Exiled Chinese Billionaire Uses YouTube To Wage A War On Corruption (HBO)

[Music] hi Michael morning how are you thank you it’s a nice apartment is it okay if I look around yeah show me this isn’t exactly what you’d think exile looks like but there’s nothing run-of-the-mill about fugitive billionaire Gua when guei the real estate tycoon who goes by the English name miles has spent the last two years holed up 18 stories above New York’s Central Park drinking his coffee out of crystal glassware and live-streaming incendiary accusations against high-ranking Chinese officials sometimes while working out when did you buy this apartment ah 2015 yeah and you paid 68 million dollars oh no no it’s all the fake numbers I like it music Donald Trump has something to talk about faking news yeah this is the idea really good I have a sensitive I bother me it’s fake even the apothem of the press is a fake yeah I bear the apartment totally play ad to Muni there are a lot of disputed facts about dois everything from when he was born to where he was born what is known about his Gant’s be like existence as he became close to high-ranking Chinese officials in the 1990s it became super rich through real estate developments but by 2015 Gua fled to the United States just as a government ally he was linked to came under investigation for accepting bribes okay that’s a different view Wow oh so tiny is still the levity to that corner just hangin cleaner yeah favourtie night and that is a fever Avenue this is the source is your writing the cost function corner yeah Oh in New Yorker super Hotel shopping super rancid rum super RVs I’m the Central Park they did a very very bad job teaching you communism the Chinese government accuses Gua bribery fraud and money laundering when we’re sure you got big words easy neutral dirt on G though he’s you possibility opens up containing the fens a senior China has issued a warrant for his arrest but it doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US Gua turned around and used YouTube and Twitter to level the exact same corruption charges against top members of China’s Communist Party he accuses the government of being a mafia and says he’s fighting for China to stamp out corruption this American we Americans it’s big variable for some time Americans love these only think money is thinking Peter Hausen know your freedom you secured it it’s done bro important this is the 21 century we need a route oppelo rule of the law not ruled by mafia so one man in an 82 million dollar apartment with a YouTube stream can change China yeah definitely really they show you Gua live streams every day sometimes for hours exposing or threatening to reveal secret business deals and financial collusion [Music] okay no it’s your job now you’re a TV star now no hole I don’t like it how’d it go okay okay really good Bwana says it’s his live streams and tweets that toppled monkian Joo the former head of law enforcement and Wang Qishan China’s anti-corruption czar dois called them his top enemies neither were investigated or charged with anything but last month both retired from Chinese leadership not long ago you said fairly recently that China’s hacking power could have an effect in this country worse than 9/11 yes right yes these phone this one I want to show you just a year to date we stand back which one it is these one justice fun I take the phone go go on the my yard my yard lose control so you think they took over the controls of your yacht coach is the father through the phone I couldn’t sue the phone control my yard really yes geez I told you this is dangerous cause Twitter and Facebook accounts are also routinely blocked at a recent Senate hearing facebook lawyers insisted it was because Guam published other people’s personal information you did not come under pressure from the Chinese government or any of its representatives or people working for them to block his account or to block whatever it is you blocked we did receive a report from representatives of the Chinese government about the account we analyzed that report as we would any other several members of guan’s family have been arrested his brother and niece were sent to prison a few weeks ago for destroying accounting documents connected to the family’s fortune why do you think the government so afraid of you it was freed on June 4 this room you it was told what their quota de baño major current killed I’m good to go point out the Chinese tone I mean you know the Chinese government accuses you of doing things like you know playing dirty releasing people’s information and you know releasing sex tapes and things like this you accuse the government of doing the same thing to you do you regret any of them tactics that in any of the the way that you fought this this campaign by way of a same question same question yeah did she say stop doing it this way you’re being too hard yeah II think too tough yeah you regress you think if we have another situation may be better this is a very emotional president it because it’s what here now what high tech well over the wind he was hunched over went into Tricia WA was an aqua you may trigger when he threw you a personal question what a children I’m sure we’re sure Jeremy culture that you were stressing it doable okay what were you a chance to flourish on the Watterson was a Shang Gong si telephones Archie champion for me renewing the occasional heart was a painting news treatable failure what happened will she go through we are just service will see ecology the Eugene will chip at her for sure what I knew your journal fund corroborated Asia when you judge a person without you we can see mom walking in circles in my parents intimacy what since Octavian – well yacht you to another city gwah is appealing to the United States for asylum and has made friends with people connected to the Trump administration including Steve Bannon in the meantime his sanctuary is an apartment that real estate records show was purchased not for eighty two million dollars but for sixty seven point five you you


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