Full Contact for Gmail – The Address Book Answer?

Full Contact for Gmail – The Address Book Answer?

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m an embarrassingly high 9, maybe even 9 ½
out of 10. Things are going pretty good. I’m enjoying things. Now one thing that I don’t
necessarily enjoy is the frustration that I occasionally have around my contact manager.
We end up with duplicate contacts. We’ve all got issues with contacts, don’t we?
You’ve got them. It’s like calendars and contacts, you just can’t get them to work
properly. Well, there was a tool that I really liked
that was part of my contact manager tool kit. It was called Rapportive and every time I
was in Gmail, Rapportive would give me nice contextual information about the people that
I was writing to and corresponding with. I loved Rapportive but then Rapportive was bought
by LinkedIn and LinkedIn is changing Rapportive to make it work better for LinkedIn, which
isn’t really making it work better for Steve and for most of you. A lot of us are kind
of a search to find the Rapportive replacement in our life. I might have found it. It’s
called FullContact. This is it right here. I think it is worth having a good look at.
So today, we’re going to talk about contact management utilities, especially for Gmail
but you can use it on other places, today on DottoTech.
Way back in the way back machine, we found this very cool tool, and we’ve done videos
on it in the past, called Rapportive, one of my favorite tools as a matter of fact,
one of my favorite utilities. It such a good utility that it was bought by LinkedIn. They
saw how valuable it was. They bought it and now they’re changing it and it’s not as
good anymore. It’s no fault of LinkedIn, I’m sure. I’m sure they’re trying to
make it better but they’re trying to make it better for LinkedIn, not necessarily trying
to make it better for Steve and for you. So a lot of us who used Rapportive have been
whining about this ad nauseam and we’re also looking for a better solution.
I came across FullContact and FullContact seems to philosophically be looking at helping
us manage our contacts in a really rich and fulfilling way so it is worth a look. Look,
right there at the top it says FullContact for Gmail. They also have full on Gmail integration
which is exactly what I’m looking for. But you don’t have to use FullContact with Gmail.
You can use it outside of Gmail should you choose.
Now what FullContact is basically a replacement contact or address book that allows you to
sync your other address books to it. It acts as an address book hub and address back center
for all of your different address books. What it will do is it will sync all of our contacts
between our different address books, very valuable, especially if it does a little duplicating
them and that sort of stuff. Awesome. It says it will fix duplicates. It will keep all of
our contacts up to date which is a cool service. It’s constantly browsing things in the online
world. This is where that social media integration comes in constantly. If it knows what my Facebook
profile is and it knows about my Twitter account, it’s constantly looking to update information
with individuals, very valuable. It will clean up your contacts. It will also do some importing
of business cards. They put it up as a fairly important feature. I’m not sure it’s such
an important feature for me. Most of us now use our smartphones to import our business
cards anyways but they do have that feature. It’s free to set up. You can sign in with
Google or you can create an account. When you sign up, you will end up in the web interface.
This is the FullContact interface on the web. We haven’t gone into how it works with Gmail
yet. We’ve just basically kind of been setting up our account at this point. At this point,
everything that we’re showing you is free. I still just have the free account so everything
I’m going to show you today is included in the free account.
Now what they do is they kind of give you main tasks, two things that you can be doing
here in the center of the screen: reviewing your new contacts, cleaning up any possible
duplicates. Then they give us notification as in nine hours to sync. One of the benefits
of the premium software, the premium version is it does real time syncing. It’s constantly
bringing your contacts up to date. The free version syncs I think every 24 hours.
Now here’s a list of all of my contacts but what’s interesting is if we go to the
left-hand side into the Tools, we can get to these main areas like going in and dealing
with our duplicates and all that sort of stuff. But they also have the ability to add tags.
I am a big fan of tags. I use them on Evernote a lot. I use them in my CRM, in my customer
relationships management system. Tags allow us to create context around different groups
of people so you can apply multiple tags. If you have a person that is say a blogger
that you follow and they’re also personal friends, you can give them two tags, blogger
and personal friend so that when you’re sorting just personal friends they will come
up, when you’re sorting on just bloggers, they will come up but if you’re looking
for specifically bloggers who are personal friends, they might be the only one that comes
up. So it gives you the ability to be able to search by adding these tags for context
which I find to be very valuable. This is the overall interface. The idea is
this is going to sync between our different address books but where it really comes to
value as far as I’m concerned is when we’re actually in our email and when we’re dealing
with our day to day activities. I’m going to jump over to my email. What I’ve got
here is my update email. That’s why there are so many messages in it. Don’t worry.
But I want to show you how it looks when we’re using it because this is where the rubber
meets the road. When you’re in your email and you’re actually writing an email and
communicating with someone, that’s when you want all of the different context-sensitive
information that FullContact is going to provide for us.
So I’m just going to choose somebody here, somebody like Chris Brogan. I follow Chris
Brogan, I read all of his blogs and I subscribe to his newsletter. This is what an email looks
like when it comes in from Chris Brogan to me. In the right-hand side, this is my FullContact
screen and this gives me my contact information. Now I have added Chris to my address book.
One of the reasons that I added him to my address book is not because I plan to write
to him all that much but instead so that he’s white-listed as far as my email is concerned
so that his emails always get through to me and aren’t classified as spam or anything
else. That’s why I added him as a contact. We can see here if we look at the icons here,
it’s got some little tools that allow me to do things. If he wasn’t a contact already,
it would allow me to add him here as a contact. If I click here, it will bring up his contact
information. All of the different information that it has in the contact manager, it brings
up including the tags that I’ve added to him down here at the very bottom. I’ve also
added notes. You can add notes to each of your contacts which is a tremendously valuable
feature. That’s one of the things that they’ve taken out of Rapportive that’s making people
go a little bit crazy. You used to be able to add notes to people. Now you can add notes
using FullContact. Here I can add new tags. In the tags that
I can create, for instance I already can give him the blogger tagger and maybe I’m doing
some free webinar consulting, I might add that tag. So you can add tags or create new
tags here so that you can sort and organize people as you move ahead. There are the tags
that I’ve applied to him. It’s cutting it off a little. Graphically, it’s not quite
perfect how it sits in the side bar in my version of Chrome but for the most part, it’s
certainly usable as it sits here. The other thing you can do is you can schedule
a calendar invite. If it’s a person that you normally are corresponding with an awful
lot, in this case not kind of like a celebrity type or somebody that you’re reading about,
if it’s an actual business contact you can quickly create a calendar invite to invite
them to a meeting or you can start a Google hangout right from here as well. So you’ve
got some nice additional information happening here.
You can also see access to all of the different networks. Now Chris has an awful lot of different
social networks that he’s engaged in and you can access any of his accounts right from
here. You can jump to the Twitter feed or jump to the Facebook page right from here.
This gives you the different contextual information that you’re looking for around a contact
for free. There it is with Chris. Let me take you to a person who maybe I have
not yet signed up with. Oh there, Rob Hatch. I’ve just started following him. Here is
another blogger that I’m starting to read his newsletter. This is how a person will
look when you’ve just first received contact with them. If I want to add him now to my
contacts, I click here and it creates a contact. So I do that and now he’s been added to
my contacts. He’s been added to my FullContact contacts. He won’t be added to my Gmail
contacts until the sync happens which I think notification has told us is in nine hours.
So nine hours from now, Rob will also be in my Gmail which means that as I start to write
an email, it will autopopulate his address, etc. It will do all those sorts of other things.
It constantly is looking for new information out on web. It’s constantly trying to update
information so over time, it will start to pull down Rob’s social networks that he’s
involved in and I’ll have the same kind of rich information that I’m getting say
on Chris Brogan, for example. So this works on multiple levels for us. It’s constantly
trying to update information for us. It’s looking to fix duplicates. It’s syncing
our contacts between multiple address books which is a fairly large issue and it’s doing
all of that for free. If you want more information, just drop by
the FullContact site. I’ll have a link in the show notes below. For me, I’ve had it
now for three or four weeks. I’m liking it. It doesn’t do everything that Rapportive
does. Graphically, it doesn’t tuck in quite as well in Chrome. At least it doesn’t look
quite as good as Rapportive used to look but I’m sure they’ll fix up those user interface
things. The adding of tags and the ability to integrate notes is crucial. That makes
it a very valuable tool as far as I’m concerned. The ability to quickly just add and create
a calendar invite, that sort of thing is also tremendously valuable. Take a look. Think
that you might indeed like it. I hope you found our video today to be useful.
There are three ways that you can stay in touch with us here on DottoTech. First, please
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We are funded through the support of you, our viewers, through the site, Patreon. Drop
by Patreon and take a look. It’s a very cool concept. That’s really it for today.
Till next time, I’m Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle.


60 thoughts on “Full Contact for Gmail – The Address Book Answer?”

  • Barry McAlister says:

    Thanks Steve, looks good.  Like you I have dropped Rapportive for the same reason.  I have been using the beta version of ProsperWorks.  It also has a great gMail sidebar that works very well and is feature rich including a boomarang email type feature. ProsperWorks is more of a CRM, but Ihink it might be worth a look.

  • Catarina Gonçalves says:

    Just installed it, so far so good. Really like the fact of having tags and being able to customize the display and the order you view the different items. 

  • Hi, thanks for this video and sharing this tool. Would it have any effect on the contacts in my android phone…? Thanks again

  • And there I was wondering, "when is Steve going to post his first video of 2015?" and boom! I just got Full Contact last week and looking for hot tips on how to use it. Perfect viewing with a cup of tea.

  • Antoine Dupont says:

    thanks, just installed it and so far so good. Thanks again for the tip.

    Question for you: I'm looking to improve our company communication this year. We have our website that gathers data, Quickbooks online with all our clients data and Basecamp for project management where we have a whole bunch of more data. We use an internal email marketing tool to send notices and announcements but its not really up to date.To say that our client data is scattered would be an understatement. I'm looking for a tool that could pull from all these sources so when we need to communicate, we don't miss anyone. I know you are the right guy to ask this question. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Michael Easton says:

    I tried FC and I have too many contacts for the free version, so I tried to remove it and it seems to hang on, and on, and on.  It now takes up a big portion of my mail screen in the form of an active ad that is very distracting.

  • Deborah Burkholder says:

    Steve – where do the contacts reside? Is it possible to export data for other uses such as merge documents or if I decide to switch to another contact manager? Thanks for sharing all these great tips!

  • Steve – Thanks so much for your kind words and review. We love helping people get control of their address books and we're thrilled to be on your YouTube channel. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here or email us via support at fullcontact.com 

  • Steve,

    As a founder of Gist (acquired by Blackberry in 2011) and now a board member at Full Contact, thanks for the review. It's great to see smart people like you and your subscribers resonating with the work the FC team is doing.  So much more to come!  

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  • Christopher Sterns says:

    Hi Steve. As usual, good stuff, always informative and valuable. Do you use Sidekick or Ginger?

    You did a video in 2014 about Grammar Software. I'm not sure if you turned me on to Ginger or not. If you did, thank you, thank you.

    Because of Ginger, and other features within Gmail, Gmail has almost become my "exclusive" email program. I use Mac Mail mostly for my personal email, but do have ALL my Gmail accounts added as well.

    Ginger, within Gmail and has become a "MUST HAVE" for me. It's available for Mac Mail, but as a Safari extension. http://www.gingersoftware.com/

    Sidekick, since I'm in sales, is great for tracking emails. I love how I'm able to track whether or not my emails are read. 

    Big fan, Happy New Year, looking forward to viewing more great videos from Dottotech!

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  • Hi there !
    Just to tell that fullcontact doesn't work if the extension "split pans" is activated in Gmail labs and if you choose vertical or horizontal separation in your google interface.
    That's the reason why I sent an email to fullcontact's helpdesk. That answered very quickly about this issue that is well known in the actual version. They will be making functionality modifications in the near-future.
    In the meantime, to carry on with fullcontact, I've switched my gmail interface to "no separation" and, actually, I find it quite convenient 😉

  • @Gérard Laloux – Just wanted to respond to your post below and let you know that we pushed an update on Friday that now supports the Google Labs Preview Pane functionality.

    If you install the updated version, you'll notice that adding the extension to Vertical Split mode makes things a little cramped – particularly on smaller screens. If you're on a Macbook Air or any laptop with a smaller screen, Horizontal Split mode may be more to your liking.

    Regardless, you can now go back to the split screen view, if you like. 🙂 Thanks for giving us a try!

  • Michael Dames says:

    Hi Steve, thank you very much for this video. Unfortunately google placed all the zip-codes behind the name of the city (in Germany it is usualy placed in front of it). By the way, I had the same effect in the past, when synching google contacts with outlook. It seems to be a google-problem. If anyone knows how to get rid of this problem, I would be grateful.

  • Can someone please take me through the steps on how to sync contacts between two gmail accounts using Full Contact? Or do I have to purchase the premium version to do this? I am currently logged into Full Contact using this gmail account, but I don't know where I go to add another gmail account in order to sync the contacts. Please help. I created this email account for my father, and I want him to use his contact list that I created for him (over 1500 contacts), but I don't want him to receive the email along with this account because it would overwhelm him, so I just want to sync the contacts into another gmail account for him so that he only uses it for the contacts. Thanks, Elise

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  • Steve,

    Love your show! So helpful to almost everything I do. I was wondering if you are using the new version of Full Contact; the UI seems to have changed for the Gmail client (free account) — and it feels a little bit more klunky inside my account, now. Might just be me! I emailed their team and they are super responsive, but they confirmed the new version has changed, and some of the features are different.

    Are you still using it? If so, noticing any major differences? If not, what other products would you recommend?

    Thank you!


  • Great problem of Full Contact: SUBSCRIPTION. I just hate subscription software. I don't mind paying once for a good software, but subscriptions I keep for my Health Insurance plan, Kids school, Telephone bill etc, not for software, come on.

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  • Charles Collins says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the videos. Very helpful, informative and practical. I realise this one of Full Contact is over a year old and so I guess you have managed the screen issue you mentioned. If you click on the 3 lines next to the cog you get the option to split screen [vertically or horizontally] and this makes Full Contact fit perfectly.

  • Hi Steve , thanks for the very useful videos. I run a small business with around 300 customers and am looking for a basic crm to both manage and group mail them, preferably within or using gmail , any suggestions would be much appreciated . best regards Mike.

  • Full Contact is malware, it collects your contacts, and copies them to a central database for Full Contact to exploit. If you're in business, why would you EVER give free access to your contacts?? This is from their user agreement:

    "Information Collected via FullContact Apps and Developer Apps. When you use a FullContact App or Developer App, the app will collect End User Contact Data from your address books. “End User Contact Data” means information about your contacts that we collect from your address book(s) or your email and includes first name, last name, birth date, age, email address, gender, company, job title, photos, website urls, social network handles, instant messenger handles, physical address (but does not include any information that you provide when you register for any of our Sites or Services or Developer Apps)(collectively, “End User Contact Data”)."

    The information they are collecting is unsubstantiated and unverified, also, would you want some stranger to have the ability to find your home address and phone number simply by adding an email address to the Full Contact software??

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  • kurtmichaelson says:

    Hi Steve, it's been almost 2 1/2 years since you did this video. Do you still use Full Contact? How well has it been working for you?

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  • When I googled the app, I saw it is now available on the App store and this truly multi-platform syncs your contacts across your iOS, Mac, PC, and other mobile devices, as well as your Gmail, Exchange, Office365, Twitter and other accounts.
    It also received: “The Best Business App of 2015” – Mobby Awards.

  • Raymond VanderWall says:

    Hi Steve:
    Love your explanations and your voice is clear and not too fast and easy to understand unlike several others.
    I have been trying to copy some of my contacts rather than adding in the same information over again such as family members. I started out with a contact for mom & dad which was alright but now they have 3 kids and all the same addresses but different phone numbers. when texting or e-mailing i would like to have each one separate especially now that the kids are starting off to collage and will soon have there own addresses. I don't want to deal with a lot of duplicates but i do want to copy and just change a name, number, address, or something else which will make them different. Do you know of a way i can do this in my gmail contacts? or am i stuck retyping in the same info under a new name each time?

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    Steve, It's been a year since Kurt asked you about FullContact. Do you still use it? Do you have an update video? Is there a video comparison on what's available in 2018? How does Infosoft integrate?

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  • Unexptected (,/'_'.)

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