ERP Production Management – Plan It, Track It, Manage It with Plex

ERP Production Management – Plan It, Track It, Manage It with Plex

Plex production management operationalizes
your processes for increased productivity with an intuitive Control Panel that connects
you to your equipment through shop floor integration. Plex Production Management, can control production
by enforcing standard processes. The intuitive control panel is a common, unified
production hub that monitors and controls inventory, quality, and production in real
time. And Shop floor integration tools help connect
to, and collect data coming from, your automation equipment. Plex production management connects your business
with your entire plant floor even wirelessly! Let’s start with an overhead view of a production
facility. Anywhere you see a magnifying glass you can
see a pre-defined list of options. If you use this screen a lot, you may want
to add it as a favorite using the familiar star icon. This is a real-time, configurable view of
the status of the entire production floor. Easy to see, color-coded graphics show the
status of production, quality, tooling, and maintenance alerts. And all this rich visual information is available
anywhere, anytime on your Internet-connected smartphone or tablet. With direct connectivity to shop floor PLCs
you capture machine data in real-time or at the manufacturing moment – to eliminate errors
and increase traceability. Notice that Welder 1 has just changed from
Green to Red. With a simple click, you can drill down into
the details to see what the problem is. Let’s take a closer look. By clicking on the work center we access the
control panel where we see that a robot fault has caused the job to stop. This is the control panel that acts as the
production hub for Plex where operators focus their efforts. At the control panel, data is delivered to,
and collected by the shop floor operator. It is highly configurable, touch-screen enabled,
and easy to use by anyone. And of course, the control panel is available
in multiple languages. All operators receive real-time critical data
such as up-to-the-minute productions schedules, work instructions, tooling & maintenance information,
all paperlessly. Another key element is that data is collected
and available instantly. The business has complete visibility into
labor and other costing information which comes directly from the machines via PLCs. For example, the machine stoppage show in
the control panel, is now visible to the whole business and maintenance has been alerted. The control panel provides a single source
of truth captured at the manufacturing moment to enable quicker responses, deliver confidence
in the data, and enable faster decision-making. Let’s see how it works. An operator logs in by scanning a badge, key
fob, or by typing their badge number. The work center can now record who’s doing
the work for traceability and labor hour recording. In this case, the maintenance technician logs
in to clear the robot fault. Once back in production, the operators can
go back to work. Just like any other web application, you can
use the browser controls to go back. Here you can see that the status of the Welder
has been changed back to green. With the Plex Control Panel, you can eliminate
paper-based processes and you won’t have to sign into multiple systems. The Control Panel is a single, unified mission
control that presents, collects and stores data in real time.Notice that all related
production information is on the screen. Here, the Job field gives the operator everything
they need to execute the scheduled job. Each box controls a separate aspect of production
such as documentation, inspection or quality. It records production, scrap, scheduling,
and maintenance… all in real time. There’s even an area for the front office
to send communications directly out to all of the work centers. And of course, it is completely customizable. Here the operator can check on the status
and life of any required tooling for their job. Plex operationalizes quality with a completely
integrated, data-driven system that records and monitors inspections using checksheets. But the most important purpose of the Control
Panel is to produce something. Getting started is a simple matter of entering
inventory. Notice that the panel shows red because no
inventory is loaded yet, but as we load inventory, it turns green to show that it is available
for production. Inventory can be loaded by simply scanning
the container with a bar code scanner. Once the welder has completed its cycle for
the required number of units, production is recorded. Instantly, the Plex database has accounted
for the consumed inventory. Plex controls operational behavior with an
intuitive control panel that connects your operator to your shop floor to reduce errors
and streamline production. To learn more or see a more detailed demonstration,
please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or visit


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