French workers speak out against labor law

French workers speak out against labor law

This is the fifth protest I have
gone to out of nine or
ten so far. We can’t let this El Khomri law
pass, it is a step back for
workers’ rights. The PS government of François
Hollande and Manuel Valls says
it is left wing, but it isn’t. In France overall, I know this law will
impact many companies,
there will be abuses A law that makes such actions
so easy for employers,
and takes away rights from employees, workers or
any social class is bad,
in my view. What do you think of the way
the state of emergency was used
to attack protests, did you think about that when
you came here?
Yes, it is abusive. They pile on the tension
under the pretext of the state of
emergency or other things. So it’s pretty interesting,
how they can use the
state of emergency for their own purposes
and adapt it to different
situations. There is a right to strike,
it is inscribed in
the constitution it may be the only right we still can
use to have an impact and push
things in the right direction. Did you see the strikes in
Belgium against austerity, do
you support the Belgian workers against their government? I don’t know much about what is
happening in Belgium, but I
support the Belgian workers. Do you support striking workers? Yes, totally. In fact, we’re in
a context where if you speak
out and say something, the authorities do not listen at
all, absolutely not.
Striking becomes almost a duty. The people must rise up and
struggle for a true democracy.
Currently, we do not have democracy, we have small groups
of people who work amongst
themselves for the very wealthy.


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  • Über die Streiks in Frankreich wird in Deutschland so gut wie nicht berichtet. Und wenn dann nur sehr kurz, indem man grundsätzlich den Gewerkschaften "Blockadehaltung" unterstellt.

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