Farmers, workers fearful of Trump immigration crackdown

Farmers, workers fearful of Trump immigration crackdown

[music playing] VAN JONES: California
farmers call this place fly over country. It’s only a few hours
from San Francisco, but you will likely
never see it. You’re just going to
travel above it on your way to the coast. But, while you may never even
look down on these fields, make no mistake, you
probably eat what’s produced here every single day. Take a look in your
refrigerator, all right. Chances are the food you’re
putting on your table tonight– you’ve got vegetables,
you’ve got fruit, you’ve got nuts–
chances are, they came from right here in the
Central Valley in California. – Up you go. VAN JONES: Come here,
spend a little time, and this is what you see. Day in, day out,
undocumented immigrants working these fields. Farmers call them the
backbone of their business, the same farmers
who say that Donald Trump was the guy they wanted
to see in the White House. We’re here to find
out what Trump’s policies are going to do to
make farming better or worse. So how could farmers
like Paul Betancourt, who lives in a blue state, support
a man who was threatening to deport the very people
they rely on to keep their businesses running? Your entire business
requires immigrant labor. Donald Trump says,
get them out of here. PAUL BETANCOURT: Yeah. VAN JONES: And you
vote for Donald Trump. Why did you vote
for Donald Trump? PAUL BETANCOURT: You’re
going to make me– this is the first time I’ve
ever confessed publicly that I actually voted for him. I’ve dodged the question
for a few months. [laughter] The alternative
was unthinkable. Continued pressure from
the federal government was squeezing us out. Big issue here is water. We got no help from Washington
on water during the drought. And, you know, the regulatory
burden continues to increase. So the continuation of what
we had was unthinkable. VAN JONES: But Trump, if he
takes the regulations away, he’s also going to
take your workers away. How do you deal with that? PAUL BETANCOURT: Well, this is
where I’ve disagreed with him. You know, the idea
that we’re going to send 11 million people out
and then walk them back in, it’s not going to happen. So we need a solution for
the whole country where we can bring people
out of the shadows so we don’t have this problem. VAN JONES: Well now you
sound like a Democrat. You’re confusing me. PAUL BETANCOURT: This is messy. The farmers are not in lockstep. You know, you get
three farmers together, you get five different opinions. And so, you know,
I have no problem voting for the president
and disagreeing with him on trade and immigration
because I think he’s wrong on those issues. PAUL WENGER: Today– VAN JONES: Nut farmer
Paul Wenger also supports President Trump, but
he says if the workforce goes, so will the farms. PAUL WENGER: We like
to say your food that’s going to be on
your table tonight, it’s probably going to be
picked by immigrant hands. The real question
is, is it going to be picked by immigrant
hands here in the United States and, for us, in California
or in another country? VAN JONES: Does this
part of the state even exist without
these workers? HORACIO AMEXQUITA:
No, no they won’t. You can create a big problem
because the whole economy can collapse. VAN JONES: Yeah. HORACIO AMEXQUITA: You know,
you need the workers here. VAN JONES: Farm worker
advocate Horacio Amexquita says the nation’s food supply
relies on undocumented labor and that deporting them is
not just bad for business, it also threatens to
break up families. A lot of people that
we saw today, you know, they’re good people,
they’re hardworking people. But you said they’re afraid. What are they afraid of? HORACIO AMEXQUITA: Well, they’re
afraid to go to the store. They’re afraid to go
to the restaurants. They’re afraid to
go out because they might get deported
and then, who’s going to take care of their kids? VAN JONES: So what’s the answer? The farmers may be free
of some regulations, but will the president
listen to them when it comes to their workforce? PAUL BETANCOURT: My hope
for a Trump presidency is, what’s his real reputation? He’s the deal maker. He’s the negotiator. And I’m hoping we can get past
the rhetoric, past the tweets, and he can bring
people around the table and we can start coming
up with real solutions and get away from
that polarization.


100 thoughts on “Farmers, workers fearful of Trump immigration crackdown”

  • Why don't anyone open communication with the public??? I would love to see the unemployed lazy fucks that are living off government and most won't work because of the free money and they are twickers! They can't and won't work!! They just want the free check every week! Look at the unemployed and tell me they would be able to to last one day!

  • Francisco Gutierrez says:

    Stupidity from farmers is the problem, I vote for Trump, but I disagree with him, THAT'S CALLED STUPIDITY.

  • Kathleen Perez says:

    It doesn't matter how much illegals scream. The law is the law. If you want illegals here or not vote the CV orret person.By the way americans dont want cheap paychecks on the other hand illegsls don't have rights so they get what they can. Working in farms pay cheap. Farmers perfer illegals so they can pay cheap. American not lazy . They just don't want get payed cheap.

  • We don't need illegal in our country. They cost the American people way too much money and whatever else. I say no illegal no free money.

  • It's hilarious how a baboon can bring out all the racism out of a whole nation man I'm eating this shit up lol have a brain and go do something useful. I dont even pay attention to these videos I just look at the comments to observe peoples true nature.

  • king_has_no_cloths kul says:



    so next time you eat, please thank that illegal immigrant who picked all that stuff for next to nothing!

  • My son lost his life because of an
    Illegal alien. Americans are killed everyday
    By illegal aliens. You don't here that on the news.

  • Because they are illegal aliens they are afraid.
    My son lost his life because of illegal aliens.
    Americans are killed everyday by illegal aliens
    not undocumented aliens.

  • Black people ,this is theyer problem,don't use your vote to help them ,they will be put over you as police ,and over you in school,and when do you ever see them protesting when an isrealites is killed ,let them do this on your own ,the u.s is trying to get you to use your vote ,vote in someone humanitarian ,and the new eights granted will be given to them ,don't do it ,

  • I voted for trump but it was not for him to deport illigal 8mmigrant workers who work.he peomised to go after illigal s involved crimes thats all.

  • Nelson Morales says:

    Well that's what you farmers get for being idiots. You will be out of business because of the immigration crackdown. Good! You deserve it for voting for this moron! He will not help you! He would rather die than say he was wrong in deporting immigrant workers! All farmers bend over and use a lot of lube because donny is coming. Literally!let's see how you vote next time

  • Hire legal Taxpayers and keep your workers.
    Illegal immigrants only help themselves and the employers, Not the business . People need fair play and fair pay.

  • Nellie McConnell says:

    Farmer don't have to worry about Trump. He will make sure we have enough pickers to get the job done. Our pickers are treated great and we don't want caravan people in farm workers sleeping quarters. They are not vetted or quarantined for diseases. Not fare to our farm workers.
    Trump 2020

  • These farmers are whining here and this is even before the disastrous, uninformed and ignorant Trump tariffs. You are getting exactly what Trump said he would do! When in California the only people I see bent over are the brown people. You could pay very high and still never see a white face in those fields! Your messiah Trump has taken your workforce away; as he said he would!
    The amount of time and effort to recover from this; not just in the fields but with the banks, insurance and logistics will be astronomical, sadly in some cases non recoverable.
    Perhaps next time have a look at 'all' the issues and cast your vote.

  • Jenni Annelieze Mellow says:

    This pendejo farm owner just cherry picking what he wants from his damn racist government just to line his own pockets properly cus screw those poor slave workers trying to make an honest living. That guy is every businessman under trump rule. It's what's wrong with America

  • 1990's there was a survey at collages around the country and simply asked. If we get ride of all illegal immagrants. Will you go to work in the fields? They said, not no but hell no. They claimed that the reason they went to school was never to work at a hard labor job. When asked, Who will work in the fields then? They said, Criminals should be made to work not people with good lives.
    It became a question of "them" not immigration. Finally, at the end they said. Let some stay. . no explination

  • Francisco Reyes says:

    Why do we not complain when our companies went overseas for cheap labor our framers become bigger because of cheap labor there are cities with people, they didn't run away from their Job their Job ran away from them it went across the border (our borders, land and Sea)

  • Farmers got what they deserve, haha good for us, for farms going bankrupt. haha God is bring worth his wrath on these farmers.

  • You m. F. People don't see it Trump is causing all this problems with the migrant workers then he will find the solution by then being the hero by getting.them to work .

  • Arrangements should be made
    for farmers ro get
    to save America
    BABIES and changing
    to RULE of
    MY FAMILY and
    Open boarders for the rest of their families left behind.

  • Most Americans are racist Nazi KKK types like Trump so billions of people boycott USA. LOL Americans are too fat and lazy for farm work.

  • Illegal immigrants not only fill positions that would otherwise be occupied by Americans, they drive down wages. Their lack of rights that an American would have are a great asset to the profit margin. So, of course Americans end up not wanting to pick tomatoes for basically nothing. They are used to a 1st world lifestyle. Liberals are a funny bunch. For the common man, they say. Advocate for liveable wages and safe working conditions and then vilify Americans for desiring liveable wages and safe working conditions. Bulletproof logic, that.

  • If you can’t run your business without paying legal wages and benefits to legal residents, you shouldn’t have that business. Trump 2020. KAG!

  • We have jails and prisons across the country loaded with potential labor. Stop making license plates and put em to work in the fields.

  • Betancourt, you have been conned. Didn't you realize that there was something wrong, when no American bank would give him a loan? We in New York have known for years that Trump is a con man, cheat and liar. I wonder if you will still support him, when your farm is gone.

  • Undocumented immigrants are the new slaves in America . Underpaid ,without rights and no social protection.They also live in constant fear of deportation which would be devastating for their family. It seems as history is repeating itself. They also are dehumanized by this president who called them rapists and drug dealers. Public opinion worries more about strawberries than about these unacceptable working conditions. It is a real disgrace. We all need to wake up.

  • You know, I lived in Herndon, Va back in 05 & 06. While I was there I experienced pulling into a 711 and immediately being swarmed by hundreds of illegal aliens. And contractors would pull in early, pick up the amount of workers needed and leave – this was a daily occurrence. So the mayor and city council took it upon themselves to spend about $300,000 to build a "pickup station" for these illegal aliens. Here's why this can NEVER BE TOLERATED: 1st, they are illegal aliens, they have no rights – nor should they. 2nd It's illegal for contractors to hire them, exploiting them to make a buck, and 3rd the real estate of the area plummeted, especially in the neighborhoods where they lived – causing irreparable financial damage to US citizens, and finally CRIME GOT OUT OF CONTROL, I constantly witnessed the deaths of citizens by drunk, unlicensed Mexicans who would flee back across the border to avoid persecution. So, we have immigration laws in place to protect citizens, your video is complete horseshit because it's based on illegal action! Bill Clinton, Obama, and countless other democrats were every bit as tough in this area! If these farmers are hurting it's because they're lazy, used to reaping the benefits of exploiting illegal immigrants, and need to get off their asses and find more workers – I know it's horrible they'll have to pay fair wages. Again, it's black and white, you can not argue an issue based on breaking the laws of our nation. You a certainly not a veteran, why not look for a solution instead of trying to prove a point to that doesn't exist!

  • Paul Betancourt is the typical Trump supporter he voted for Trump based on lies. He will continue to vote for him despite the 11,000 lies he's been told since and regardless of how he is directly affected by this manbaby's tyranny. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Rather than admit they made a monumental mistake they're hell bent on going down with a sinking ship. That's not loyalty that's stupidity. I have ZERO sympathy for these kinds of people. As a matter of fact I hope everyone of them end up on welfare and food stamps. Maybe then they could learn what it's like to have to be dependent on government assistance.

  • Immigrant workers, 99.5% have papers, work permits, (maybe not the family members at home) but they will come where the money is. CNN is just leaving out that part as usual.

  • I would like to see every hispanic, not mexican only but every hispanic. Mexican, Salvador , guatemaltecos everyone. Stop your work in the usa for a week. I guarantee billions lost in business and families struggling having a hard time. If only we stopped consuming fuel, business
    Home Depot, not to mention we like fuxken beer. Millions lost usa you will go down

  • libturds … the reason for shortage of farm workers its because why do slave labor and get pay peanuts, if the migrants can get better jobs with better pay, that the reason

  • I'd like to know who does his "creative accounting". How does he pay all these ILLEGALS? Cash, under the table? Farmers have been depleting the water tables in California for 75 or more years. Pump and pump and pump. Never mind the future we're all about the here and now and when we lose our farms we'll blame the Democrats. All hail the orange Queen.

  • A lesson for trump fans:

    In 2011 North Carolina needed 6500 farm workers. ONLY 268 LEGAL American's applied. 245 were hired, but ONLY 163 showed up THE FIRST DAY. Worse, ONLY 7 LASTED TO THE END OF THE GROWING SEASON. Migrant workers aren't taking YOUR JOBS, they are doing the jobs YOU would never do. Think about THAT for a minute.

  • Rebekkah most high daughter says:

    Lazy ass demons in white skin peoples who never work with in anything like you see it’s used to be the black peoples your fathers fathers father father forefathers stolen to do this work now it’s the Mexicans,Hispanics and Latinos but you will never see their fat fat fat ass wife or they fuck up kids that run around shooting up school ? and malls doing any work they cannot get their kids to do shit that ask your kids will tell you to fuck off .get the fuck up and go work your damage farm winter ? is coming…..hurry before YAH come back and it’s to late time is up your rulership is over your ass belongs to our Heavenly Father YAHUA almighty coming with great power…….. don’t forget how your forefathers father father fathers fathers did to his chosen seed

  • Wishful thinking!
    The truth is America needs these workers, but doesn't want to recognize them, not to say give these foreign workers their rights.

  • Illegal Aliens aren't supposed to be working in the U.S.!
    If we need workers from other countries let the growers import them from China. They'll work harder and for half the money and they don't need to bring "families" with them. Let them stay for 1 year and then they go back to China "rich."
    And let the growers assume any costs for them, not the Taxpayers!

  • Christopher Avinger says:

    I don't feel sorry for the farmers you all done save alot of money so why don't you pay and then American will come. 15.00 dollars who wants to do that sht for 7 lol greedy

  • Anyone who hates undocumented workers shouldn’t get food, it’s because of them lots of fruits and vegetables won’t go to market. The farmers want to pay very low wages, maybe they don’t have enough money to pay, but with wage slavery some could afford to pay lots but won’t. So the problem is the wage system, it’s always been the problem, not the solution. Without the wage system they fear no one will work the fields, but we could force even Americans to work in the fields for ONE DAY a week, and say if they won’t they can’t have food. Then at stores if they haven’t worked one day in a week, when they try to get food they won’t be able to have food. By ending wage slavery then the poor won’t be forced to come to America, legally or illegal, but they’ll also have to work one day a week in their country or they can’t have food. Computers and supervisors can track if anyone will or won’t work. And if all humans are too stupid to work getting food one day a week, then everyone deserves to die. Don’t worry if the whole human race dies if no one will work one day a week.

  • Trump's trade war (easy to win) is all about INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. rich peoples ideas COPIED by others for a cheaper price. NOT FOOD OR MEDICINES. Trump and Senator Grassley screwed the farmers over MONEY. TRUMP also has SAVED THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY. GOP REFUSES TO PROTECT OUR ELECTIONS. WHY?

  • Francisco Gutierrez says:

    I have no problem voting for Trump and disagreeing with him??? That idiot really said that! If that's not mighty stupid, I don't know what is!


  • They got what they voted for so not sure what their grievance is about?! They wanted immigrants out, he's rounding em up & locking up woman & children in cages! They wanted better trade, he started a no win trade war with China that's bankrupting farmers & costing consumers billions of $'s! They wanted fewer regulations, he's rolling back every regulation he can, regardless of whether it hurts the economy, the environment or the country, to help big oil & coal industries! Again, I don't understand because they're getting what they wanted & winning "Bigly" so why all the whining?!??

    The "Deal Maker" is making deals much like he does in his failing businesses so what's the problem?! Oh yea, that's right, he filed for bankruptcy like 6 times & always had daddy's $ to fall back on & now he's doing the same to farmers & the country through Trillions in dept/deficits!! Like 45 said…"I like poorly educated people" so you all are reaping what you sowed!! Stop whining & get out in the fields & start pickin or get behind that counter and take my order or clean those nasty toilets since you wanted the immigrants/others jobs so bad!! Accept it…ya fell for a con man & you got taken so live with it until you can vote again to make it right!!! #MAWA #DumbDumb #Dumb-er-rer #SoMuchWinning #TradeWarsAreEasy #BuildThatWall #BuyThatIsland #NukeThatHurricane #Buffoon #Idiot

  • The left asks illegals what changes they want to see happening. The right asks Americans what changes they want to see happening.

  • that’s the reason why we have guest worker programs which have doubled in size in recent years btw. CNN with their bullshit tho??‍♂️

  • They deserve it. There’s no problem with legal immigrants but it costs more. You have employee protection and payroll obligations. It’s a corrupt government allowed the practice of illegal immigration to grow on the taxpayers dime. Our border security is a world joke. Enforcement of our immigration laws are on par with the keystone cops. It’s a huge disgrace. It about time light was focused on this sham.

  • Total B.S. hire Americans and pay them what they should be paid instead of hiring illegals to do the job at rates that are not realistic to have a stable income as an American in this Country!!! How ridiculous is this, farmers need to stop being cheap!!!! You hire an American, you pay them the right rate to substain their bills and family but no let’s take these jobs away from the American people and pay illegals way less so we can pocket the majority and leave our government to take care of the rest taking away aid from Americans! It is unreal how blind people are, farmers are afraid of having to pay workers what they should’ve been paying American workers a long time ago!

  • Every illegal in this country needs to go on STRIKE, they really have no idea the power they hold! They need to go on Strike and demand higher pay and medical!! The real “white Supremacist” are those who take advantage of illegals paying them way less without offering any medical insurance, it’s modern day slavery all the while leaving their fellow Americans in the dumps not giving a damn how they support their families!! I call for a nationwide Strike from all illegal immigrants, like honestly could you imagine that????

  • When the coastal cities flood, you will need these migrants to help! These men are hard workers and have endurance. We have lots of office workers and people who are sedentary we need agility, endurance and manual labor for the climate change crisis.

  • It's too much like hard work for Americans you idiot, Americans do not want to do the jobs that Mexicans do, not even Mexicans want to do the jobs that Mexicans are doing in America but the Mexicans do not have the choices that Americans have. MAGA arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile trump 2020.

  • "The alternative was unthinkable" …well, now you have somethings to think about. You guys put yourselves in this position. Can't have your cake and eat it too. #consequences #trackrecord

  • Raymond Thompson says:

    For All Y'all Asking Why Black And White Americans Aren't Applying For These Jobs,The Answer Is Easy. The Hispanic Foremans That These Farmers Put In These Positions,Won't Hire Non Spanish Speakers!! Also A Man Will Work For A Fare Lawful Wage!!

  • Farmers all across this the United States will lose big time and dont care if trump sends them back to their country . but when their crops
    dont get picked on time for the shipment thenall the farmers will then see why ,its ok that the hand and back brakers hurt them selfs
    cause farmers can alway get another hard woker . so as long as they do their jobs for the farmer theirs no problem .
    all farmers should be hit with a huge Fine$$for hireing the the hardest workers across the nation. they are the only ones that can work hard and not complain pluse tihey make the farmers rich in many ways .yet they let the goverment do what they want with them poor hard workers of theirs . you know ? I wont be surprised if they 2 have the illigales wifes helping them around their house ,which makes it more scanless. like i said many times the white farmers are also disgraceful.shame on them. they should also lose their farmes their cattle crops
    and homes because they 2 have slaved the illigales , they ( farmers ) dont let the illigales take a lunch break thats a bunch of bull crape . so they slaved the blacks now the illigales ? what discussting race ! God will come to their rescue . and to you great american lady .
    washington and all the farmers across this nation will have no more slaves for you to mistreat and to get rich from!!! you will lose Everthing just as your president is treating the poor people that you all slaved and took their children away from them and caged them up like animales.
    but thats ok cause God will make you pay Dearly for what you and your sadly nonhuman of a race have done to those people.
    and lady ask your President , Where Are The Workers as for the crisis in Washington. well you'er not the only one who will suffer thats the good part of you'er crisis Thank You Jesus Christ Our Lord !!!????????clean up America

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