Filipinos [Non-Fans] React to Kpop #14 (PRODUCE 48, PRODUCE 101 Season 2) | EL’s Planet

Filipinos [Non-Fans] React to Kpop #14 (PRODUCE 48, PRODUCE 101 Season 2) | EL’s Planet

OMG I know him! What? Oh, it’s a bed! I like how he’s already dressed. Oh my God! I know this guy! I watched his drama. He’s really an artist. The Gumiho one. You know, I watched him in a drama already before. I forgot the title. Gumiho!!! I love Korean Dramas. What drama [did you watch with him in it?] I forgot. But his eyes had a different color in that drama. Oh my God! I didn’t know the room was that big! Why are they’re so many! What year is this? Is this a whole group of girls ‘cause that’s a lot~? Hey girls! I feel like this is a sexual song. Is it? They’re so innocent! So what’s this? Is this like a concert? They’re so many! They’re so many! Count how many they are! They’re so many!!! Oh my God! They’re so many! Dang, it’s my first time seeing a K-pop group with this many members. The problem with big girl groups is that there’s a lot [of members] to follow. I have a weakness for cute girls too! Honestly it’s like… you know how Korea’s very… Korea has a knack for the “Pa-cute” Culture [Kawaii/Aegyo Culture in Filipino] Like the Gwiyomi and all that… It’s very apparent here. Is this normal? Is it okay for K-pop groups to have this many members? Ah it’s like another Produce 101… But it says 48. I’ve never seen this. Wait, oh my gosh. I only know one K-pop group, and that girl reminds me of… Momo. Who’s that? From Twice. I like their bowties! I know! But I wouldn’t wear that. Dude, their uniform seems familiar. Is there a uniform that looks like that in the Philippines? There is! That’s why I said it looks familiar. The skirt’s just shorter. Don’t get mad at me~ I’m just… You’re never gonna see me in that. 🤔 Oh no, I turned a bit gay for a moment there. – She’s so cute! Grabe! [Filipino Daebak*]
– Did you see when she did this move? Yeah!!! They’re so cute!!! Super! How’d they get that much energy? I’m not trying to overanalyze it, but it could be be… But you know, “superstar” is the main phrase their saying, and they’re all in a schoolgirl uniform. Okay? So I think, without… I don’t know any Korean but like… Being a superstar is what they aspire to be, and that means a lot for a lot of Korean girls Because if they become a K-pop star, they’re done! That’s it! – Oh no!!!
– Woah! – Shocks!
– They’re so cute! Is this a K-pop group? Or are they just mixed? Another one! – Oh there’s another one!
– x2! Oh my gosh! From 50, we’re now 100! Yup! It’s exactly like that show/thing I watched before! They’re so many! They’re like ants! That’s what I said! It sounds Japanese! So a while ago… [What’s] 48 divided by 2? 48 divided by 2! 24! Can you believe that? It took him 8 seconds to think! So they’re 24… – You’re crazy!
– Just kidding! So they were 24 a while ago, and that’s the other half? The flow of the music seems Japanese. And their voices sound very thin. There! And then now they’re united! Is this from one of the schools that makes K-pop stars? ‘Cause that would explain a lot. I feel like they’re made up of different K-pop groups. I don’t think so. But that’s just too much for a K-pop group. I think that’s not possible. It’s sad if you’re placed at the back, you won’t be seen anymore. They should turn them around! (to show the people not seen) Actually they’re just 47 since I’m not there, ‘cause i’m here. Okay. Let’s choose our favorite, ’cause I’m… I’m finding mine too! Mine’s the one in front! I like her! Me too! What the heck?! You know, I wasn’t that happy back in high school. I assume there’s no story to the dance, or rather the song? [She means the MV 😊] It’s more on the choreography… and there’s a lot of them. There we go! They’re many again! But they’re really just so many. Maybe the other group just went on a water break. Oh Lord. 🤦🏻‍♀️ You know what’s weird? They seem very innocent but they seem very seductive. What does this dance step mean? I have no idea. They’re so synchronized it makes me happy. But it’s so nice though. Yeah super synchronized Oh my gosh the dance is difficult. They put so much effort in the choreography! They’re so synchronized. I’m distracted because of the precision! If there’s more of them, I don’t really know anymore. Hey! Woah! Oh shoot! What? Yeah I know right, it keeps going… Oh there’s more of them! So now there’s three batches! – They even more again! It’s Magic!
– Some of them are at the bottom of the stage? What do we do now? There’s so many of them! How did they do that? How many are they? Around 200? I feel sad for the others ‘cause they don’t have much exposure. It’s such a shame. The others are all at front [and are seen more]. I can think of the entire practice they did just to perfect this song. Oh it’s the symbol! Yeah, it’s this. What is that? I think that’s their name… it goes with their emblem. Also it’s rising up. [the stage] Girl, if I did this cycle for a daily living, I’d die. Ah so that’s what they were saying a while ago, “Pick me up!” Look! The people at the back rose already. Oh my~ Oh just one… It’s three layers now! Why’d it become emotional all of a sudden? Why are they…? You could tell that they’re all getting cute for the camera, that’s why they’re making those faces. Oh my, can you do that? I don’t wanna, it makes me really shy. Why are there cherry blossoms all of a sudden? Produce 48. So do they produce pop-stars? Another one! It’s Produce 101 this time. Hey it’s the same… oh it’s a triangle. I’m telling you, there’s something evil here. See look! Illuminati! Oh no! Why do these videos all have triangles? That looks like a decent amount. Just right… Right? They might multiply again later. Oh they’re so cute. It looks like EL’s haircut. EL! Look, that’s EL! You know, I really wanna be that talented. Someone who can sing and dance. Right? You can even act. At least now you can count how many members, unlike a while ago. Hold on! This is a search for handsome men. – Oh handsome~
– I like the pink haired guy. I just want someone with abs. They’re wearing uniforms as well. They’re also wearing uniforms so i’m assuming they’re from the same agency. But this time it’s Produce 101. They’re so good at dancing, that you’d become gay. Just chill. Whatevs… I’ve never seen this video but I know this song. They look so young though. – I think they’re early… mid to late teens.
– like younger than us maybe? That guy looks like a kid. Cute! They look like babies~ I wanna pinch that one guy’s cheeks. His cheeks are cute. Is it the same stage as the first video? Did they say chewing gum? No, really! Is that what they said? I thought they’d multiply again. They did!!! I told you they would multiply. That was the first batch. I knew it! I knew it! I think… Oh my God! They’re putting everyone there! Wait look! The second batch looks older. Or am I just theorizing? Yeah. These ones in the middle look really young. He’s so cute. They’re so cute! I feel like I can imagine what they went through just to perfect this entire performance. Oh that’s the cute guy! Yeah that batch did have one! Wait. The one with black hair? Yup! Wait, I saw him too. These guys aren’t really guys I’ve seen before. They’re all new and young and full of life. Unlike me. Wait, is that another group? So they’re three groups now? It’s like they’re 3 now. Dude, I think they’re 3 batches now. This would be nice to look at from above! – They’re three now!
– I feel like they’re different… Four! There are more at the back! Look! It reminds me a lot of the Olympic choreographies. Every time there’s an Olympics game, they have these huge choreographies But in fairness, they have a big budget for this video! Look at that, they all have their own lapels (kind of mic). I’d go crazy if the girls suddenly connected with them. Oh my Lord. I have a feeling that they’re just trainees. Are they trainees? It’s like a star! But I commend them! They’re not sweating, or having a hard time breathing. HIM! Oh my gosh, that one guy was handsome, wait I found him already. I found my husband! I’ve heard this before. They’re being trained to be k-pop stars right? I heard that before they even form the group itself, they go through a lot of processes. It’s like they’re being filtered. I feel like this is one example of that? He’s so cute! This is what it looks like when everyone participates in a group project. There’s fireworks since teamwork in a group project rarely happens. That’s actually so true. There’s more down stairs! Yeah Hey, that guy was cute! Bring him back! He’s gone, I can’t find it anymore since they’re so many! Apparently there are more under the stage. Or are they just backup dancers? No, they’re part of it. It’s really like a show/concert. I swear. Where’s the cute guy?! What the ****! There! He’s cute! He looks like a baby~ I want someone who looks like Park Seo Jun! I feel like the ones being raised up on the stage are the best ones. Oh wow, that’s a too much! It’s just a feeling! You never know. What if it is a graduation, [and that symbolizes] rising up? That would be cool! Graduation from their training? That guy on top seems to be really awesome (grabe/daebak)! He’s the one on the very top. Right? I wonder why. But like, It looks so selected because they all look so cute! Oh that’s the guy I found handsome a while ago! Wooooh! *grunts ever so femininely Oh no, him!!! That’s him! Don’t wink at me. I was already tricked before. So what you just watched are both of the introductory videos of Produce 48, and Produce 101 season 2 which is a K-pop reality/survival-talent competition aired in Mnet. – See?! I knew it.
– Oh, we got that right! – That was the intro?
– Really? Ey! I called it! Produce 48 features of 96 trainees from various Korean artist agencies. Some of them also debuted already. And Japanese AKB48 sister girl group members (like HKT48, NMB48, SKE48, and NGT48) competing to get into a group made up of 12 members. – Oh okay.
– Each of them? Dude that’s a lot! See, told you they were trainees. Oh my gosh, I know the lingo. In Produce 101, 101 boys who are either currently trainees, or members from boy groups that didn’t do that well from various agencies in Korea… …compete to get into a group of 11 members. But they only last for 1 year. I get it. Aw. That’s so sad! That’s so hard, how do you stand out? What was the name of their final group? WannaOne! Oh that’s why! I knew it! I see their posters. My sister has a poster at home. My workmate also has a poster. Now that you’ve got to know a bit about the Produce series, what are your thoughts on the show or the video you have just watched? It’s a new creative way of competition. They’re so good that you can see how they trained. If you compare it here in the Philippines, their level of filtering is really different. They really choose. Here in the Philippines, I think it’s changing? In our case? – They seem to be more strict in their training.
– It’s grabe (amazing/intense/daebak*) right? You can’t just underestimate them, they went through a tough path. I want to have it here in the Philippines. But, I don’t know if it’s possible here given how tough the competition is with really frank judges. It shows their culture as well knowing that Japanese and Korean people are really disciplined people. It’s like they’re working too. It’s just that they’re more on the creative side. You really can’t say that we’re more stressed than them since they’re also stressed in a different way. At first we were having hard time since we didn’t know what was going on. My only question is how do you even stand out in that kind of competition since there’s like a lot, and they’re dancing together? At least for me, it was something akin to the Olympics type of choreographies where they have big productions. But it’s funny how it’s for a reality show. I thought that the selection process [in their individual] agencies are pretty straightforward. But the fact that they’re going to do it again, or adding another layer to that is like… What’s their big draw from that? It’s more of like… How do you stand out, and what makes you worthy of being in that competition? Who votes? Is there a panel? Who votes is “the nation” (South Korea/Japan for Produce 48, South Korea alone for Produce 101). They call them National Producers. But they’d probably just get the cutest guy or girl? If you stand out of all of them, then that means you’re really good. They’re all good though. But it’s like having a Field Demonstration (Performance with your whole batch/class in Filipino schools). You have to stand out despite so many people Your parents have to see you or else they’ll swear at you when you get home… “Why didn’t you dance well?!” “Oh! Sorry~” To think that they’ve already been pre-selected by their companies. That’s the worst part. You have to work your a** off just to be on top. They probably stayed up all night memorizing those lyrics, those routines, because the minute that you mess it up, it’s gonna be seen in a big crowd like that. Obviously, they practiced so hard to memorize each step, and lip-synch or probably they’re actually singing so… It was very meticulous. It was very… They have to be very… …precise with their actiojns, and as like I said, everyone had their own camera time. If you see the bigger picture, you’ll realize that a lot of people want it. I thought they were 48, but they were 96. I’m sorry, I can’t do the math. It’s kind of sad in a way that yeah they’re preppy, they’re having, but at the end of the day, not a lot of people get to have a slot. I guess for the competition, it’s a good thing that they’re giving a chance for those that have debuted already. But it seems like there’s not much exposure [on screen]. Not everyone has a chance to share their talents with everyone. We had the same dilemma. When the stages were moving, I asked Ari how many they were because… how will you be seen? It shows how hard it is to be a k-pop idol. I think that’s where perseverance shows itself from their hardships before reaching their stardom. It’s really hard. It’s like getting through the hole of a needle.


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