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  • I've used FIverr for voice over requirements and for when a wordpress site I managed was attacked and I needed it revived. Both cases worked out great, but the price was many times the $5, as you mention. Nice review Dale!

  • Fiverr has been a blessing in my business. That being said, it's also gone belly up for me a handful of times.

    If you are going to use Fiverr I recommend:
    1. Post requests: I've found this indicates who is really active on their accounts as THEY have to seek YOU out instead of the other way around.
    2. Check Out The Accounts Of Request Responders: In their profile look at their overall rating, how many reviews they have, and their previous projects. The style of their previous projects may indicate if they have the style you are looking for.
    3. Be VERY Detailed With Orders: When filling out an order there is no such thing as too much detail. If you want certain colors, don't say black, provide the actual color code (#ffffff). Need your website listed, type it out character for character.

    Great video Dale.

  • As someone who has spent over 2k on Fiverr, I definitely agree with do your research on a gig before ordering. I have had a good experience with the people Ive dealt with on Fiverr.

  • Awesome review. You stuff has been very timely lately for instance I've been doing a lot of orders with them. Everything you said was spot on …especially the refund policy. And I've had weird stuff happen to me like having a credit in my account from a cancellation and then buying a new gig for less than what I have in my account but they didn't deduct from it but charged me again. Crazy I know right.
    The absolute worst thing is the scammers though. I was trying to replace my cover artist so I bought four sample artwork GIGS trying to find the best person. I kid you not but three out of the four didn't want to honor THEIR POSTED RATES….they tried to renegotiate…I was adamant…they are your rates…you posted them not me!
    I stick with FIVERR though because for every 5 losers there is one winner. I've just recently found a fantastic new cover artist.

    To sum FIVERR up….you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your f'ing prince but you WILL find him.

  • Full disclosure: I have several gigs on Fiverr, all with zero reviews/orders. I had one with reviews and orders but Fiverr removed it, claiming copyright issues. They refused to tell me what the issue was and stopped responding to my emails after my SECOND (polite) request for information. Being that I had sent them money on both ends – seller and buyer – I'd have to give their customer service a big fat fail. I asked the Fiverr community what the problem could be and nobody could figure it out. There are other people offering the exact same thing I was – high pr backlinks to their videos/websites. One has over 20k reviews. So I'm at a loss as to what I did wrong.

    I only asked for a refund once and got it right away but as you mentioned, it's a credit to my account and they did tell me they're keeping their fee. Fail on both. I had a guy install Instabuilder 2.0 on my website. It's a great plugin for building landing pages and squeeze pages but the multi-site license is expensive. There are people with agency licenses who can put it on your sites legally and charge $5. So the guy installed it and put in his codes. When I tried to build a page, nothing worked. I sent an email to support and was told my copy was illegal. I sent that email to Fiverr and got an immediate refund. Then I paid someone else, this time confirming she had an agency license. Now I have Instabuilder working.

    A note about reviews (and why I gave full disclosure.) I know what I'm doing and I'm good at what I offer. Nobody orders from me because I don't have any reviews. I can't get reviews until someone orders from me. It's a catch 22. Also, always give reviews, newbies absolutely need them. The new people know they need reviews so when you order from them, they will go out of their way to make sure you're happy. I know I did. I went far above what I offered to get those first reviews. Then I kept going above what I offered. Free bonuses get mentioned in reviews and keep the customers coming. Always give more than what you offer, it's great customer service and great for business. Ordering from someone with no reviews can be risky, for sure. Fiverr has a way of getting rid of the bad apples though. When you accept an order they ask you a few questions about the seller. Answer those questions honestly. If you got scammed, they will deal with the person by deleting their account. My Instabuilder guy is gone. He had 2 good reviews, probably from people who didn't want to rock the boat. Rock that boat! Give a newbie a chance and you might be surprised by the result. I look for the newbies and order from them, it's only burned me once. The pain is real so I help the newbs when I can. Whew, that was longer than I expected 🙂

  • Con #4: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you only invest $5 in your book cover, your interior layout, or (God forbid) your editing, you are flat-out asking for it to be marginal (if not terrible).Yes, you can increase your chances of it not being so bad by doing lots of research, getting sample work done, paying a higher fee within Fiverr's low range, etc…but at the end of the day the less you invest in the quality of your book, the less quality that book is going to have. I appreciate that keeping costs low can be vital for self-publishing authors, and I appreciate that you, Dale, and others like you have found benefits in using Fiverr in your book careers. But I've seen way too many authors take the quick and cheap route in their books and then have to pay way more later to make up for really crappy work. So I will never, ever recommend Fiverr or any other price-based freelancer site to any author I talk to unless they literally have no other options.

  • Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer says:

    I've been curious about Fiverr's offerings, but I just haven't had a bed for anything yet. Funny you mentioned the Sears catalog–I did the same thing with the Service Merchandise catalog! ?

  • I love Fiverr. I have had several eBook covers done, a whole eBook translation from English to Spanish for that huge world-wide Spanish market and even several spokesperson videos for my YouTube book trailers. All positive experiences because I was careful in selecting quality sellers. But don't expect to pay only $5 for anything.

  • Dale I think one day you'll reach 50,000 subscribers and more and you won't be responding to your viewers comments as you so attentively do now. So I'll enjoy them and your other viewers will enjoy them while we can. Thanks

  • Hello Dale, found your channel today and very nice my friend. Nice banners good thumbnails look good there! want to react on this video. I love fiverr made a small video myself (its dutch) you have to watch out for the scammers read lots of reviews and try to interact with the seller. When you find a good seller most of the times they do more then 1 thing. But i agree with you with your cons. Thanx for sharing!

  • high tech gaming says:

    the only thing with that site it has too many scammers for money than sellers who have the skills who cares for the work and not the money.

  • I look at the fiverr low cost deal and I wonder… What is the amount of worktime I would give for 5 dollars? Answer? Well. If they take 1 dollar as a fee then it's really 4 dollars. Then to stay legal I should remove about 25% for taxes and such here in sweden. So… Maybe 3 dollars in the end. 3 bucks… Minimum living wage is around 10 dollars per hour give or take. So… For a 5 dollar fee that I only get 3 dollars out from I would be willing to work for… about 15 minutes…

    Yes… There's options to go up to 500 dollars… And those do seem much more reasonable. But in general I feel that the way it's marketed is misleading as I would not spend that little (a fiver) and expect a quality result because I wouldn't be able to look the worker in the eyes. And I wouldn't do much more than 15 minutes of work for that amount because otherwise I'd be better of flipping burgers.

    Are there gigs that can be done within 15 minutes (including admin of around getting the gig and the final payment)? Of course. But one needs to be realistic about the expectations.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I had no idea that I could transfer my credit back to Paypal! I just did that and all good. I really needed it too, you really helped me today. Thanks buddy!

  • I am a new seller in fiverr but professional. I will provide you 100% unick graphic desigen .please trust me and give me a chance once. Thanks'

  • gyula moldvan says:

    Too be honest they should give a free one week trial or shouldn't charge any service fee cause some sellers dont know what your talking about or dont know what you want at all

  • Mansoor khan says:

    If you want to build your own website in cheap prices in between $5 to 50 please use my fiverr link

  • Writing (rewording and/or proof reading) works for me on Fiverr. Also icon and webdesign is good too. Worst is all marketing related.

  • The refund concept is happening mostly in the US. It is not fair at all in the case of the "digital services". They are not physical products to return them back. People put a lot of Effort and time doing freelancing jobs. they don't sell objects. I am making thoughts to start freelancing as a graphic designer in Fiverr. I have an account with Fiverr for many years. Also, I am aware that many people are very "sneaky" and they want to do the job for them and after lying that their job was not done, in order to get their money back. This is Too UNFAIR for the sellers. So, Refund in digital services is a very bad idea. Buyers should fix their issues with the seller, But not refund the buyers. Who will protect sellers from the "shark" buyers??

  • Elementi Interiors says:

    Hi. I'm a Fiverr consumer since 6 months and I may say I find this platform a good and reliable one for me. I buy blogpost gigs and backlinks for my SEO website, and honestly, yes some gigs are not really well done, but most are, and my SEO now skyrocket since than. For what I pay per Gig, 5 box, plus 2 commission ( agree is a lot, unfortunately ) I'm quite happy with those services. I was refounded too for a missed delivering and no issues. Of course I'm carefully ordering gigs, looking profile sellers accurately and feedback most likely. Overall I have to say thanks to Fiverr, worth for me.

  • Agreed!!!

    Fiverr will refund a buyer NO MATER WHAT.

    You can cry at them all day long but they will come out with the most ridiculous to do list of what you SHOULD HAVE DONE.

    PRO TIP: Write a complaint to BBB and hit the head office, it's the ONLY way to stop these criminals. Take away their BBB status!

  • There are disadvantages on fiverr for sure. But buyers need also to know what they want to order. I am a seller on fiverr and a buyer as well. And I sell also my services on where I actual get paid out faster then in fiverr and are not so limited. But whereever you buy or sell, you always have advantages and disadvantage where you have to live with 🙂

  • My Vegan Gym Map says:

    Hello-Hello 🙂 love your videos!

    Q: Is there another freelance resource for writers that you would recommend? Have you already made a video that talks about such freelance jobs?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm a freelancer on fiverr. Honestly, I think many people are misusing the platform. I've seen some gigs that make 0 sense.But also, there are some pretty good gigs where freelancers do awesome stuff. User experience all depends on the freelancers they hire, are you choosing the right freelancer?

  • Fiverr does NOT refund (June 2019) and will try to keep your money (!) if you file a dispute with your credit card company (don't fall for this and file with your credit card company anyway) after two cancellation attempts that were rejected by the seller after experiencing a slow, poor quality order and contacting Fiverr's "resolution" department who did nothing except support the seller, suggesting I resolve with the seller after 5 long days (and counting). No motivation on the part of low-quality sellers to make things right.

  • Elemental Wisdom says:

    Thanks for the advice. I want to start a translating small business hopefully, just an idea for income. I am just doing research for now. thank you again.

  • I got the bots when I order traffic and music promotions for my online store and my music social sites. I got rhe spike in traffic but no engagement. I felt like something was wrong but there was no one to talk to that I could afford. I found YouTube help affter I spent everything I had on promotion. Now I am tryng to bo more detailed research and be more selective with my choices. Thank you I learned a lot

  • This was very informative, n confirmed a lot of the assumptions I had. Now I know what to look out for n how to avoid scammers. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! ❤️

  • I have been on fiver for years but I didn't got any gig. Either the buyer will not contact back or it is nothing. I am tired. It basically give preference to certain geographical places.

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