GET PRODUCTIVE • Bullet Journal, Sketchbook, Notebook …  – Boost Creativity #4 ~ Ursula’s Tips

GET PRODUCTIVE • Bullet Journal, Sketchbook, Notebook … – Boost Creativity #4 ~ Ursula’s Tips

Hi everyone I hope you’re doing well today we find ourselves for a video about the bullet journal
but not only in fact I really want to share with you
all the tools that I use everyday to be more
creative to organize my days to plan & manage my life in a general and really to be more productive, more efficient, more
creative. If you do not have a bullet journal If you have not started yet
if you hesitate to start a bullet journal. I do recommend you
to take sticky notes to write down ideas, to mix ideas,
to work with ideas it’s what I like to do and what I do
in addition of using my bullet journal because I know there are plenty
of ideas that I do not necessarily want to keep and having that on
sticky notes it can help sort it out. I already told you about the Sprint method which uses a lot of sticky notes and which recommend to really note everything that goes through
your mind and then sort and organize. It’s really what
I try to do and what I did for example for a next video that
will come on my channel. What I do is I write down a lot of things on my sticky notes I change the order and then I write
the closest result to the final result. What I want to
remember from my little moment of brainstorming and if you work with some people from time to time do not hesitate to use sticky notes because that it’s really great everyone can write down their ideas and then you can group ideas together Then feel free to really write what is really important it’s also great for books. Being able to write down ideas like that if you want to rework
with these ideas, rethink these ideas, retain them too these ideas because the fact of having to
to renot after it is not bad it forces you to do it too because
seeing all these sticky notes like that I say to myself I must take back this
book, I have to renote things unlike the last book I have
finished which I did not take any Notes
so I do not want to go back to it. That’s it, a little tips write down ideas from
books with sticky notes to then rework with these sticky notes Notebook can also allow to do the same thing except that it’s harder to
move ideas so you have to rewrite everything and change everything in order so it’s a little more complicated but it is easy to take everywhere a little notebook. Especially this one it’s the Nuuna which is so cute. I also bought it for that I bought it on Amazon but it’s a German brand. We can
find it on their website too It also has tiny dots
which can help to make a bullet journal I know some people use it to do a bullet journal and what is really good it’s the size
it’s convenient you can take it everywhere. The idea
with this type of notebook is to note everything that goes through our head note
a maximum of ideas. you can then also rework, rethink.
When they are really related to a video subject or in connection with my
work I try to note in my journal bullet then i
can really find them easily, but if you do not have a bullet journal and you do not know how to be creative that you have trouble to bring out your ideas
do not hesitate to take a notebook or to take sticky notes.
The disadvantage of sticky notes is that you can’t really keep them. If you
want to keep everything in one place write on a notebook it’s even better
and if you feel like doing a bullet journal this is the top step I already made two other videos about the
bullet journal specifically I’ll put the links here and in the description box below if you want to have more information on it, see little my
evolution, my progression, see how I started, how I created my very
first bullet journal because it’s not easy the first time.
You do not really know how to do so fell free to go watch this video if it interests you it’s been a little over a year since
I use the bullet journal and I am very very very satisfied very happy to use
it because it’s great to group a maximum of
things, infos organization, planning and
so I use this one that I have completed and I bought exactly the
same I put little date tags
of the month I started and I love this vintage look
I also wrote bullet journal on this one it’s a moleskine with the connected pen
which I spoke to you about in the previous bullet journal video. It’s a connected pen that allows you to record what you write in
the notebook which goes with it and you can find everything on your phone and that’s
really something that I find great when I’m outside
I have everything on my phone and it allows to actually save everything
that there is in my notebook example I have a pdf format of my previous BuJo that I can re-read and actually keep for a very
long time. it really allows some cool features, it avoid typing on the computer avoid all that is about transcribing I really planned my weeks in my BuJo What I like is being able to put every week on the
double page and have underneath the goals, which then allows me
to put the tasks that I do not know not exactly which day I’m going to
do them in the goals section then replace them in the week. I note my appointments I note tasks that can be very varied planning can help being much more motivated, much more productive and
effective I also notice a lot of thoughts, things that go through my head in my bujo it allows to evacuate and feels good I also note books for example that
I want to read, books that I already read to do better editing for my videos that also allowed me for some videos to not forget anything simply by taking some notes. I had tested … and that’s
Ingrid of the Parenthese Tuto channel who gave me the idea to use masking tape or washi tape to make tabs like that I did just two when I thought about doing it and I
started with the first one which is a masking tape quite thick and that
it’s really practical I tested it on the length of the page and unfortunately this one as it is a little thick it tends to not well
hung up and I did not do on all the length of the page What I thought is to simply do a real interlay and it was great it was
the revelation if you are looking for a a little practical tip. Now
I decided for the new bullet journal to make a calendar
over the year to note the books and cultural activities
that I did. I note books, movies series and museums or
exhibitions I did. the bullet journal helps me to note random things that I do not want to forget. I am now trying to follow some activities but I note them in particular for example the watercolors I’m really going to follow what I’m doing for my first month of learning watercolors so I really noticed
what I was doing with writing beside this what I learned in the
day it’s important for me to have more
info actually when I track down an activity and I do not want to track down
all my activities I added a meal section in my bullet journal
that I will reproduce every week every month especially. We try with David every week to prepare our meals for the week especially for
evening in advance because in the evening we do not have the motivation, we don’t want to cook … so we usually try to prepare our meals on Sunday evenings. There are exceptions that happen but the important thing is to do it and i think it can really motivates me trying to jot down some ideas from
recipes and ingredients I would like to eat. I did too, I started the mood board what I recommend you to do if you also want to boost your creativity I already told you about
many times so there is an example I did one. I want to make one for the
February that I have not done yet so I’ll put it in my new bullet
journal i think it’s great to do it in a notebook or bullet journal,
it allows you to keep it with you and you can bring it everywhere if you need it.
I like the side at hand in general of what I do. I like little
formats too if I have to confess it’s in general even for my watercolors
I like small formats which leads us to the 3rd … 4th thing
that I have now for stimulate my creativity is my sketchbook I started with watercolor special sheets finally the watercolors that I preferred are the ones I made on little ones
formats so I told myself that in fact a sketchbook could be very very
good for me and I make a maximum of things in it scribble and doodle
a little what i want try some techniques try some colors try some materials textures combinations and that’s really
allow me to experiment things that’s what also allows me to
boost my creativity even if you do not do watercolor
do not hesitate to take a notebook in which you can doodle, draw,
bring out what you have in mind which are not words me for example
I know that I think a lot in pictures in sensations. Sensations are a
little harder to transcribe but have a place where you know you can
doodle make out what we have in mind that is not words it’s
also very very well so this one is also a moleskin is the art plus sketchbook it’s 160 g for paper and it’s not bad in general we
takes more than 200 g or more for watercolors but I find that it absorbs
rather well the material for some drawings where I know I’m going to
use a lot of water or a lot of material, that
can curl the paper I use special sheets,
watercolour paper that I cut & paste. There for example it is a creation that I am doing. I have not finished. Besides that it’s part of a small end of what I did up there collage but segmented this is the first time I did that it was a
experimentation I have not finished experimenting because I
want to make drawings inside for example also I took some
black paper to draw on black it is hyper interesting, hyper
original, super different, that’s also help work on creativity since
you must adapt to the paper I’m doing small experiments small tests and and it’s very nice Last thing I wanted to talk to you about and
I do not do it myself the daily journal or travel journal where you group both your thoughts your feelings if you really do like a diary paste things for example that remind you the day you
have lived note what you did if you go on a trip that really allows
to remember the memories by reviewing this journal so that’s
really very very cool and I do not know if I’m going to do it because that
seems to be really taking a lot of time to do but it’s something
that I find very creative and who I think stimulates a lot the creativity because it’s a mix between the mood board personal diary and even the bullet journal if we note what you did it also allows us to track down what we did it’s an idea if you want to try. Feel free to check it out on youtube watch on youtube there are plenty of videos on this topic on youtube There are really many tools you do not have to use everything but these are things that I recommend you to test and to experiment to
see if that can suit you it really helps to get organized to be more productive because we see what we have to do we see what we did too it also helps to be more creative since there are more ideas on which
we can come back or try we experiment and it’s true that creativity is
works by doing different activities by being in a mental process, in a mental state rather special where we experiment I really wanted to share with you my little ideas my little tips my
little advices hoping that it can be useful. Feel free to tell me in
comment what you do What do you use as a tool? Tell me what you do by commenting share your tips and advices to boost creativity it could be very
helpful to everyone and I see soon for a next video Like Comment Share Subscribe if you have not already and
see you soon stay creative 🙂 xoxo


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