Fearing Loss of Skilled Labor, Washington Farmers Safeguard Migrant Workers

Fearing Loss of Skilled Labor, Washington Farmers Safeguard Migrant Workers

[ birds chirping ] [ §§§ ]
[ woman speaking in Spanish ] [ chickens clucking ]>>Okay, let’s see here.
Let’s start with the first one.
Make sure that you clock in with
the face clock when you come to work and clock out.
[ man speaking in Spanish ]
>>People think, “Oh, a
farmworker — uneducated, unskilled.”
That’s not at all true.
Working on farms is a skilled
job, and not just anybody can do it.
Let’s talk about our meat.
 Muchas gracias.
The people that work with us, a bunch of them come from the
southern part of Mexico.
A bunch of them come from the
central part of Mexico. Most of them grew up on farms.
They wander across the border
because they can make in a day
here what they make in a week in Mexico, and because there are no
opportunities for them. [ speaking in Spanish ]>>People are a lot more on
We have not had raids at this
time. What you do see is where the
immigration people come and ask
you for your I-9s, all the
information that we keep, and then they sort through those,
and then they come back and say,
“These are people that cannot
work here any longer.” And so to a certain extent, we
are helping the government to
keep track of who’s working
where. And so, you’ve kind of got a
push and a pull here.
If you take a look at all of
Skagit Valley, everybody here is an immigrant.
It’s just a matter of, when did
you immigrate?
I started out life as a kid in the Netherlands.
My family moved to the United
States when I was five.
In 1960, my father found a farm in Skagit County here.
Farms at that time, about 30% of
the income generated by a farmer
would go to the farmer themselves.
Today, it’s 16%.
So it’s a lot tougher to be a
farmer. The problem we have is that we
don’t have a way to get the
people that are needed and
wanted here. There’s no system in place.
They have the H-2A program,
but the H-2A program is very
cumbersome and awkward to use. You’re supposed to estimate so
many months ahead of time how
many workers you need.
Then you need to pay for their transportation.
And you’ve got to house them
while they’re here.
It’s expensive. If you’re doing something wrong,
absolutely, you need to be
accountable for your actions.
But what people don’t understand is that these people are just
trying to feed their families.
They’re just trying to make a
living. They’re just like you and I. [ speaking in Spanish ] [ §§§ ]>>These farmworkers make farms
And, you know, there’s a lot of
truth to the fact that nobody in the United States eats without
food that’s been touched by
somebody’s who’s probably not
supposed to be here and probably doesn’t have documentation.
And if you’re eating, you are a
part of that immigration system.
[ speaking in Spanish ] [ §§§ ]


100 thoughts on “Fearing Loss of Skilled Labor, Washington Farmers Safeguard Migrant Workers”

  • That job is hard, that's the reason US citizens don't want to do it and it's not true that they collect Welfare because they have to show proof of legal status such as a valid SS Card and Driver License. The Government don't want to bring them legal because the government keep the taxes they pay when they work Wich are Billions.

  • 6 years and still cant speak english….what THE HE'LL does that tell you???? They DON'T WANT TO ASSIMILATE. WE DON'T NEED THEM ATCSLL

  • If employers were really worried about guest workers they would organize a guest worker program and force congress to help guest workers and provide transportation from their home countries and guarantee a job at a certain address. It would cost them more to be responsible and so they don't force congress and the senate to pass legislation for a guest worker program. They should quit pretending they are protecting immigrants, this has led to human trafficking and violence your families face. They could have done this forty years ago and these employers would have to be fair to their guest workers.
    Employers should Quit pretending they are worried about the cost of food, the cost of food has doubled in the last seven years. And portion sizes are shrinking for the dollar paid for portion. Todays family size is not yesterdays family size. China was honest about a one child policy to reduce the population. The United States is accomplishing the same thing by making family size packaging a family of three and promoting abortion and not a family of five. They are making have a family too expensive to afford to limit the size of families. If you come here the same forces will apply to your families.
    The democrats are destroying the loyalty of the family unit and will expect you to do the same. Divorce and the relationship of a man and a woman are changed. A woman who can earn a great wage, and should be paid the same as a man if she will do the work, does't need a husband and families fall apart. You are so busy working because of the cost of living here that you cannot raise your children and they are raised by schools and The television and video games…

    If they only took jobs that no one will do it would be an honest argument. But they take any entry level job they can get and depress wages in construction industries and trades.
    And a lack of a Real Job worker program where a worker knows the job he has and where he is going, which could have been passed any time in the last forty years by congress and the senate, is causing the problem. They could apply before they left their country.
    The Senate and the Congress, but now especially Democrats who pretend to help but only help themselves, has kept immigration hostage to the Drug Cartels. They keep our police force occupied with immigration, which they should solve, so that those that sell drugs and people in this country are not bothered. Solve immigration problems and those cops can chase the real bad buys. Mexicans in their country are being slaughtered and the government controls only a very small part of the country and the drugs and gangs are the problem. This is why The Democrats want ICE gutted and no fence.The democrats are not your friends. You are their pawn.
    They want political power, they want drug profits… Why allow violent men to run drugs, sell people and escape in Sanctuary cities, drug profits… If you get a guest worker program the employer could pay you travel costs and the human traffickers would not get thousands for moving you to the Unites States. Mexico and Guatemala could protect traveling workers when the gangs profits stop. Your women would not be victims to their violence. The only reason to protect the violent gang members and felons in Sanctuary cities, who pray upon you, is drug profits and human trafficking profits. These are the lies of the Democrats. They promise free health care for all immigrants and it would crash the health system and no one will have health insurance and they know it. So their real motives are again to flood immigrants into the country to keep police from stopping the flow of drugs.
    Pretending that the problem is the law is a lie. Farmers will need workers and equipment operators, always. If the fence is built the congress and senate will do what they should have done years ago and make a guest worker program so farmers can hire those they need and be responsible for them, as housing and transportation perhaps even unemployment.
    ICE and border law can go after Gangs and drug profits, profits from human trafficking will dry up and Mexico will have a chance to get its country back from the violent men who have taken it… If the Socialist democrats crash the economy here with promises they cannot keep the cost of living here will cause a flood of immigrants back toward South America and they will leave faster than they came here. If you come here come here to contribute or you will destroy the system that can help many if you come here to take. The Democrats are not your friends. Every man with his had out is not your friend. If a man comes to you and wants your cooperation and support its not about you its about them.

  • Read a book about in the 20ies …1920ies the US government basically ran the Japanese off the land.
    Production suffered over 80 % of the food was produced by the Japanese farmers.
    Here you go again… never learn from your history.

  • But you are the right colour… to immigrate.
    Canada does it thru a government programme simplify it. People want to go home to their families.

  • this is a old video but these people need to learn english or polish or russian or other languages i dont speak spanish and im not saying they should not speak their own language even if the us does not have a official language

  • notbohnhere butcantleave says:

    It’s really a shame when you’re a farmer and you have to choose between being a bigot and getting your crop harvested…I really feel for them… it must be terrible…

  • schnekm483bk Ken says:

    15.00$/ hr? So much for "fresh" FOOD. Might want to get some "space" with water and start "learning" about FARM work.

  • Get your work VISA people….it isn't that hard. If the farmers are so worried they should help their workers get one instead of paying them cash.

  • Immigrants still means Slaves. What's happened to the American citizens. American and British had a bad reputation in slavery merchants. They're always used people to their own advantage.

  • Rich Tanenbaum says:

    maybe we need a temporary worker visa program. come and work legally, and then go home. don't use our welfare; don't drop anchor babies; don't clog our criminal justice system. It seems that the farmer in this video finds the system too cumbersome to use, so he'll stick with illegals.

  • The topic is not about wages and opportunity….It is about LEGAL and ILLEGAL Migration…..There are many who apply legally to come to the U.S. to work seasonally, who go through the proper process to enter the country for work…..Then there is the Illegal undocumented worker bringing potential health issues, unknown criminal backgrounds or motives into the country, taking the opportunities from people who follow the rules and processes put in place to protect all……Why is this so hard to understand ?

  • Anniegrace Gilbert says:

    I don't feel sorry for any of these farmers. My father and grandfathers family traveled on the circuit with thousands of other African Americans and poor white families harvesting from coast to coast. Then the labor laws and minimum wage laws changed. Farmers started using illegal immigrants. You reap what you sow

  • Los EE. UU. Tienen muchas personas en asistencia social que podrían trabajar en el campo en lugar de mentir sobre la cría.

  • We have legal work programs for migrant workers. The problem is that the invaders, once turned loose with their little greenie cards awaiting a hearing will not sign up for sweat labor. They came here for a free ride. Smart farmers are going to automation. Many crops do not require hands on anymore. All this hype about labor shortage is to justify an illegal workforce when the foreign-owned corporate farms do not want to sign up for the legal work programs.

  • In 2020 ask yourself do you like to eat? With out these workers no food at restraunts, stores just what you grow yourself.

  • Ajajielle Brown says:

    The majority of American farmers voted for Trump as President. Now Trump's public policies of detaining and restricting migrant workers are yielding bitter fruit.

  • Great job on this documentary. I have a newfound respect for these precious farm workers. They work very, very hard and deserve their visas, etc.

  • Why dont you folks instead of defying our laws work to bring in folks legally to work the feilds…. what is so hard about working within the laws to bring legal people in to work

  • Soon we will be buying overpriced high tariff over taxed highly contaminated produce from China. Cant wait to taste the Chinese special steaks that will cost 3 times than what they do now. I hear the Chinese have special meat lol.

  • That's why I love my mom she worked so hard to make a living to make it in this great country and jet it Hart braking how we are getting treated

  • I support these people
    My best to them . I hate how new immigrant policies are being played out
    Most of our families came from somewhere else. The lack of compassion makes no sense to me and is unamerican..

  • Pure lies. The real estimates of how many ILLEGAL ALIENS reside inside the USA is over 30 million. BUT YOU PRETEND that we need MORE!

    How long did you think that the white population of the USA would accept the invasion? The breaking point will be bloody and violent.

    Think you can hop on a plane and avoid it? Think again.

  • Cooking and Recipes with Papa! 2019 says:

    Friends I've known worked
    In field's sent money back home
    Because our money was worth more then there's. They didn't want.too live here They just wanted to make money.
    They love Mexico.

  • Where are the facts behind your story? Wait you must be a democrat supporting the no borders rule spreading fears! It's ok because it will only raise the wages and get real legal American people working!

  • Good for them! The loss of farm labor and export avenues have been devastating to the agriculture economy. Of course, dumpy has no idea how laborers function, survive, and even thrive under certain circumstances. He is clueless beyond our wildest imaginations. Dump dumpy.

  • Skilled labor??? And if by skilled labor You mean people you can exploit to fatten your wallet then yes skilled labor it is

  • Ronald Coleman says:

    There is a way to do all this legally and provide a job for immigrant workers. But the workers have to be trusted also.

  • Many years ago I worked one season with immigrants picking tomatoes. They were the most hard workers and the nicest people I've ever met. To all of you immigrants out there I'm sorry for the way you are treated. It breaks my heart. I know I will get hate mail for this but I don't care in the least. I was raised to always treat people right. I treat everyone with the respect they show me. I'm not better than them. Neither is anyone else. Those who think they are should be pitied. There are lots of people out who feel the way I do. I'm sorry and I hope for the best for you ❤️❤️

  • In the '60s I wanted a car. There were very few jobs for teens, so I wound up working in the fields west of Sacramento as a farm laborer. Summer in the Sacramento valley can be brutal, with many days topping 100F. The Mexican farm workers bust their butts to try to make a living, working 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week . People, if you eat fruits and vegetables, your food has been touched by these people. They pull the weeds to make sure your food an grow. They make sure the irrigation systems work efficiently. They work the harvests. We owe them a thank you for every bite we take. And we need to protect them from the vile legislation that seeks to punish them and their families for doing the kind of work most Americans can't and/or don't want to do . tRump doesn't eat vegetables, which might explain his mental deficiency, so he has no idea how important these good, hard working people are to the food we take for granted. Lets make sure that we all vote blue from now on in this country, no matter who. Save the farm workers and their families, make sure they are paid a living wage, and thank them for the work they do to feed this nation.

  • One thing is for sure kick out the illegals and most of the people complaining will suffer once they can't afford the food then we will end up with imported food at 4x the price and god knows the conditions that food will be grown.

  • I don't know about these times but years ago migrants cane and picked the crops or fruit and when the season was over they went back to their own country .They had green cards then.So if that's what is going on or needs to be done then do it.That way the farmers get their crops picked , and migrants make money to take back home.Then the cycle continues next time crops need picked.

  • When I grew up they came to America to work on the farms and go home during the winter months and come back next spring. I don't understand it why is everyone upset? Those who come here to work and go home they are fine those who come here just to get free food stamps housing and money send them back.

  • Sounds like these farmers banked on the wrong work force instead of employing and training the people around them thru past years and are now reaping the rewards of not using the people who are legal citizens or at least have as work visa

  • A white man will not do the work on a white man's farm he has been working on his whole life ,now that's some good logical thinking ,geeze

  • Skagit Valley, I remember when I lived in Sedro Woolley I would go to the farms and buy great produce at the roadside stands. I miss living there. There were tulip and daffodil farms, raspberry farms, cauliflower farms and general vegetable farms. A wonderful place to live!

  • Why can you get homeless and veterans to work? House in can be cheep if you do it right. Transportation ? School buses sale for under 2000 dollars. So I don’t buy the excuses. Think outside the box. Help our vets and homeless. You could set up a trailer house as a bunk house, could set up one with a kitchen and bathroom. So for less than 50k you could have housing and transportation.

  • Okay, most of the people who create and promote these human interest stories do so with an agenda. If someone opposes that agenda, well they must be a hater. …except we aren't. In the video the imigrants and farmer describe what it is like when they try to do things the legal way. Bureaucrats own you, your farm and your employees. People doing the farm lifestyle aren't generally crooked and corrupt, but get under the thumb of a bureaucrat, govt. begins to look like an enemy very quickly and since govt. bureaucrats write the regulations that strangle business and personal freedom, you are the criminal for resisting their arbitrary rules. If Right and Left could stop hating one another for a minute and a half, we can create a path to legally immigrate or do seasonal work without stifling business and personal freedoms.
    I do not trust govt. to handle this responsibility on it's own. Being Libertarian I see govt as a self interested entity with little concern for the consequences to the rest of us in their decision making process. Imagine a store that has limited parking and the spaces near the front door are covered, they're easy ingress and egress, but the signs in front of them all say employees only. Customers have to fight for the few, squeezed, tiny, spaces out there without shade, far from the door. Well that's exactly how city hall treats it's constituents. Is it any wonder the pervasive attitude is one of Lord and ruler among the civil servants?

  • I'd say that they deserve to get Health insurance and Food Stamps with that being said. And specale Housingwhen you look at how important there work here is.We sure don't and can't do that back breaking work!Hats off to all of them and lots of Prayers for them in to up coming further .

  • They want cheap labor that are illegal so that they can cheat them out of their pay, they just give them enough to keep them working until they are done then instead of giving them what they owe them they call border patrol on them I have seen it done

  • Ir would be nice to deport all illegals just to see who is gping to harvest those fields.
    Americans will not do that kind of labor at any pay i' m sure they would probably ask for very high wages and thats a maybe

  • Cooking and Recipes with Papa! 2019 says:

    If you want to know the truth.
    It's the Democratic party agenda
    Where the poor will be doing the crops. Get ready for the great
    Culling! When our country and
    Economy and the social elite.
    Get to the point where there's but two social classes. The rich ! And
    The poor ! Then every state will
    Be like L.A. or Baltimore.
    And we are getting closer and closer every-day!

  • I would venture a guess that if the reporters did some in-depth research they would find there are legal work programs for seasonal migrant workers. Our immigration policy has nothing to do with labor shortage, but with employers who are trying to fly under the radar, do not want to file their quarterly reports and hire labor contractors who fly under the radar. Also, if they want to do more research, they should go to the county courthouses and find out who really owns that land. When my family drilled water wells in the valley we found most of the farms under corporate and foreign ownership with the original owners simply managing the place. People who do not know what is going on in agriculture should report on something they know.

  • Migrant farmers have never been considered skilled labour.In the past,they couldn't read or write.That is the crisis the farmers are facing.Low illiteracy rates are now forcing the farmer to compete with other job markets,like construction.Which pays much higher.There is no such thing as an undocumented migrant worker.

  • Constantine Blayz says:

    Yes, the illegals come and take these jobs. This is a reality and even Caesar Chavez fought against illegal immigration sighting the the drop labor costs and take away jobs from Americans and those who actually respect our Nations laws; the others are criminals and thieves.

  • Send all those filthy, ignorant ILLEGALS back where they came from. The government should seize all of the farms employing illegal labor.

  • As an irish white catholic, my ancestors were enslaved by americans…They made us build their railways and tortured us…oh wait, I was black and came from slaves, or wait..I was chinese and made to work on the railroad…I am not sure if I was Irish, catholic, chinese, black, jewish, or whatever….America owes me reparations>>>>>>Oh wait….is that not why America is what it is….a bunch of misfits….Join the crowd….we are all family….

  • This is my argument against trump and his policies. Migratory workers have long been important part planting and harvesting. who's going to do the hard work to feed Americans. I'm not doing it!

  • Hello dear sir my name is Varun Kumar and i am from India and i am interested in work with you. So my dear sir do you have any job for me in your farm ??

  • I am one who picked cotton by hand in Arizona. I am one who picked strawberries by hand in Los Alamitos Ca. I am not lazy. I am a white legal American. If you need farm help email me: viktor.the.malamute Farmers do not need illegals. Plenty of skilled workers USA citizens who need work and want work. Your just cheap and dont want to pay real hourly wadges.

  • The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few!!! Well, we have the workers, but trump doesn’t like his vegetables picked by them!!!

  • cherrocco berry says:

    I worked picking in Orange fields, strawberries and etc. Ppl don't understand there isn't a health care system for these worker's. Hard physical demanding work and constantly around dangerous pesticide and wildlife. My parents wasn't poor in matter facts they are financially Good. They wanted to teach me the vaule and respect for hard work and survival. Therefore the ppl talking about building a wall for illegal immigrants from Mexico or etc. I'll say 93% of them never worked one week of their lives on a farm.

  • All this is the farmers are greedy they should hire h2a workers get done let them go back like we do in the Christmas tree trees farms

  • Because delusional folks believe that if migrants are gone and farmers will pay more for labor Americans will do the work.

    Problem of this is that in order to "pay" more those costs for our food go up, and who's going to pay for the difference, you, I, everyone.

    We already struggle with paying for our needs and they're some who don't care because their hate is greater then their reasoning, but when they are paying $5 dollars an apple they will cry about that too.

  • Let American farmers lose their farms and let Americans pay through the nose for the food they eat and let Americans starve !
    Maybe that will Soften American hearts.

  • Put those guys from Charlottesville , Va. work the fields ! You know the ones with the Chinese torches , Yelling the Jews will never replace us . Lots of work and money to be earned !

  • If they stopped with the children they wouldn't have to go to other countries to make money to support them. There's no shortage of the Native American genotype, and it seems unlikely that it will turn out to be a winning variety, all things considered. If they get down to like 5 or 6 then yeah, make some more, if you think the world needs more. Until then, maybe keep it in your pants, Pancho. And maybe keep those legs closer together, Maria. You obviously ain't rich so why do you think you can provide for several people?

  • I have no anger towards these people, what angers me is the Corporate bought Politicians who sold out our own people. Then the gutless slime points the fingers at these hard working people to put the blame on them, and it isn't them that's the problem.

  • Wait a minute, this is pure Libtard propaganda. There are THOUSANDS of young white Americans lined up to get these jobs!

    Nawww, I'm just kidding. The average American white, black or brown is too soft to do this kind of work…

  • Slavery never was abolished the American government know that there are thousands of undocumented people working in the country but the government want to keep it that way while they are young and strong when they get old ice come and deport them since they know they are not able to collect social security or any kind of benefits for their ealder life

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