Evernote Business 2.0

Thousands of companies have already discovered how Evernote Business helps them work smarter and be more productive. Evernote Business 2.0 makes it easier than ever to centralize you company’s knowledge. Find information and experts across your company and share knowledge with your team. The new Business Home is the central place for your company’s knowledge and information. You can quickly access all your business notes, as well as those shared with you by your coworkers. If you find notebooks with content that’s important to you, you can add those to your Evernote account for easy access. You can also browse colleagues’ shared content in recent activity and join any of their notebooks that you are interested in. When you’re looking for information, searching in Evernote Business now finds notes and notebooks with relevant content from your account and from across your business. Evernote Business also suggests co-workers who may know more about the topic. If you have work-related content in one of your personal notebooks, you can add it to your business with a single click. If you create content you want everyone at your company to be able to access, you can easily share it company-wide. When you invite someone to a business notebook, it will automatically show-up in their Evernote account the next time they sync. If you want to get a team member up to speed quickly, you can now invite them to multiple notebooks at once. With programmatic user management administrators can use active directory or LDAP to invite and remove users from the business, making it easier to manage your account as your team grows. Evernote Business 2.0 streamlines sharing acknowledgement on your team searching for information and experts at your company and centralizing your company’s knowledge so your team can get more done.


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