Full Time Online jobs in Philippines 2019 from Upwork Higher Salary – Beginners Tutorial

Full Time Online jobs in Philippines 2019 from Upwork Higher Salary – Beginners Tutorial

Hello guys It’s James again Have you watch my video about Fiverr? This is also freelance but for me this is better If you search a job here, there are lots of available jobs it’s ranging from 600 to 1,000 per jobs and it gain more every hour What else is nice here? Job descriptions indicates the work duration it can be 3 to 6 months or more than 6 months You can choose from that You can be paid here hourly or fixed rate wherein each project, you get a payment right away This is good for specialist like architects, engineer, data analyst or graphic designers This is also good for us that are generic like data entry transcription or testing applications in your mobile There are lots here I know people who earns well here Let’s go to the website of Upwork Welcome to Upwork This is part one and I will show you what Upwork has Registration is for part 2 Before you register, check first if you’ll like it Finish until the last part I will tell you a lot of important things here so you’ll know if you’ll like it Some might just register then quit Watch this video first What is Upwork? It is a platform of employers, employees, and freelancers You’ll just submit a proposal here They can hire you or hire others What can you do here in Upwork? There are lots Post what you’re interested at Web, Mobile, and software development I will not enumerate each Usertesting and app testing are here too You can find it in Web and Mobile IT and Networking, if you’re knowledgeable about it Data, Science, and Analytics Engineering and architecture the proof of payment we showed from Ms. Reyes an architect Engineers can work here You can get projects here Design and creative for photoshop video editor If you’re good at that, choose this Writing Those who don’t have special talent we’ll go here at editing and proof reading resumes and cover letter We can do that Translation I have not yet seen tagalog translations there Legal is for lawyers Admin support This is where we’re categorize For normal people What is data entry? This is where they’ll give you a webpage you’ll copy details there then transfer it to excel that’s what data entry is Web research for researching like address of suppliers in Canada You’ll search it in the internet for their addresses Personal and virtual assistant This are more like project-based with longer contract like 3 to 6 months mostly for virtual assistant or longer Transcription is what I am always telling you about You’ll type what the audio is saying Admin support other They’ll just give you tasks there Customer Service is more like CSR call centers Sales and marketing Accounting and consulting There are lots Just choose whatever you can do there Most likely, choose admin If in Fiverr you’ll wait for a client, here it’s vice cersa you’ll approach them first but there are lots Let’s try Search for Tutor Just search that 652 jobs in one search those posted are mostly just 15 minutes ago There are lots of jobs being posted here This is well-known You will always have someone to submit proposal here Let’s go back This is where I can say I’m good at Application Tester for iPhones and Androids Just search there of what you want These are the available jobs These are not what we are really looking for This, super easy iOS app testing job experience needed You just need an iPhone or iPad Let’s click that He needs 10 freelancers He’ll pay fixed 5 dollars Entry level is for newbies like us Those who haven’t dictate price yet If you’re here long enough, you can name your price here That’s what’s nice about it About the client He has lots of reviews already He made a lot of project here already He’s from Canada These are his jobs He posted a total of 2,000 jobs already He needs 10 freelancers Just read that Instruction You just need to test it in iOS This is just a one-time project It’s not weekly and not hourly too, just one-time Activity on this job: Proposals, 20 to 50 Those are your competitors who already submitted 20 to 50 people already submitted Last viewed by client He checked on this 17 hours ago He has not interviewed anyone yet and hasn’t invited anyone too You still have a higher chance here These are nice reviews about him No feedback or five star If you like this job, Just submit a proposal or save job so you can come back at it later Job details were just repeated You need two connects here What is connects? This is what you need to apply You’ll have 60 connects per month then most jobs require 2 connects You can only submit 30 proposals every month Make sure to submit only on what you like and can do Terms is for payment He’ll pay 5 dollars fixed Upwork has a 1 dollar commission It’s not a fixed one dollar The higher the pay, the higher commission they get You’ll receive 4 dollars then How long will this project take? Less than one week It’s better if it’s just less than a week if you can do it just quick Additional information Cover letter is where you type your experience Have you tested Apple devices before anything about why he should hire you Put that in your cover letter Do you have iPhone or iPad? Yes iPad Air 2 Tell them the type Be specific for less message Once you’re done, you can attach pictures of tests you’ve taken before or proof of payments any evidence then submit the proposal Make your cover letter nice so they can hire you and not others Let’s try to search other jobs That’s just one example You can do a lot here Let’s try transcription Those who want transcribers 1,279 jobs Choose where you fit in Better if the proposal is just low for less competitors English audio Lawyer need English Audio transcription interviewer You can see their fixed prices here estimated budget 150 dollars It’s a bit high You will transcribe 3 hours and 40 minutes audio It’s long audio that’s why the price is high He’ll pay 150 dollars for that Payment verified means he had deposited already spent over 2,000 dollars here in Upwork from Ukraine Most of what they do here is hourly Let’s check this Transcription QA needed Let’s click this and it’s hourly Earlier, we see fixed prices, this one is hourly Hours to be determined 6 months for a long project but it’s just entry level price of 3 dollars hourly and 6-month contract More than Pays per hour I just showed you that there’s hourly payment too Depends if the client just wants one project that’ fixed price it can also be longer so they pay hourly You can see tabs on top Find work, your saved jobs, proposals you submitted, your profile Optimize your profile well They also have tests here This is for free You’ll take it You’ll get a score here and it’ll be posted in your profile This is like your certificate so they’ll like you more Just take whichever as it is for free It’ll be posted in your profile My Jobs, are your jobs Report, I haven’t understand this well yet Message is if you got a reply from your proposals As of now, I don’t have any message On the right side are your submitted proposals I submitted 11 already I only have 38 available connects That’s it If you see a job that you can do here and you want the way they pay wherein Upwork gets commission This is job anyway so it’s okay Upwork is more on Freelancing job It’s contractual You’ll be paid per task given It’s not like working on it for 6 months but there are also jobs here that’s like that It depends on your client It’s not also free jobs wherein if there’s a survey, you’ll assign it to your self it’s not like that It’s a bit like contractual If you liked the video Please click the like button If you want to see more videos like this, Subscribe to my channel Click the bell to get notified for new uploads Part 2 is about how to register It’s a bit hard to register here When I uploaded this video, Upwork has been here for a while already a lot are here before us but there are ways It took be one month before I got the way I will teach you on part 2 in registration on what you need to do It’s just a tip and not guaranteed I’ll just tell you how I did it On how I got verified You can register but you can’t submit proposals if you’re not verified That’s it. Thank you.


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