Free app to organize your life | Microsoft To Do

Free app to organize your life | Microsoft To Do

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] From work
duties to family reminders, focus your day and keep track of deadlines with Microsoft To-Do. To get started, open Microsoft To-Do and sign into your Microsoft account. This is My Day where you
can focus on only the tasks you wish to accomplish today. This page resets every
night so you’ll be greeted with a fresh space to
focus on your daily tasks. Select add a task, label
it, then click add. Click on the task to enter detailed view. Select remind me to set a reminder or add due date to set
when you need your task to be completed. You can even set the task to repeat, add a file, or add a note. The task you just created will
also appear on the planned list along with all your other
tasks arranged by due date. If you star a task, it will be marked as important and appear on your important list. Back on My Day, any tasks
you didn’t complete yesterday will be available as
suggestions to focus on today. Select the suggestions box and the add symbol to add
those tasks to My Day. Now you’re ready to be productive.


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  • BigBoiBrandon ! says:

    Hey microsoft! My xbox wont display on the tv and the hdmi cable is in the right ports and stuff, but it still wont display on the tv. The tv still works. What do i do?

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