I’m the lucky one.
Michael is everything to me. And soon,
Michael will take over the Villaluna Steel. So you should get to know
each other well. Papa, isn’t James the one
interested in our business? Not me. Kuya, why don’t we
get some desserts? Maybe they still have
to discuss something. Yeah. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Excuse us. Excuse me.
Nice meeting you. Divina… You should just do the same. Let’s go, Ma. Tita Mildred’s there. I’m sure she’s looking for you. Excuse me. Just like what I said, I can give you a lower rate. I’m not worried about
the rates, David. I’m after the quality. Then I’ll give you
good quality. You have my word. Benjie, let go of me. There’s a lot of visitors
inside. Why do I have
to come with you in buying ice? Just come with me. I might get lost. Besides, you can rest
for a while. You’re right. He humiliated me
in front of our visitors. Ma, just let it go. Don’t stress yourself. Just enjoy the party. Let’s go inside. You go ahead. I’ll go inside later. I need some fresh air. Please stay here.
I’ll just call him. Thank you. What the hell are
you doing here?! I didn’t come here for you. Gabriel left you
a long time ago. Don’t tell me you’re
still hoping he would come back to you? I’m not like you, Divina. I don’t intend to ruin
any relationship. You have no right
to be here. I may not have the right, but my daughter has. Don’t you ever
forget who I am! Divina! Did you ask her to come here? We have something to discuss. – And you didn’t even bother–
– It’s about my daughter. Nay. After everything
he’s done to you, we’re now going to beg him
to support my education? We’re not begging for anything. We’re just fighting
for your right. I don’t want to stay with him. He has a new family. They’ll get mad at me. Dear, not everyone will
accept you all the time. But you have to learn
to fight for your dream. Because the day will come when you’ll have to fight
for your own happiness. She’s the illegitimate daughter. Maybe she’s as mean
as the boss lady. Stop it. She seems nice. Pay respect to your Mama. Have you checked
your grades, Ella? – I’m about to.
– Good luck! Thanks! I got an A! How about you? – Have you seen yours?
– Not yet. I got an A! You can’t even pass college! – Stop it, Gabriel!
– You’re nothing like Ella. It doesn’t matter
if I pass or not. Papa will never accept me
no matter what I do because I’m adopted. Unlike you. At least you can call him Papa. I’m not even allowed to. Because I’m an
illegitimate child. You provided us
with crappy steel! I’ll sue you, you bastard! Stop it! Your company is
very careless! That’s why this
accident happened! It’s not because
of my materials! – I’ll see you in court!
– Pa, that’s enough! You’ll pay for this! – Papa!
– That’s enough! – I’ll make you pay!
– Don’t stop me! There are people inside! You murderers! – You killed my husband!
– Please stop! – You killed our relatives!
– Please calm down! What’s happening? – Don’t worry about it.
– Is the security not yet here?! Didn’t I ask you to call them?! Answer me! They’re on their way. James, call them again. Call the captain. Tell him to put
these people behind bars. Pa, why– Why don’t you just
give them compensation? They’ll stop if you do that. Why would I pay them?! It’s like I’m admitting guilt! Is that what you want?! Isn’t it really our fault? Michael… I think this isn’t the right
time to talk about that. Gabriel is just trying
to ruin my reputation so he won’t get blamed
for what happened. That’s enough, Michael. No. There’s a reason why
these people are doing this. What did you just say?! I said they have a reason
for doing this! I read the results of
the investigation! Our steel had problems
so we should pay them! We’ll have to use the company’s
money to pay them all! The name Villaluna
will be ruined! We won’t recover from that! We’ll be bankrupt! We’ll be forced to close
down the company! That’s it? Is that it, Pa?!
Then, so be it! – David!
– Pa! David, please don’t. I offered this company
my blood and sweat. I won’t let that go to waste because of an accident! David, don’t hurt my son. Tito, Michael didn’t mean
to say that. Stay out of this! Kuya, Mama needs help. Ma? – Sit down.
– Get some water. Sorry. It’s alright. After the tragedy that happened,
we’ll rise up. We won’t forget the people
we have lost. We’ll fight for them. Those who caused this will pay. The ones behind this
will be imprisoned. Gabriel! Papa! Gabriel! Help! Ella… Tatay… You have to attend
the company party. The stock holders are there. It’d be great if they get
to know you now so you could gain their trust. Katrina, I don’t want to be a
part of a heartless company. But, Babe… This is for our future. Do you think I’ll
put that first over Mama’s condition, our company’s situation, Gabriel Salvador’s assassination and the way Tatay
treats my brother? Should I really worry
about that now? But your father is a good man. Then you see things
differently, Katrina. There you go again. Michael, is that really it? Or you just don’t have
plans for us? Katrina, please. What? Tell me, Michael. Why are you rushing me? Because I don’t want
to lose you. Katrina, we can’t get married just because we’re afraid
to lose each other. If we will get married, it’s because we’re sure
of our love and because we know
that whatever happens, we will still
love each other. So, you’re not sure
of your love for me? Michael, it’s either
you love me or not. And if you don’t, then why are we
wasting time? If we won’t get married, then we’re just
fooling around here. We have different
priorities now. Are you breaking up with me? I’m sorry. Michael. Let’s talk. We had a fight. I got carried away. I’m sorry. Katrina… Please stop. Michael, I love you. What went wrong between us? You loved me before,
didn’t you? What happened? Tell me. I know what you want from me. And it’s not my love. Michael… If you don’t want me, I’ll find someone else who will. Eric! Eric! Watch it! You murderers! Eric?! James! James! Help me, please. Let’s go. Move aside! This way! Get them! Stop it! Let’s get out of here. I won’t leave Eric. – Come with me!
– Eric! – He’s still inside!
– We have to go! The police are here. Eric! Let’s go. No, wait! Eric… Stay still. – I have to find Eric.
– Don’t move. Do you want to get arrested? Don’t worry about him.
He can handle himself. He even started all this. But he’s not like that. Our father just died– I mean his dad. I’m Michael Villaluna. Please accept my condolences. It’s okay to cry. He’s your father after all. Now that my husband is gone, everything will come
at a price. If you want to study,
you have to work for it. Eric, our classes ended early
so I can go home with you. Sorry, I can’t drive you
home today. I have plans with Katrina. Hi. Ella. Why are you here? Eric will get mad
if he sees you. You’re not answering my calls. Why were you calling me? I just wanted to check on you. That’s not necessary.
I’m not sick. Am I not allowed to miss you? History. Do you know Katrina? Ella, I don’t want to hide
anything from you. I had a relationship
with Katrina. We reached a point wherein
she wanted to marry me. But I couldn’t see myself
happy with her. We tried. But it didn’t work out. So we decided to give
each other space until we finally separated. But all of that happened
before I met you. That’s all in the past now. We’re over. I’ve never seen Eric this happy. Is he the only one who has
the right to be happy? What about you? What about me? Us? How can we be happy when both our families are
in a difficult situation? Do they really treat you
like family? Divina Salvador might not
treat me like family, but Eric… We treat each other
like siblings. I don’t want to ruin
our relationship. We don’t have to ruin anything. We can fix the conflict
between our families if we fight for our love. Love? She’s beautiful and kind,
but she’s a little dim-witted. – What was that?
– What? – I heard you.
– Seriously? Do you really not get it? I don’t. You don’t know
that I love you? Well, now you know. Katrina, what’s wrong? Eric. I don’t want you to think
I’m an easy girl. I don’t think you’re like that. I don’t fool around.
I don’t do flings. I have dreams and I don’t know
if you can help me reach them. You know that I love you, right? Until when? Forever. If you’d love me too. I love you. Ma’am Katrina wants you to
clean the nursery room too. Come on. I hate that we have
to meet in secret. You know the situation
of our families, right? Let’s go. Oh, flowers? You shouldn’t have bothered. You’re silly.
These aren’t for you. Then who are those for? You mentioned that
your mom liked flowers, so instead of just letting
them wilt at home, I brought some for her. You know, Michael,
even though your mom’s gone, I feel like I know her. I see her in the way you act, how you take care
of your brother, how you try to make up
for your dad’s mistakes. Thank you. You don’t believe me? No, I believe you. You may not believe
what I’m saying, …but that’s what
my heart tells me. I know in my heart that
you’re a good person and… If Mama were still alive, I’m sure she’d like you. Happy birthday. What did you wish for? I wished that we
could sort out the problems between
our families soon. So we wouldn’t have to keep
this a secret anymore. They aren’t your family. Because I’m an
illegitimate child. No. Because you’ll have
your own family soon. – You’re resisting, huh?
– I haven’t said yes. – No, it’s too late.
– I haven’t said yes yet. – Look, it won’t fit.
– I don’t think so. There you go! – It hurts.
– Really? I’m sorry. Does it still hurt? No. How dare you! You’re in a relationship with
the son of your father’s killer! – You’re shameless!
– Ma, that’s enough! Ella didn’t do anything wrong! She’s in a relationship with
the son of your father’s killer! Michael has nothing to do
with his father’s crime! He’s still a Villaluna! After everything
I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me?! Ma’am, please stop. I worked hard for
every cent you gave me! I served you for years! You don’t own my heart. I can love whoever I want! Then get out of this house! – Get out!
– Ma! – Reyna!
– Get out of here at once! Kick her out of this house! The nerve of that woman!
Kick her out! Ella… Did you tell Mama? Go inside. When will you learn to fight
for what’s right, Eric? What do you want me to do? Side with you? They’re my family, Ella. What about me? What am I to you? I won’t forgive Eric
for what they did to you. It’s no use holding on to anger. All that matters is you’re here. We’re together. I’ll fight for your
happiness every day. Always remember that. I understand you and Michael are caught in the middle
of my feud with Divina, which is why I want
to settle things with your help. You will take down
the Salvador clan. I don’t want revenge. If you want a place
in this family, you’ll help me. If I have to prove
my place in this family, then no, thank you. Ella? Dad, what happened?
What did you say to her? Dad, please, I’ve done
everything you asked. Please keep us
out of this mess. You’re right in the middle
of it, especially Ella. You. I need Ella. Bring her back. Make yourself useful. Ella! Ella! No one will accept us. I’m not giving up. Michael. What are you doing here? What are you doing here? I just want to talk to you. Ella, you need
to know the truth. I know you’re avoiding me, and I don’t blame you. – I should’ve fought for you.
– Well, you didn’t. – Michael, stop it. Eric!
– Stay out of this. – You’re one to judge.
– Eric, stop it! You don’t speak up against
your family’s crimes. You act all tough, but when it comes to your
family, you’re a coward! Eric, Michael, stop it! That’s enough! Eric, no! Kuya! Get away from my brother! James! Enough! – Eric, please stop!
– James, go inside. Eric! Stop it! Get away from my brother! – Stop it!
– Get away from him! That’s enough! Eric, stop! James. I said let go of him! James, no! Put the gun down! Kuya! James! Eric, stop! Eric! Eric! Michael, what did you do?! Eric! Our love only made things worse. I want peace for my daughter.
I’ll take her far away. Surprise! I’ll fight for your
happiness every day.


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