100 thoughts on “Gaetz slams impeachment witness for Barron Trump joke at hearing”

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz was on fire! I’m so glad she addressed that idiot professor Karlan — she presented as a stupid woman . A clear ideologue & partisan … more disgruntled Democrats!!! It’s a clown show!

  • silvestre miranda says:

    Feldman, Karlan, and Gerhardt are scholars of law coming from IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY, however they did not show anything except bias opinions no facts.

  • If trumpf is so concerned about corruption, and it is his responsibility as president to find corruption, then how come trumpf has given Billions of dollars in foreign aid the past three years, including millions to the Ukraine, and never once, not ever, not one time, has trumpf EVER withheld any money, or even said anything about corruption, from any country, because he was 'concerned' about corruption. All of a sudden, only now, with Ukraine and with the Biden’s is he so concerned about corruption. So I guess that means that the Ukraine is the ONLY corrupt country the U.S. ever dealt with.
    F*CK ALL republicans.


  • Martha is a leftie! Cannot stand her! She should join Megyn Kelly on some other MSM Fake News Show! I turn her and Shannon Bream off.

  • I can think of no human being that is more deserving of being named the most deplorable person of the week than Matt Gaetz. I certainly hope that the people of his district are noticing that they sent a real scumbag to Washington to represent them.

  • LMBO at you brainwashed pbrain republicunts. If TRAITOR Trump told you that he was Elvis Presley you'd believe it. Then if the news media and the Democrats told you that he isn't Elvis Presley you'd be saying yes he is Traitor Trump told us that he is. Question for you PBRAINS. If the Democrats were doing what traitor Trump's doing would you support the Democrats? You republicunts take the word ignorance above and beyond what it means. Dumb D dumb dumb

  • Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca says:

    I don't think it's presidential to go overseas and talk about problems at home that's like having an argument with your wife and going to work and telling everyone I am neither Republican or Democrat I like Fox news but this President is unhinged let's be realistic about that people he's not shaking up the system he's destroying it

  • Rust belt American Patriot says:

    These people totally embarrass themselves ! I don't see how they can stand in front of their students today and say that they participated in this unfair biased impeachment proceedings and still have credibility to their names after this

  • These Prof's have geared their life towards telling others what/ how to think and have stopped listening or thinking critically a long time ago. They're tediously living in the past and using mental gymnastics to bind their opinions with laws and spirit of the Constitution, most people don't know any better than to think they are unbiased because of their degrees and habit of preaching from ivory towers.

  • Rep gaetz my type of florida congressman kicked idiot karlan on insult of barron trump.shes a trump hater and loser..stupid .she should be. Belongs with the lazy and reckless ,left losers her hate so so noted by our Floridians.

  • GOP is so low, no morals, Trump barking dog, no more a respectable political party but a Trump party – "A fish rots from the head down".

  • Bill Clinton was impeached, but at the end of the day A Republican held Senate decided not to remove him. Think such wisdom would come from a dem controlled senate today?

  • Gaetz did great… attacking kids is wrong and that lefty cranky woman should have known better… shame on her! I would like to know how hearings like this can be set up to be mainly left instead of even sides. Time for arrests to be made for all the lies being told. This needs to stop. And if the left thinks impeachment will get them votes, they are wrong. Even if Trump wasn't running many of us will never vote for anyone from the left again after watching all these wasted tax dollar staged shows. They have only themselves to blame for their behavior.

  • Good guy here Man on a mission says:

    tRump insults people all the time and Fox is Ok with that but let the occasional joke be pointed his way and they try to make a story out of it!

  • "When the President said, 'Do us a favor', he was using the royal 'we' there. It wasn't a favor for the United States- he should have said, 'Do ME a favor.' Because only say kings say 'us' when they mean 'me'."
    What?? WHAT???? That angry pink ear-hat wearer is NUTS! Were the Dems shopping for the three most haughty, better-than-thou, nose-air'd college instructors? If so, they got a good Black Friday 3forone.

  • Lawrence S A Attrill says:

    Fur ball get real, 5 minutes and act like a women ask a dumb question. Yu think you should look at a question, anilize possable answers. I said right off the bat (time) stupid.

  • Good guy here Man on a mission says:

    Professor Pamela Karlan showed class and remorse over her comment and apologized during same session she made the mistake! Trump insults whole American cities, let’s see if he has any class an apologizes… I suspect Trump has no class!

  • Gaetz and others need to read "People are confused about what is actually an 'attack' on a politician's child" from the Washington Examiner. Trump people are wound up because Don backed himself in a corner… this (and that about impeachment) comes off as fake outrage by lame drama queens – Nunes and Jordan are the worst.

  • The whole Impeachment is a lie, I read the transcript and Trump never threatens to withhold aid, and the Ukrainian President says he was not pressured. It's been one lie after another since Trump ran for president. First lie was Trump is a racist. Second lie the Russia collusion that never took place. So many lies I don't need to type them here. So basically the Democrats are saying to me and everyone else that voted for Trump, we don't care about your vote and we will keep fabricating lies until we get him. All this does is help Trump to get re-elected in 2020. My hope is he does even better in his second term than the incredible job he has done in his first term especially with all the lies and attacks this man has had to endure. I salute you President Trump, you embody the American spirit and are a true patriot.

  • I've got it ! All the above average IQ people are conservatives, and all the below average IQ people are democrats. No wonder they win, you can't debate a potato.

  • So, I guess it's only OK for our president to call everyone names? This woman in no way disparaged Trump's son. Just more evidence of the Republican's double standard when it comes to anyone they don't like. BTW, why is it that no one said anything about Trump referring to Barron as "Melania's son" in front of the cameras? He doesn't even acknowledge that Barron is his own son.

  • The MAGAs have no problem criticizing this, but are complacent to condemn the thousands of childish, ignorant actions of the POTUS (and crew) WITHOUT apologies.

  • The Republicans just gaslight. They know they have no way of defending Trump so they just deflect and divert. If Trump is so innocent, why isn't he himself taking the stand or letting anyone testify? Because it's not illegal for him to lie on Twitter or in a press conference but it is illegal to lie under oath. He can't testify.

  • You know that we must look as stupid to these elites as they treat us! That is why we are always looking up their nose, because
    they are always looking down it!

  • This is just getting more boring and unreasonable. The elephants in the room are the Bidens and Barisma, and what did Obama get out of this. Corruption of the office of Vice President and possibly President by a stinky corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch should make everyone cringe and seek the truth. Punishment should be swift and let all Americans know corruption will not be tolerated.

  • John Butterworth says:

    The Dems, "What are we going to do when Biden is called in for questioning?". "Maybe we should have told the truth?"

  • Harvard Prof Noah Feldman jumped into conclusion without the evidence but merely base on his personal opinion. Harvard professor was not credible. He may be an intelligent professor but obviously dumb inside the court of law. Bias liberal professor and a shame to all his students.

  • “I didn’t see republicans try to dismantle their argument…”

    I guess you didn’t hear the part where the Republican witness ripped the entire thing to shreds.

  • The three liberal professors lectured on how Trump had violated the Constitution and why he deserves impeachment. The right-wing professor didn't disagree that Trump had done bad and unconstitutional things but said the investigation should take longer. That wasn't exactly a vote of confidence.

  • Thanks to all the witnesses for sharing your expertise today and reviewing the facts obtained under oath during the house hearings.

  • With all the denigration this so-called president has done, even before he got in office, oh please! Get over it. Hete we go grasping at anything to distract from the fact that we have a criminal ruling the country! Insane… who's the ❄ now!? Hippocratic cult.

  • Democrats seem worse than our Socialist Labour Party, weren’t the smears against the Covington children enough for them that they need to pick on more children. Also for the life of me how is asking another nation for evidence of a criminal act election interference, if no evidence President Trump has egg on his face and if evidence is there taxpayers dollars are protected in future

  • There's no reason to bring Barron Trump into this circus, and what the professor said has no relevance whatsoever. These hearings are based on the opinions of liberal professors and nothing to do with what President Trump did, which is nothing impeachable.

  • stevebrownrocks says:

    I watched the entire show yesterday, & it was clear from the start that these "professors" are nothing more then left-wing anti-American national socialist eggheads that practice brainwashing & indoctrination at their "schools". When the honest guy said his piece at the end of the blithering from the hard-core Trump-haters they were shocked to hear actual truth coming from him. It was beautiful, & Matt Gaetz calling out the crazy woman activist for mentioning Barron in her lame little attempt at a joke(?) just destroyed them! ???

  • Jordan and Collins are orators also and they are true American citizens, Do they remind us of Cicero defending the Republic of Rome before the Socialist minded Senate who opted for a central led government who loved to smear and ridicule everything good? Does this mindset evolve into totalitarian power forced on citizens in the guise of an Emperor or King? Does Republicanism (rule of law), if not fought for lead to Democracy(mob rule) morphing into Socialism or worse Communism. headed by a Totalitarian Dictatorship or King? After this last event will society descend into total collapse. Does a dark age follow before a renaissance offers a glimmer of hope? When will we ever learn histories great lesson?

  • Melania, you Mattie and the MAGAts are free to go cry a river of ignorant hypocrisy elsewhere over your Mushroom Spawn. Republicans wrote the book on making anything and anyone fair game for ridicule, derision, scorn, mockery and disdain.

  • To call liberal Professors for their view of impeachment, specifically Trump, is so ridiculous. I cant believe they actually think that would change minds. Its laughable. It makes me wonder what they will come up with next.

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    Those lawyers need fired, let's pull other presidents phone calls OMG how much more stupid can our Congress get, and why are their lawyers of all people giving their bias in a what's suppose to be a FAIR court.
    I could give a rats a$$ what these liberal lawyers THINK!

  • If you bypass all the [fake] news and listen to all those that have provided testimony in their own words (via youtube etc.) its pretty clear what this president did and why. If he is not called on his actions, he will do it again…and again. You know that. YOU KNOW THAT!

    Are we all just zombies or sycophants – can we not think for ourselves and do the right thing?

  • Most Americans aren’t interested in communism and fundamentally transforming this country. If communism is our future the world is doomed.

  • Educated idiots. Thats what my mother called people like this many years ago. Only one acted like he had any sence. If this is "ellite" I am glad I am not one. I will take common sence and truth any day.

  • Scary that students are/will be sitting in the classrooms of professors Pamela Kartan, Noah Feldman, and Michael Gerhardt. I doubt from their testimony that any of them are aware of the corruption in Ukraine — even Obama wanted an anti-corruption agency started there — it's my understanding it was started and was headed by a corrupt oligarch who stole American tax dollars. And why would President Trump's attorney (Guilliani) not want to further look into evidence that came forward about the slanderous RussiaGate having roots out of Ukraine. And why on earth shouldn't the quid pro quo of Joe Biden and the seating of Hunter Biden on Burista's board of directors with a $50,000 per month salary not be investigated? Any American president and congress had better investigate fully the goings on in a country before giving away our citizens tax dollars. President Trump has been very cautious about that in regards to many other countries besides Ukraine, as he well should be. Thank God for the one professor that spoke yesterday who made me not frightened for our youth entering a classroom; Professor Jonathan Turley -he spoke with intelligence and clarity – he has no idea how appreciated a mind like his is in this world of ours today … especially in contrast to the democratic minds currently in the House of Representatives. And thank you to the republican minority — you too give me hope for our civilization, laws, and Constitution. Facts apparently don't matter to the democrats and the 3 of the 4 professors.

  • the supreme court should intervene to put an end to the House's abuse of power — they have the authority to do this.

  • Gaetz did a great job responding to her stupid, class-less joke. Sad these people are professors yet she makes a minor the butt of her joke. Seriously that dumb woman thought she was so clever I hope she’s ashamed of herself for the humility she will have caused that boy

  • Demontre Oguinn says:

    So President Trump doesn't reveal emotion when he talks about women and certain races in the United States of America and the way he does he's not revealing anything about himself?

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    This “indignation” over remarks that the President “can’t appoint nobility” reeks of hypocrisy coming from people who said nothing when the President caged children, and tosses insults around like confetti at a wedding. Please, give us a break.

  • That’s gonna be the norm now every Democrat that gets in the office we’re gonna have to impeach him dig into their past dig into their families and impeach the races that’s the way the norm is going to be now we cannot go get nothing done but impeachment impeachment impeachment

  • This is the biggest non-story in a while. Barron wasn't the "butt" of a joke. We was the subject of a pun. Big difference. The negative reference to the butt of a joke is missing. His dad, however, is the butt of many jokes. As much as Trump is reviled, Barron is fairly left out of the conversation. Shame, a wealth of fun to be had.

  • Why not?
    Because they are stating OPINIONS, not facts.
    Why waste valuable time arguing with these nitwits about their OPINIONS

  • Myrna De Perio LaFauci says:

    Professor Karla. Is the wicked witch of the democrat party? The latest muse, who is paid to say nasty things about the young son of Pres. TRump!Karla. Just lost her title of professor after this nasty remark!!!

  • Alexis de Tocqueville observed in 1835:
    “A decline of public morals in the United States will probably be marked by the ABUSE of the power of impeachment as a means of crushing political adversaries or ejecting them from office.”

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