100 thoughts on “FedEx sues US Commerce Department over restrictions on Huawei”

  • putrus andilious says:

    Have you seen the phones that Huawei puts out( spitting image and guts of Apple phones and totally stolen trademarks and patents) and China is threatening Fedex for following Commerce Dept rules. ..Obama signed off on this with letting Apple set up FOXCONN to manufacture apple phones and the technology gets stolen

  • Chinese blackmail is working. Shame on these sissy corporates who put personal gain before national security!

  • SingingintheDark says:

    if you are transporting a package from a country that is a known instigator and you are responsible for what is in that package, then it seems simple to me. that you are responsible for that package, you dont get to say since it was bad then you are suddenly not responsible now. if you are taking responsibility for a package being delivered safely then does that not make you responsible for the package itself?

  • Alessandro Dastamio says:!! chaos within…a mess of tangled web in every corner..
    ..don't ship anything thru FedEx… ? lol!!

  • I work for FedEx Ground and transport tens of thousands of packages a week only going as far as 270 miles from Denver, the west central hub up in to central WY.
    where there is not a lot of truck traffic especially overnight. I see as many as 8 FedEx Ground & FedEx Freight trucks coming and going most every day in WY. I cannot imagine the scope of the millions of packages that FedEx ships on a daily basis throughout the country. To put the responsibility on them is ludicrous at best

  • I don't see how Huawei's bootleg phones have anything to with FedEx aside from FedEx being under pressure from China. Huawei should be banned. They are a Chinese state owned company using stolen patents and tech to make their phones.

  • Pull Fed X license government. They all want to set up shop here and have a license but they don't want to be obligated to do anything to protect the consumer. Go after them all, Commerce, receiving Imports.

  • Atlee as it goes through customs that’s when they take these boxes apart inspect every single detail of each and every item and the charge for all of this is laid on the person receiving the goods. This is exactly what happens if you go to another foreign country or a foreign country they do they hold up your shipment in customs for months if need be they don’t have anything through. I bought a $49 card took me three months and 150 extra dollars just to get it in to a country when I was overseas. The burden of payment goes on the receiver the customer

  • Fedex is biching, jajaja fedex is playing unfair with u.p.s. How about the rail road act, fedex pay back is a bich ya.

  • Fed Ex is part of the globalist transhuman agenda… Bad Fed eX. Fed Ex we want no part of wawa china dragon fly nor you google amazon all you transhuman AI comupter chiping sick jecks.. .

  • Snoopy Snoops says:

    Nobody other than America understands the importance of Market Share. However, Donny is forcing its US companies retreating from the world’s biggest consumers’ market – China. EU is laughing at the back.

  • So, FedEx is a globalists? It’s being paid by China government? Fedex just don’t want to spend more money on getting equipment that could scan these boxes. They also don’t want to hire more people to check these boxes. Basically, they sue because they see their profit is plummet due to extra work. Fedex only care about profit and don’t care about national security of the USA.

  • Notcha Grandpa says:

    This is interesting how can the US expect FedEx to do what border customs can't, isn't, or won't do it's ludicrous, Trump need to flat out tell China if our border customs agents find a shipment of Huawei merchandise we will boycott everything made in China put responsibility where it belongs, on the Chinese dictator.

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

    China is going to wipe out the US in trade. This whole thing is collapsing you cannot touch China. China will teach the US how this game is play and won. FedEx (Federal Express) is going outer business soon, Amazon drop them and China will finish them off.

  • Yumi Chocolate ASMR says:

    I need to sue fedx for losing my box's of adult custom toys. That I was Supposed to hand out to my bestie Bridal shower. ?

  • william decarr says:

    I think that is their way of Programming Americans before they start going through our mail. Kind of like Smart Electronics and smart matters and the internet and so on.

  • American has world's most free market economy? It is joke now, US government continues meddling domestic and foreign businesses for its own political purpose! US becomes untrustworthy country!

  • Awesome Jessi says:

    FedEx was the last hold out for package privacy and that is why they are under attack. The government doesnt like to be told no. Now FedEx will be destroyed for protecting their customers privacy.

  • The government can stop brown people from entering the country but it can't stop contraband ? Sounds to me that it wants to stop brown people but it does not want to stop contraband.

  • I don't want them to open my packages. Just keep throwing them from the truck to the porch, or sling them over the fence.

  • Not saying FedEx doesn't have a legitimate complaint but every business spends a lot of resources being tax collectors and performing other functions for the government. And if you make a mistake on anything you get fined for not doing their job properly.

  • russell5078084 says:

    All they have to do is x-ray every package. FedEx is just crying because they don't want to spend the money for the equipment and up their security.

  • sandiegofiddler1984 says:

    Republicans like "I'm for a smaller, less intrusive government" …. proceeds to request that a private company to open all of our mail to make sure we're not buying chinese cell phones…….

  • translation: like the drug war the trade war is unenforceable. big surprise :/ government loves to shoot the moon to keep America enthralled :/ silly rabbet, tricks are for kids.

  • In the case of Fedex I don't see what the problem is. Every time something has been shipped Fed Ex to my home it's taken a hell of a lot longer to get there and past the delivery date. It got so bad I had to put in a request to Amazon to literally only ship UPS or USPS.

  • It should be a joint venture. The amount of things being imported is too much for customs to handle alone. I don't wanna pay more taxes and wait longer for shipping. Should be coming out of Fedex profits not our tax dollars.

  • cole eperjesi says:

    at fedex we sell space. we transport goods in the most efficient way possible. if we open a shipper or consignees package we are at risk of termination as that is not our job. the purple promise is to safely and securely transport goods. that is it.

  • the minimal government encourages free trade and individual freedom, now the other way around does seem to produce a good result, hence sue the government

  • I paid for 2day delivery, FedEx sent it to the wrong door, and it took them another 3 fking days to figure out where did they put my baggage. but pretty accurate when hijacking huawei's stuffs to CIA ha.

  • Maybe it is theater, they are staging so as to prevent being in China Black list. China should carry on. Otherwise the chinese products or companies will be scrutinised again.All US parcels and transport companies should be put on black list.

  • At this point, we understand that all American companies operate in China, one way or another co-operate with American government.

  • American Patriot says:

    The US government is no better than the Chinese Communist Government. The US government can force private companies to do all types of things in the name of national security, the same thing they accuse China of. Hypocrisy.

  • kahlua Artesanal says:

    Es un pésimo servicio

    se ponen especiales como si fueran los únicos que hacen envíos

    cuando marcas con el operador para pedir informes no contestan o te evitan

    son incompetentes al momento de resolver la ubicación de un paquete

    Ponen como observación en la guía que ya te visitaron,

    cuando no han pisado siquiera tu puerta

    Lamentablemente escogieron este pésimo servicio para enviar mi paquete

    y hasta ahora no me ha llegado.

  • Made in China 2025 says:

    Fedex is simply saying that stealing Huawei's package is FBI's idea, now they are defending themselves.

  • There's no need to open the packages, any package addressed to or from Huawei doesn't get delivered. plain and simple — close all Huawei accounts.

  • Flyguy232323 Wei says:

    Do you known why? Simple because America people's voted a very very sick man as president totally mentally traumatize
    Make sense!….??????

  • Saw it coming from communists. I'm not American citizen but love Trump trade war with China. China was getting away with so many injustices. Time for communists to finally go extinct.

  • Fedex is going to survive like they survived eveything in the past this is a passable obstacle to Fedex's future

  • It is normal to a country to implement law for a ban item and Government to implement it in the port of entry And confiscate. FedEx just include it in their list of ban item for USA.

  • 2wheelvloggers says:

    and what about UPS, and all of the other carriers who are moving packages for Huawei? Are they exempt?

  • This shows… probably all governments can interfere or take advantage of their companies. It's politics vs economy, both have influences on the security and prosperity of a country. US tries to defend its advantages. How important is Fedex in international shipping?

  • Today, Investigators found that FedEx had held back more than 100 Huawei-related shipments, Xinhua reported. Initially, FedEx attributed the failed shipments to an “operational error” but authorities found that the explanation did “not meet reality” .

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