Hello and thank you for joining me today
for this on-demand training class I’m calling this video the female
entrepreneur online business toolkit because in this video I’m going to share
my best recommendations for all the tools hardware software and web
applications that I recommend for those who are interested in starting an online
business I get many many questions for members of my community online about the
tools I use for various aspects of my business and what I recommend for those
who want to build an online business or bring a physical business online to
market and promote so I’ve put all this information together to create this
comprehensive video that will touch on many different aspects of business and
different types of businesses as well I recommend taking the time to watch
this full video because although I will break things down into categories to
make it easier to follow along especially if you are someone new to
online business you might be surprised to learn about all the different tools I
use and recommend as I like to say you don’t know what you don’t know so keep
an open mind because you might learn things you didn’t expect also I’ve
intentionally designed this class to answer all of the questions I get asked
about software and hardware that I use for different aspects of my business and
it’s not uncommon for me to receive questions about things that have been
answered so again I’d recommend watching the entire video finally don’t forget to
sign up for the free download I’ve put together a PDF resource guide
and checklist that you can use and refer back to as you are getting things
started with your business because you absolutely won’t need to have all of
those tools on day one but it’s great to have a reference of what you might need
as you proceed building your brand and business online again it is free of
course and it will be the first link in the description box below so feel free
to pause this video for a moment use that link and get your checklist and
while you’re watching the download will be emailed directly to you as well now
to ensure you know what you are getting from this time with me today let’s
outline what tools we will cover I’ve organized the almost three dozen tools
discuss today into five categories number one is hardware which covers
computers data storage photo and video equipment and office accessories
software covers word processing photo and video editing and business
applications web applications which will cover website building hosting plugins
and email marketing business planning and collaboration covers project
management tools video conferencing and team management as well and finally
business information and strategy will cover branding platform development
content creation advertising and marketing and business and income
building now I’m sure many of you watching will be members of my community
but in case you are a new viewer I’ll quickly introduce myself
hello I’m Alexis but I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across the internet
I’m an online entrepreneur who designs and sells productivity tools strategies
and skills to help you manifest success with less stress in 2014 I left my
secure career at a fortune 50 to run my own online business full-time and
replaced my income in six months since then it has been my mission to help
other women take back control of their time and manifest the life they want to
live for many of the women I serve in my community entrepreneurship and online
business play a significant role in giving them time and location freedom to
pursue more important and meaningful aspects of their lives like motherhood
family travel spirituality and community service if you are new I would love to
see you again so please take a moment to subscribe to my channel and to follow me
on instagram at miss trenchcoat today’s video is going to be filled with tools
that I personally use love and recommend as an online business owner now I don’t
expect that each of you will need everything I show and of course there
are different options for different products at alternate price points but
these are the essentials I think you should consider please keep in mind I
don’t recommend tools lightly I have significant reasons why I
recommend each product however I always encourage people to do their own
research when it comes to purchasing decisions now I’m so glad I have the
chance to share this information with you because although I am personally a
techie kind of gal and I love researching new tools and technology I
know this topic can be intimidating for others many people get stressed out
because they believe they need the right tools to get started building a
successful business and well that is true to some extent the first point I
want to make is that you don’t need to have everything in terms of tools or
software to get started even if you don’t have the best tools or exactly
what I use or recommend that does not mean you can’t start a wildly successful
business you absolutely can keep this in mind because we’re going to come back to
this towards the end of the video but I have always used the principle of
iterations within my business meaning that instead of focusing on getting
things perfect right out of the gate I focus on doing my best with what I have
and then gradually building and refining as I make progress when you evaluate
every successful business around today you can literally see how the concept of
iterations has played out as well so remember perfection does not exist so
focus on progress not perfection so now on to the hardware tools so I currently
use and recommend a 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar I currently am using a
2018 model now I love this because it is a powerful and portable laptop that is
incredibly easy to use especially for those who aren’t tech savvy I also find
that through my 10 years of experience using a Mac’s
that they tend to have a longer life span than a PC computer so that is why I
definitely love to recommend them to other entrepreneurs because they are
just so easy to use and they really are a great investment even though you’re
going to be paying a little bit more than the standard pc for a mac book you
are going to have a great tool that is going to have an
power and functionality to last you a much longer period of time I also love
max because they’re bundled with valuable software that comes standard
and is very useful for online businesses so for all of those reasons and so much
more the 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar from 2018 is what I use and
personally recommend now I also recommend a Western Digital portable
external hard drive of at least one terabyte of data so this is an external
portable hard drives now you never want to rely on your computer hard drive
alone to store data for your business it’s essential to backup when using
memory intensive software programs it’s a best practice to work off of an
external hard drive just in case the program has an error and crashes the
computer then you have little to no risk of losing your internal computer system
and hard drive because you’ve been working off of the external hard drive
so really having an external hard drive protects the investment of your computer
and your business overall because you have very important business information
that you absolutely want to make sure it is stored and backed up properly next is
a digital camera and this is the camera I use the Canon a DD DSLR so this is an
ideal camera for business and social media use it can be used for photography
and videography so you can create stunning visual assets for your brand
I also recommend with this camera the 24 millimeter F 2.8 lens for video that’s
the lens that I use for video and the 50 millimeter F 1 point 8 lens before
photography that is the lens that I tend to use for my still photographs I also
use and recommend the SanDisk SD cards and there’s lots of brands out there but
I really use and recommend those SanDisk SD cards that are either the extreme or
the ultra they are a very great reliable model of SD card
and I also personally use a Manfrotto tripod that is the brand Manfrotto
they’re very durable professional level tripods easy to use for a beginner
business owner but also great for as your business expands and you want to
have something durable that can last now i also recommend the blue Yeti USB
microphone so this is perfect for podcasting and other audio recordings
that you might need to make as a business owner
it has a great plug-and-play design which is again very easy to use and it
produces very high-quality professional grade audio now in terms of an office
printer I use an HP Officejet Pro all-in-one wireless printer this is an
essential home office business tool for anyone who is running their own business
and just needs that sort of basic office printer all-in-one the machine so
depending on your business you might also require a more specific style of
printer but as a default a printer scanner combo is a great tool to have
and very useful for businesses also I love and recommend the HP Officejet line
up because they have very affordable ink cartridges that last a very long time I
think I only replace my ink about every year or even a little bit longer than
that so it is very affordable and very long lasting also I just want to note
that I haven’t actually listed out a specific model of the Officejet I use a
older model that is several years old and unavailable at this point but I
would just say do your research and look at the models of Officejet that fit your
needs and maybe size requirements and pricing because they always sell
numerous different models of the Officejet so just pick which works for
you in my experience they are all very reliable ok so now let’s talk about a
smart phone I use an Apple iPhone and this is something I’m recommending
because social media is an essential component to online marketing and so
owning an iPhone or other smartphone device is crucial to access those
platforms now I personally use an iPhone 8 plus
which isn’t the latest and greatest model and I honestly don’t believe you
always need to have the latest and greatest I don’t think it’s always
necessary because most content creation is actually done outside of my phone and
then my phone is used simply for posting to and checking on social accounts so
that great Canon a DD DSLR camera is what I would use to a film a video or
take a picture that I would then transfer to my phone to then upload to
Instagram but I’m not really using my phone so much for content creation as I
am for just being able to access different social media platforms which
is going to be crucial as an online business owner next let’s talk about
software tools so first category of software tools are documents so business
documents day to day in and outs of a business I would definitely recommend
from among a number of different very good Suites of word processing software
so you may be familiar with Microsoft Office Apple I work OpenOffice or Google
Docs these are all applications for word processing spreadsheets and slide
creation so Microsoft Office has Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint
Apple I work which is personally what I use is again bundled in my macbook pro
has Pages Numbers and Keynote and then OpenOffice is a free download that you
can get online of a kind of like a lesser version of Microsoft Office but
very similar and of course Google also has a suite of documents that also do
word processing spreadsheets and slide creation so use whatever you have
available to you they are all about the same so anything that you have access to
whatever works for your computer is right for you then I also highly
recommend for PDF documents to have Adobe Reader again this is something
that is a free download off of Adobe’s website so if you are using PDFs or need
to open them for business purposes if someone sends you a contract or a PDF or
something like that you have the ability to actually
interact with that PDF and use it do what you need to do with it
sign it etc using Adobe Reader now another software tool that I absolutely
love have been using for years and also highly recommend is an application
called Scrivener so this is an application for organizing writing of
all types now as a business owner you will be writing everything from content
descriptions sales pages marketing emails etc and so you’ll need to keep
track of all of these ideas and everything that you write which is why
I’ve been using Scrivener to house all of my writings before they actually get
formatted or published so I write everything in Scrivener it is great
before organizing different types of writing so I can keep all of my blog
posts together all of my YouTube scripts together all of my emails together and I
can even create folders and subfolders to really get things organized and
drilled down exactly where they need to be organized so I highly recommend
Scrivener for that purpose I know we just talked about a few different word
processors like Microsoft Word and apples pages but really when it comes to
the amount of writing and how highly organized your writing really needs to
be as a business owner I would recommend a software tool like Scrivener now it
also includes tools that help you easily create ebooks and other common documents
which may be helpful for some businesses as well so if you are someone who is
going to be writing a lot perhaps you’re going to be creating workbooks or
manuals or actual books it is a great idea to have a tool like Scrivener as
well for those purposes next comes Adobe Creative Cloud so this
is the industry standard for professional multimedia editing and
design so as you can see kind of here in the image there are actually a whole
bunch of applications that come bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud but not every
application is useful for all businesses but I would say that the three most
popular are Photoshop which is for photo editing and marketing graphics that is
the application I use to edit my photos create graphics
etc InDesign which is for professional printed documents so in my business I
create a lot of printables and I create a lot of inserts for planners and such
so I use InDesign that is the professional program that I use before
any documents that you intend to be printed and need to be printed at a
professional quality and finally is Adobe Illustrator this is a graphic
design tool that is great for illustration so again this is something
that I use and I highly recommend again not every application is going to be
useful for all businesses but I would say that in terms of the people that I
know and interact with those are probably the three most popular there
are others but then we’re getting into very specialized types of businesses
more or less so these are the three I think you should be aware of next I use
Final Cut Pro 10 for my professional video editing for my YouTube videos and
other videos so this is one of the most popular and powerful video editing
applications that’s used from anywhere from novices to professionals and I
would like to mention that this actually is a program that is only available for
Apple computers so again another reason why making the investment into a Mac is
probably a great idea on a business perspective
now again Final Cut Pro is one of those applications that’s not necessary for
every business owner but if you’re using video marketing I would say that it’s
worth it for me definitely as someone who is on YouTube absolutely using Final
Cut Pro gives me the ability to professionally edit my videos and make
them just look so polished and clean now I also want to recommend pixel film
studios for those of you who might be interested in using Final Cut because
they create very useful themes and video elements to help you create professional
videos without getting too technical on video editing one of the great things
about Final Cut Pro is that it is powerful enough to give you the ability
to create some amazing things and in videos however for many of us that
takes a lot of time and skill and specialization that I don’t think the
normal business owner is willing to put into their business especially if
they’re not like a video focused business
so essentially pixel film studios kind of fills the gap there and actually has
things that you can purchase that our elements that work with Final Cut that
help you to create stunning visuals and stunning video effects that you would
see in professional videography next let’s talk about website tools so when
it comes to website tools I’m talking about tools for creating your own self
hosted website so the first step to building a self hosted website is to
choose a host and to purchase a domain name or URL there are many popular web
host platforms some that also include website builders like Squarespace and
Wix but I use to host my website you can purchase a
domain from Bluehost or you can transfer an existing domain name to them I
usually purchase my domains from GoDaddy com but it doesn’t really matter where
you buy them from wherever you have your URL currently you can transfer it to
Bluehost and purchase a web hosting package and start building your website
from there now in terms of the website builder that I use I use and recommend this is the industry standard for a professional website
building I personally use keep in mind here and not and I highly recommend it I’ve been using it for years ever since
I went self-hosted now you don’t need to know how to code a website from scratch
to use WordPress I use and recommend themes from a company called blue sheet
com that makes it easy to customize a beautiful website and also
has an amazing collection of free or affordable plugins to help you get all
the functionality you need for your site so you don’t need to be a professional
web builder or web developer in order to create your own beautiful and functional
website that’s self hosted you can absolutely do it using the WordPress
tools and all of the different plugins and a beautifully designed theme that is
easy to customize from blue sheet the way that I do next in terms of your
website you may be like me and be someone who’s interested in also adding
a shop to their website so I use the WooCommerce plug-in in order to do that
if you’re interested in creating your own e-commerce shop through your website
I recommend and use the free plugin called WooCommerce this plugin is one of
the many reasons I choose to use as opposed to other
out-of-the-box web builders because WooCommerce is actually free to use
other e-commerce platforms like Etsy Shopify Squarespace etc all cost money
to use or take a percentage of your revenue from sales for using their
e-commerce plugins so I highly recommend WooCommerce for a free plug-in to
essentially turn your website into a shop and that’s what I use and have been
using for years for my business next let’s talk about MailChimp so MailChimp
is a web-based email marketing a platform it integrates very well with a
variety of website platforms and other tools including WordPress of course it
includes many valuable features that some other email platforms do not and it
is very beginner friendly so if you’re not familiar with email marketing or
perhaps you’re not at that stage in your business yet email marketing is a very
important part of online business and I know that there are very many different
platforms out there that you can use to host your emails but I use MailChimp
again because it is very in twel integrated with other platforms and it
also has so many features but it’s still very easy to use in fact there are some
features that I have in MailChimp that I know some other business friends of mine
who use other web platforms they actually pay for additional services
that are even more costly to get some of the functionality that MailChimp has
built in so I definitely recommend and I love using
MailChimp for my email marketing it is absolutely a great value and very easy
to use and the final web tool I want to talk about is PayPal so PayPal is the
secure method of payment processing and invoicing that I use I never see a
customers personal payment information when they check out on my shop and they
never have to enter that information directly on my site which is wonderful
it gives me a whole level of security for them and for my own business that
makes the transaction a very smooth process for me and my customers so
PayPal again integrates very seamlessly into my website with the WooCommerce
plug-in that is also free so again PayPal is free to use with WooCommerce
on a e-commerce website now the great thing about PayPal is that users do not
require an account for PayPal I’m sure many people do have PayPal accounts but
they don’t require them in order to checkout from my shop they can enter
information from a credit or debit card without signing up for an account which
is wonderful now with PayPal there is a small
processing fee per sale but the name recognition that PayPal brings plus the
security that it brings and all different sorts of functionality for me
as a business owner as well as my customers is really great and when it
comes down to it you do have to pay for most payment processing methods anyway
so this is why I choose PayPal and I highly recommend it it just seamlessly
integrates into my website so that I can have an e-commerce shop and securely
accept payments from my customers now let’s talk about planning and
collaboration tools the first tools that I want to talk about are for project
management so business projects that you’ll be working on as a business owner
first of all asana is an excellent digital project manager for businesses
and teams that is free to get started with I’ve used asana in the past
specifically when I was part of someone else’s team and was doing work
another person’s team but it is a great management tool for projects and for
teams as well so I definitely recommend that if there’s someone interested in a
digital planning tool and if you’re a solopreneur who prefers paper planning
to digital my master planner or master project planner was designed with
entrepreneurs in mind so as part of my business I do sell a master planner that
has a calendar and project management and brainstorming tools all inside I’ve
recently released a master project planner that is just focused on the
project planning and brainstorming and brain dumping tools in the master
planner so there are a few different options for you as well if you’re
someone who is more interested in using paper planning but perhaps you have a
planner that you already love and use you can definitely integrate in the
master project planner to get that project management in as well next let’s
talk about slack so slack is a great free messaging and file sharing platform
for teams or entrepreneurs who occasionally work with contractors it
has both desktop and mobile applications so you can keep in touch on the go and
messages are archived and searchable so you can find information you need
quickly essentially slack is a private messaging
application that is really great it’s used in a lot of business settings as
well not just for entrepreneurs but a lot of formal business settings as well
we’ll use slack for their communication in their businesses between team members
and even if you’re someone who right now does not have a team if you’re someone
who does have any plans or might be working with a contractor slack is
another very popular way to just interact and have all of your messages
with your contractor kind of centralized in one place so if you’re hiring a
designer to work on some graphics for you or a video editor to work on your
video editing most likely they are familiar with slack and they are going
to be able to just really easily connect with you through that application next
let’s talk about video conferencing so zoom is an excellent and a reliable
video conferencing application that again is free
get started with so if you’re someone who needs to videoconference either with
team members other businesspeople or perhaps you’re someone who is going to
be involved with interviewing either as the interviewer or the interviewee zoom
is a very popular conferencing application that is used in the business
community online now again there are other services but zoom is free to get
started with which is great and I do believe that it’s slowly becoming a
little bit more of the standard now because it is so widespread but we also
can’t forget about YouTube YouTube is another excellent and reliable way to a
video conference privately with a small group or to host live webinars or
workshops for free so I personally use youtube very often to have either video
conversations with people that I might want to have recorded or to have a live
webinar or workshop for students or members of my community so yes YouTube
is a video sharing platform but it’s also integrated with Google Hangouts and
so Google gives you the ability through YouTube to have a video conference or a
workshop or webinar giving you the ability to share screens or have
multiple views etc which make YouTube a very powerful business platform as well
as a great social media and video sharing site and now the final planning
and collaboration tools I want to talk about revolve around file sharing
so Dropbox is a great system for file storage and sharing that I use with both
desktop and mobile applications again it’s free to get started but I do pay
for the upgraded functionality of an annual membership that gives me
additional storage capacity and some additional functionality as well you
could also use something like Google Drive which is another great free option
for sharing files calendars documents etc a lot of businesses use Google Drive
to collaborate by sharing documents or to share files with their community but
honestly either one of these are a great option for getting started with file
sharing and now for the final category information and strategy tools the most
important thing you can have in business is information and strategy it’s the one
single shortcut to business success greater than any tool it’s literally
tapping into the knowledge and experience of others without having to
put in the time and work to learn the lessons yourself most successful online
business owners haven’t reached their success alone they have studied research
and taking classes or courses to give them a leg up of course having this
knowledge doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful but it greatly increases your
odds think about traditional education having an MBA doesn’t guarantee you will
start a successful business or become the CEO of a fortune 500 company but
most of those CEOs and business owners do have the NBA the thing is an MBA
isn’t necessary for online entrepreneurship it could certainly help
but why buy the farm when you just need the milk so I have three quick questions
for you before we get to our final and perhaps most value packed information
these are questions to help you clarify if you will benefit from information and
strategy tools question number one have you enjoyed this video so far learned
something new or found the content valuable question number two are you new
to online business marketing and strategy or looking for information on
successfully marketing your business through social media and online
platforms and question number three do you want some shortcuts and business
strategy to help you make informed decisions for getting your business
started or growing through digital marketing if you said yes to all three
of those questions I have the perfect solution for you information and
strategy tools are the only true shortcut to business success you learn
about online business either through years of experience and trial and error
or by investing in information and strategy tools developed by those who
have years of experience and went through all that trial and error before
you the more you know about online business and the more strategies you
have in your toolbox the easier
is to navigate the online business world successfully the truth is all of the
tools I’ve showed you today are great but if you don’t know how to use them in
terms of business strategy you won’t get far and I do want to see you get far I
created this training today to equip you with knowledge and information that I
acquired over years of experience and trial and error on my own the truth is
the right tools help you reach goals and I want to help you reach your online
business goals there is nothing I would love more than to help you create the
online business success you desire I would love more people in my community
to live a life and run the business of their dreams my online business has
transformed my life giving me ultimate time and location freedom and I can
honestly say that I live a lifestyle that most people never will not because
of the amount of money my business makes but because of the freedom running my
own business gives me so think about it what would you do with time and location
freedom this is the freedom to live anywhere in the world and be able to
move or travel easily without significantly disrupting your life or
career freedom to take care of yourself your children your family your community
as much as you need without seeking the approval of an employer or worrying
about how you will make ends meet freedom to explore your personal
passions and do exactly what you love every day while earning a livable income
this is the type of freedom that transforms and enriches lives not just
your own but the lives of everyone who relies on you so are you ready to take
that next big step and invest in the tools that will truly transform your
life and business I invite you to join empire building an online business
course filled with the tools strategies and skills that built my successful
business online so what is empire building it is a self-paced online
business and marketing course delivered through six video modules with digital
workbooks and activities designed to give you all the information you need to
apply it my five pillar empire building model and strategies to your own
business what does the course module one is branding creating a
cohesive brand to attract your ideal audience and stand out from the crowd
here you’ll learn how to choose the right businessman learn how to use your
brand to set you apart from competitors and learn the essential branding
elements and how to choose and design those to attract the right audience for
your business module two is communication where you will choose
exactly which platforms to use and how to use each strategically you’ll learn
about all the most effective online communication platforms and how to use
them for business learn which platforms are right for your specific brand
business and skill set and learn the strategy for growing each platform and
increasing followers authentically module 3 is community which is about
creating a community around your brand that effectively turns fans into paying
customers so learn how to attract your ideal audience to your brand you’ll
learn how to strategically engage your audience to become fans of your work and
learn how to transform your fans into superfans who help you spread the word
about your brand and become paying customers for life in a module for
advertising you’ll learn to spread the word about
your brand and business through low or no-cost marketing that you can do
yourself here you’re gonna learn how to perform
market research to understand your ideal audience and what products or services
they want to purchase to find your brand and business messaging so that you are
communicating effectively about your business and products to the right
audience and you’ll learn how to use content marketing to grow your influence
and brand while effectively selling at the same time in module number five
income you’re going to develop products and/or services based on your business
goals and diversify your income streams to increase profits so you’re gonna
learn how to identify and develop the business model for your business learn
how to decide and diversify different income streams for your business and
learn how to develop effective plans and projects to grow your business
strategically over time finally in a module number six business
administration you’re going to learn the essential processes of
building organizing and running a legitimate and successful online
business so you will learn the tenants of proper business planning and to set
business goals you’ll learn how to manage business finances to clearly
understand your business income and expenses and learn how to create systems
for your business to help you save time and to properly manage your team so what
tools come with empire building empire building comes with six video modules
and six PDF workbooks that provide comprehensive but straightforward
information on developing your online business
you’ll receive 30 plus instructional worksheets that will walk you through
creating your individual business plan and assets and over a dozen extra
resources that cover a variety of topics like design website building and other
specific strategy and skills to help you build your business without having to
pay thousands of dollars to outsource work now empire building also comes with
some great bonus content as well and these are the bonuses you’re going to
receive when you join empire building today
so first are some workbooks and the first is creating click or the headline
so this is all about creating titles that are going to capture the attention
of your ideal audience to get you more viewers on your content and ultimately
to your brand and business the next workbook is pricing strategies which
basically teaches you the ins and outs of how to price products and services if
you’re someone who’s unsure where to be pricing your items for your brand and
business next is email list building it really teaches you the ins and outs of
email list building and getting started building your email list for those of
you who are at that stage in your brand or are interested in getting started
with email list building and finally you will receive the bonus workbook writing
your business plan although the entirety of empire building
is a complete activity in creating your business many people also find it
helpful to write a formal business plan so that is the fourth and final bonus
workbook that you’ll receive but of course that’s not all of the bonus
content you’ll receive there are also some bonus video master
classes the first is a blogging master class which covers all of the ins and
outs of getting started with blogging now again I’d like to mention that in
the second module of empire building which is all about communication we
talked about different communication methods and the strategies for each how
to use them get started and decide if they’re right for you and of course
blogging is included in that module as well but I’ve broken out a specific
master class a video master class where I present the ins and outs of blogging
and a lot more of the system’s that go into the process of blogging the second
bonus video master class is the new years business planning workshop which
as the name suggests is all about helping you set your business plans and
goals at the new year most people use new year’s time as the
you know restart new year for their business to follow along with tax years
and it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your business progress and goals and set
new goals and start planning for the year ahead
so that workshop is all about how to do that process the third bonus master
class is planning for a successful holiday promotion most of us know and
understand that queue for the holiday season October November December is one
of the most lucrative times for most businesses so no matter what business
you have what you sell or if you perhaps do not sell anything of your own
you can absolutely learn the strategies for making the best use of this time of
year that can be so lucrative for growth and sales for most brands and businesses
and then finally you will also get a bonus master class on styled stock
photography so this is a workshop that walks you through seven photographic
assets that you will need for your brand and business to help your brand stand
out online now I’d like to share with you who empire-building was created for
because I really did create Empire building for a very specific type of
person I created Empire building for an aspiring online business
who has a lot of questions about starting a business online
what type of business to start what platforms to use how ecommerce works and
so much more so if that sounds like you empire building has those answers I also
created empire building for an online business owner who isn’t sure how online
marketing works what you do to get followers what sorts of products or
services you should offer and how you actually get people to purchase them if
that sounds like you empire building has those answers and finally I created
empire building for an online business owner who doesn’t have a lot of money to
invest in custom websites business assets and marketing materials and just
wish they had the knowledge and skills to DIY these key elements for themselves
if that sounds like you empire building has those answers so you might be
wondering how is the content delivered empire building has a dedicated course
website with videos for each module downloadable PDF workbooks with
worksheets and activities and direct links to additional resources
it is completely on-demand available 24/7 so an internet-enabled device is
required but if you’re watching this training today I think you’ve got that
covered you get access for the life of the program you also have the ability to
download the workbooks and keep those forever so you always have this
information now for legal purposes I guarantee that you will get access to
the course and technical support from me for a minimum full year from the date of
purchase and again like I mentioned you will have the ability to download the
workbooks and keep those forever so you really do have the core content of the
course for the rest of your life now I’d like to talk about what you do not get
in the course I think this is really important to be very clear about what
you’re not going to get an empire building empire building is not a course
that will only teach you how to create a business similar to mine I realize I
have a very specific type of online business that doesn’t interest everyone
but that’s the beauty of online business you can really create a business
personalized to your skills and goals there are a variety of online business
types and each have distinct strategy and all of those are included from
product based businesses services coaches influencers writers artists and
so much more so no matter what type of business you’re interested in starting
empire-building has this tools strategies and skills that you’ll need
in order to bring that to fruition empire building does not teach you about
buying followers or likes to create a false image this is fraud I’m sure
you’ve come to understand that when it comes to online business not all that
glitters is gold there are a lot of people out there online who use
fraudulent or deceptive practices to build their brands and businesses I am
NOT one of them I do not ever advise or support strategy
that includes unethical practices get-rich-quick schemes or promises of
significant overnight growth not only are these practices wrong but they are
ineffective and highly risky to a brand or business and finally empire building
does not prompt you to pay for more additional resources and classes once
you’re in I know some online courses open their doors with very competitive
introductory pricing schemes and serve you some basic information and then once
you get started they immediately start upselling you to more valuable
information I don’t follow this model once you pay
for empire building you get all of the information tools and strategy upfront
and any additions to the course at no cost you saw earlier all those bonuses
you get with the course each of those were tools I made and added to the
course over time to provide additional value and strategy for my students no
one ever had to pay more to get them after their initial purchase so now what
is the investment for empire building and all this great information tools and
strategy well the retail price of the course is
497 but and this is a big but if you’re watching this video training and have
made it this far it clearly means you are in need of this information and
serious about getting the right tools for your business
I love to welcome a serious and highly
motivated entrepreneur like you into empire building and I believe your
initiative should be rewarded so I would like to offer you a special discount
price available for a limited time of over 50% off for subscribers only to
access the private sales page click the link for the free download and other
goodies and enter your name and email you’ll be redirected to a landing page
with this video training the PDF download and a button for empire
building if you signed up for the download earlier you may already be on
this page or should have an email from me in your inbox with the direct link
click that link or button to view the limited time discount price on the
course and from there you can add the course to your cart checkout using
PayPal you don’t need to have the PayPal account remember and then you’ll be
redirected back to my shop where you can download the welcome letter for empire
building that explains how you create your login and access for the course
website the course website is not the same as the shop so don’t forget to
download that PDF because it has all the directions you need for accessing the
course on demand you will also be emailed the download link in your
receipt invoice automatically from the shop so welcome to empire building
inside the course you will find a welcome tab where you can select getting
started to watch your welcome video that explains how the site works and my
recommendations for working through the course here you will also get a course
checklist resource guide and other goodies to make the most of the course
as an empire building student you’ll be able to contact me directly with
questions and I’ll be able to provide technical support for you with the
course and extra guidance as needed let’s get started building your business
together if you have any questions about this video please leave me a comment
below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if you have questions about
empire building I would love for you to email me directly so I can better serve
you my email will be down below and of course if you signed up for the sales
info you will have some emails for me that you can hit reply to to
reach out to me thank you so much for joining me today and I’ll see you in the
next video bye-bye



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