Exercises for Hair Growth, Long and Voluminous Hair

Exercises for Hair Growth, Long and Voluminous Hair

Hi, welcome to Beauty Mantra. This is Jyotika
Anand a fitness expert from Mantan the Fitness Lounge. So today I will be teaching you two
quick exercises for your hair growth. In today’s stressful life the main problem which everybody
is facing is your hair. Again as I said in my previous videos you need to keep yourself
hydrated for any problem. So you need to start from inside out. So you need to drink lot
of water and you need to eat right. So let’s get started. So let me demonstrate few exercises
to you which can help you grow your hair. So the first exercise is rub your nails to
get your hair grow. Thats looks little funny to many people but it actually has helped
me in getting the volume in my hair and getting the growth back. So what needs to be done
is rub your nails against each other. You need to do it as much time as you can. In
the second exercise what you need to do is flip your hair forward. Rub massage your scalp
gently and you need to do it for exactly four minutes. Not more than four minutes not below
four minutes for one week and you would see a definite result. I have seen it for myself
and I would really request you to try it for one week and you will see the change. So let
me just show you how it needs to be done. Flip your hair forward. Rub your scalp gently.
You can do this exercise for any oil. You can use Castor oil, you can use almond oil
or you can do it dry also. I hope you liked the video. Do not forget to hit the like button
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