Fear or Growth? | Bob Proctor

Fear or Growth? | Bob Proctor

Hello there, and welcome. We talk about the terror barrier in our programs,
and I have people ask me every now and then, “What is the terror barrier?” Well, the terror barrier is that invisible
line that separates you from things you know and are familiar with to things you don’t
know and are not familiar with. Let me give you an example. In fact, let’s back away from the terror barrier
for a moment and let’s think of the things you do every day and it causes no fear. You feel very comfortable. You may like or dislike it, but you do it
every day. You drive your car, you get dressed, and you
go and do what you do. Speaker 1: What I’m doing right now is broadcasting
or filming. I do tis all the time, so I’m very comfortable
doing this. I have no trouble sitting down in front of
the camera and freely expressing what’s going on inside. No fear, very comfortable. It’s what I do on a regular basis. Now within this studio, there’s things going
on that I know nothing about, literally. Scott Edwards is our studio director. We can come into this studio from anywhere
in the world and film me. He can edit films. Scott’s actually from Manchester in England. He can operate this studio off his laptop
from Manchester, England. I know nothing about how to do that, nothing. Speaker 1: I’m going to give you a visual
now here. I want you to look at this for a moment. Let’s suppose this line here represents this
is what I know and [inaudible] and I’m familiar with. All this area here is what I know and what
I’m familiar with. This area here I’m not familiar with. I don’t know. Now I can come right up to that line and wander
away, cause no fear. On the other side of the line is stuff that
Scott Edwards knows how to do, I know nothing about. You see, I’m not going to go there. I know I’m not going to go there. I stay over here. I stay in the area that I’m familiar with,
so there’s no fear involved. Speaker 1: Now, I want you to think of this. Let’s suppose I want to go over there. Then, what we look at here would be called
a terror barrier, and I got to go through that. I’ve got to go into an area that I don’t know
and I’m not familiar with. Let’s say public speaking is something I’m
vary familiar with. I can operate that here and no problem at
all. If you were doing that … They say that public
speaking is one of the greatest fears we have, so the average person to go over and do that,
they’re going into what they don’t know. They would hit that and bounce right off that
terror barrier, cause all kinds of problems. Speaker 1: Now the terror barrier is that
invisible screen that stands between what we know and are comfortable doing and what
we don’t know and would cause great discomfort if we started to do it. Now if this is something over here you want
to do … Let’s suppose you want to be a public speaker. Then, you want to learn how to go through
that line. You have to learn how to face the thing you
fear and deal with it, and that is another subject and we’ll talk about that a little
later. But this is what you call the terror barrier. It’s what separates you from what you know
and are comfortable with and what you don’t know and causes a great deal of discomfort. When you’re going to go over here into an
area you’re not familiar with, you have to go through the terror barrier. Speaker 1: Now we teach people how to do that
in our programs, and it’s something you can do. This line here is referred to as fear. I’m going to tell you something. You don’t want to ever let fear stop you from
doing the thing you really want to do, so if this is something you really want to do
and you’ve got to go through the terror barrier, make certain you study this because you do
not want to let fear control you. You control the fear. Speaker 1: Thank you. Speaker 1: I hope you enjoyed this video. We put a lot of good information up here,
and it causes everything in your life to get better. If you’d like us to notify you every time
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