what’s up friends Doug Cunnington here
we’re talking about getting more done in less time now want to make sure everyone
can hear me but I’m gonna go over a couple quick exercises that you could do
that will hopefully help you get more stuff done in less time I’m going to
mention a couple of announcements as well I know it takes a couple minutes
for people to hop on notifications come out or do not come out but we’re gonna
roll with it a see success rollercoaster is on good to have you on so couple
things to mention now there are a few links in the description so check them
out one announcement I have today is the Productivity masterclass is indeed out
that’s one of the reasons I’ve been talking about productivity and it’s one
of the reasons I’m talking about productivity today now I’m not just
gonna try and push the course or anything like that because it’s a beta
version and I actually need to limit the number of people in there so I could
work with them individually so this is going to be helpful like most of my
videos a couple big things that people do to sort of I guess sabotage
themselves when they’re trying to get a lot done is they try to do they try to
do too many things and it’s really difficult because here is the reality
for most people let me know in the chat by the way if you’re around we got fur
hand on welcome one of the kind moderators and one of the new students
thank you for hopping on good to have you on here you’ll notice a book of
productivity a stack of productivity books behind me and I’ll talk about
those in a second but the thing is a lot of us are busy right so full-time job
you have a family maybe if you have a full-time job you have to commute and
maybe you have other obligations maybe you have children right so that takes
time just to spend time with them as well and probably one of the most
important things you can do right so it’s not that you have to spend time
with them it’s just it you know it’s reality that’s the time
that you want to spend additionally they may have like
activities maybe volunteer maybe you’re like a coach for a team or something
like that very very common if you have more than
one child you probably want to do that for multiple of the kids that’s a lot of
time and I could appreciate like how a person would have to balance and then
put on top of that you may have to be driving back and forth depending on
where you live driving back and forth to practices or
that sort of thing could take just hours all alone so the
fact is we’re all super super busy and it’s very difficult to you know get
things done or if you just have a hobby maybe you don’t have kids maybe you’re
trying to take you know a pottery class after work and you know spend time
learning how to do you know pottery maybe you wanna learn a foreign language
so you can take a trip there’s all these different constraints we have to deal
with the problem comes up when we try to do like way too many things and we see
other people right that are getting a whole lot of stuff done and we don’t see
behind the scenes that’s just part of what this productivity course is going
to be about by the way is you’ll be able to see behind the scenes on what I’m
doing and how I’m doing it because it looks like externally that I am super
well organized and getting a crazy amount done I’m pretty organized in
certain areas but I still have the days where it’s difficult to like figure out
where to focus so there’s a couple exercises that you can do that’s what
I’ll get to pretty quickly here and let me know what’s going on here in the chat
I’m going to come back to and I’m just gonna say hello to Charles JK Danish hi
hi Anthony and Duke as well so I’m gonna come back up to the chat so feel free to
ask questions productivity related if you can keep it productive
related will be way more relevant than if you asked about affiliate marketing
so don’t ask about affiliate marketing if you can help it you could help
yourself if you do have a question about affiliate marketing Friday in the live
session is the time to do it okay so a couple quick things that I could point
out to you and it’s really about understanding like the things that you
need to get done and you probably have them all on your head and that’s kind of
helpful however I could tell you when you have a bunch of stuff going on in
your head and you’re storing all your ideas in your head and your to-do list
and the things you have to do when you’re thinking about keywords perhaps
and you keep thinking about taking your kids to practice and you’re thinking
about you know your boss who’s who’s been on your case trying to get you to
do other stuff and then your other your other boss you’re probably one of four
or five bosses is trying to help you get promoted and there’s just so much stuff
going on it’s simply overwhelming so one of the simplest things you could do is
just a brain dump exercise I didn’t make it up it’s pretty common in in different
areas you can do it in the form of like bullets where you just jot down like
different areas that you have tasks to do right so it could be like home tasks
and then you divide it up to like your own hobbies like housework long-term
projects and like you know projects for your children or something like that you
have work-related tasks and maybe that is you know a big project that you’re
working on and maybe it’s trying to get promoted and then helping other people
that work for you get promoted right so there could be various areas to work in
and you just you know get it out of your brain write it down now you can do in
the form of a mind map if you appreciate that sort of structure you could just
get post-it notes and do it that way you can get a huge piece of paper and write
it down if you have a whiteboard you can do that it really doesn’t matter what
format and again in in the productivity masterclass course it’s tool agnostic
right so whatever you prefer maybe you like to stand up and work
on a whiteboard that’s on the wall and just have that space and you want to use
different color markers maybe that inspires you that’s cool
I actually have different color pens you know that that is something for whatever
reason I enjoy different color pens even though I don’t I don’t have like a
structure or method to the madness because it doesn’t matter it’s just a
little fun for me to do so if you could just get these ideas out of your head
you will feel better trust me in a lot of times it only takes like 10 minutes
or so if you drink a lot of drink a lot of coffee that is one of the secrets to
my madness is I consume a lot of caffeine you know and then other times I
just don’t I’ll stop drinking it for a week or two just to you know reset and
not be so amped up on the caffeine but the point is you could quickly get these
ideas out of your head if you just stop ignore everything else
I can just write these things down max it’ll take you 30 minutes probably now
it doesn’t mean that’s everything right but if you just sit down get rid of the
distractions write them down you’ll feel much better most of the time it’s really
quick and then you may think of other things later go back and add to it right
you can go back and add to it but usually you can’t think of those
secondary or tertiary things until you end up you know writing that out the the
main things that are bogging you down so if you just do that you’ll be way better
off you want beaze overwhelmed and stressed out and in fact they could tell
you you know over the last few years especially when I was just getting
started online I was like actually the situation that I described except for
the kids is a hundred percent accurate so I was trying to get promoted at my
job I had a team of like ten people working for me I was learning stuff
online I had a few sites going and I was trying
to write a blog a niche site project and I was really big in the brewing beer
judging and I was actually grading exam so these are like you know
multi-page essays that I had to grade and I would get like a stack of anywhere
from actually it was about 12 to 14 typically and it would take about two to
three hours to grade each one so I was doing this all at the same time and we
were also traveling a little bit okay so I was doing all this stuff and I was
just every now and then I’d get overwhelmed maybe I didn’t get enough
sleep maybe I was a little hungry and my wife would say you know what just write
everything down and after I resisted a little while I knew she was right I
would do the exercise myself anyway but you know if someone else suggests sit
sometimes you’re resistant and that is a symptom of being overwhelmed as well so
I wrote this stuff out and then I was able to prioritize properly and that’s
that’s the thing that you get out of it don’t focus on the prioritization so you
get these ideas out of your head then you can figure out where they go and in
your master plan right but the key is to get these ideas out of your head
now I’m gonna hop back over to the chat for a moment here this is the main idea
I’m trying to get out here just get these ideas out of your head you could
do it in the form of journaling that’s another nice way to do it depending on
if you’re a journaling type person or if you’re more of a bullet point type
person I go back and forth it’s nice to have a narrative too to just get things
out of your head stream-of-consciousness you don’t have to filter it you can come
back and get the Nuggets later now we’ll talk about some of those books back
there but let me hop to the chat Anthony asks how many kids do I have I don’t
have any kids but I have a dog named Georgie she’s resting next to me in
Anthony asks how much sleep do I get per day
that depends ideally I would love to get eight hours per day but depending on the
season and what I have going on I can get anywhere from you know six to seven
and a half or eight so I would actually like to get more and I I know that
probably over the last month or so publishing all these YouTube videos and
doing other things I think I’ve only been getting about six
and a half hours or so but I definitely would prefer to get a little bit more
but a lot of times I’ll just wake up early I don’t set an alarm right so I
just wake up naturally and I go to sleep fairly early but I’ll just wake up
naturally usually a little on the early side usually before 6:00 a.m. and then a
lot of times I’ll get started you know stretch out make some coffee do a little
reading walk the dog in the morning and then I’ll get down to work okay now Amir what’s up good to have you
on cool stuff says how can you build self-discipline become more productive
sometimes I have a lot of ideas during the day but you end up watching a show
on Netflix you struggle with establishing self-discipline okay I’m
going to talk about each of these books but because you asked such a great
question the power of habit is a fantastic book
this one is by Charles Duhigg I really enjoy his writing he’s very very good he
puts a narrative around the I guess the research in facts and it’s like super
easy to consume he wrote another book it’s on the bottom of the stack they’re
called smarter faster better and each of these books have like a shorter about 15
page appendix that tells you how to implement the stuff in the book the way
to build more self-discipline is to find the keystone habit so this is early in
the book and he talks about like someone who quit smoking I’m gonna forget the
details I don’t read this in a little bit
specifically this anecdote that I’m about to tell you about but basically
like people were someone was gonna stop smoking and what happened when they
stopped smoking is they ended up doing a lot of other healthy things as well so
they ended up like exercising more and eating better and so
on now hi again I can’t remember this specific story and it’ll be a very
boring thing to watch me look it up but I believe you know one of the other
examples in here and it may be related to the smoking example early on is the
the the exercise habit so exercise is a huge thing and I go to the gym like
probably four to seven times a week so it varies sometimes I I don’t make the
time sometimes I do something outside instead but I always feel much better
the reason why I’m mentioning it is if you could just like go to the gym even
if it’s if you could just get yourself to go to the gym right and there’s other
techniques to do that even if it’s a poor workout you’re building a habit
right you’re building the habit and exercise is one of those magic habits
that tends to have a cascading effect on other things so if you can exercise a
little bit even if you start super small cool stuff right so even if you start
super small you go outside you walk for five minutes perhaps instead of watching
the show on Netflix right there’s a lot of components you have going on in here
but if you can get yourself to exercise just a little bit a lot of times you’ll
exercise a little bit more than you intended and you’re building the habit
again to build the self-discipline it may be as simple as finding the Keystone
habit which a lot of times for a lot of people is around exercise and you feel
better right you feel better like after you exercise and it’ll cascade to other
areas so maybe you eat a little bit better which also makes you feel good
and then maybe you know maybe you’re making smarter financial decisions like
if that is you know a lot of people are like I’d be good if I like did something
a little cheaper instead of blah so you can make better
financial decisions and again it’s a keystone habit so if you could find like
a keystone habit a lot of times many things get way better
and for me I do think exercise is one of those deals where like if I’m in a bad
mood go exercise right there’s almost zero
times when I go out for a jog and feel worse afterwards right unless I get
injured you always feel better after a jog so and that is you know just one of
those things okay next and in France says you love paying for
the gym you can’t seem to get to it yeah so when and like I said if you could
just if you could just get to the gym for a few minutes and I’d probably you
know I said I go to the gym for seven times a week and maybe one to two of
those workouts are just me like barely getting my blood flowing right so I did
this a couple days ago I just I sort of ran out of time and I just ran out of a
little ran out of time and I was like you know what I can go to the gym or not
and I got myself to go to the gym I only worked out for like 15 minutes and it
was just like you know it wasn’t a run it was like you know there’s elliptical
machines I barely sweated just went in there got the blood flowing a little bit
yeah and I felt way better I mean it wasn’t a good workout but I still went
and I think that’s that’s the big thing okay the other thing I want to show you
real quick I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen here and if you are interested
in the productivity course there is a link in the description and there’s a
few details there to get you sort of started but it is a beta so it’s a
little rough around the edges but that also means that you get to work with me
a little bit more closely and it also means that you help shape the material
so there was a pilot and I’ll just mention this there was a pilot that I
did in December practically the worst time to try and launch a Productivity
course January is a much better time to do it but I thought hey I’m just gonna
go for it right there’s no reason to wait let’s do it right now
I don’t want to I don’t want to wait on this it’s now’s the time right there’s
no reason to wait they help shape the material for what’s been added into this
beta version so that that’s pretty cool you know going through the material I’m
have to make certain assumptions about what people want to learn and then once
I’m able to you know show them that it turns out they wanted some other stuff
as well so we’ve added that and I’m gonna be
able to put in more case studies so that’s pretty I don’t know that’s a
pretty good advantage I think alright I will share my screen real quick and I do
see a couple questions popping in and then after I hit the questions I’m gonna
talk about some of these books or right behind me so let’s see how this screen
sharing stuff is gonna work for me reasonably well alright so first off
this is just sort of like the information about the course so when you
hop over here a lot of it is actually in the description but this outlines what
is included in the course so there is there are a few units a four units total
I’m potentially going to add more there will definitely be more lessons in the
form of case studies so those are those are a thing that people really like to
see and I understand I mean it’s great to see taking theory into practice and
how to actually apply it now quick note is this is not in any form a niche site
course right I don’t cover affiliate marketing there may be an example or two
where I’ve implemented project management and a Productivity technique
on on an affiliate site but there’s no affiliate material in here so keep that
in mind I talked about the beta course and what that means
a quick note there’s no money-back guarantee on this so I want people who
are in write and I understand the issues with that this is beta and I make it
very clear here I’m happy to you know if there’s some emergency or
something like that I’m a reasonable person I think if you’re if you’re
watching this you you probably know that so anyway but it’s not this standard
guarantee because I want you committed I want people who are going to be able to
go through the course and do the work and you know this sort of helps select
the right people for this you get access right away so I typically don’t do that
and the thing is you get access right away there are exercises throughout
right so there are exercises starting in lesson one and you need to do the
exercises I point that out you know through through everything but basically
you’re able to get your hands on everything check out the case studies
consume it but you got to do the work you got to do the work at the end of the
day and just give you a quick look on the inside so it’s a little welcome here
inside the course and you there’s a link to get over to the two live sessions
there are two live sessions just for the students there and as a beta member you
get access to the future improvement so that’s one cool thing the pilot folks
sent him an email yesterday let them know that they have access to the new
material and you know they’re invited to the other live sessions so this stuff is
I don’t know I think that’s pretty valuable just overall so part one is
around working to focus right so so we’re a mindset urgent importance
focusing and then there’s a live recorded session part twos around
results in goals I talked about efficiency and effectiveness goals in
general and absorbing data and giving yourself time to think then we have
actionable techniques right so this is Pomodoro stacking some other
productivity techniques additionally you know better to-do lists doing the
important work right so these are exercises on how to actually implement
the ideas from Part one and Part two and last applying project management so that
is you know some of this stuff that people really asked for is project
management so I go over some of the basics while avoiding a lot of the
for lack of a better term just jargon and corporate speak because that’s not
really helpful for individuals or small teams and if you just try to learn
project management you’ll you know potentially end up in a bunch of just
deep vocabulary that you know need to know I talked about prioritizing tasks
and then of course we’ll look at the case study of you to publishing sprints
so I published over sixty videos in like 28 or 30 days I need to go back and look
I actually did a little bit more than I initially intended to but I published a
lot of content the results were good the the viewership went up quite a bit oh
I’m excited to share that soon now the thing is I totally lost my my train of
thought so anyway that’s a look inside the course if you have any questions let
me know and coming back to the chat and then I’ll talk about the books sound
good and if you have any questions on the productivity stuff that I mentioned
let me know all right Lorraine says hats off to this guy your six-month site does
100 per month just listen to his advice yep and if you go back to live streams
from like I don’t know six or eight months ago you’ll see Lorraine in there
so that’s awesome really glad to hear it Congrats um Anthony is allergic to the
gym your body tends to sweat and induces heavy breathing nice that means you’re
doing a right man alright pretty good pretty good jokes in
here Duke says you had the urge to exercise once you rolled over and went
back to sleep until it went away I think that’s good for your core though you
know that rolling back and forth that’s a really good workout d cards on brain
says you appreciate the access to the new material when released you don’t
feel like the other model of having to subscribe again for most of the same
content when it’s released yeah I’m appreciate you saying that and
I think that’s that’s a key thing you know it’s a discounted price in the beta
and you know people were taking a chance working with me on you know material
that has gone through some testing but not a full amount of testing so it’s a
pretty good amount of testing though so don’t worry it’s not the worst part is
when I recorded some of the videos I had a cold people may remember when I had a
cold so my voice sounds terrible I’m gonna have to reshoot it at some point
but um you know you can’t hear with him so alright and all the other question I
see Anthony says do you give yourself a slack day off or do to do anything or
nothing breaking away from your normal routine yes that is super important to
take breaks I am very guilty like many other
entrepreneur types especially in the online area we go like too long and
don’t give ourselves enough breaks I’ve seen in my mastermind group hum I’ve
seen it with my my friends and of course with myself even when I know even when I
tell them you know hey you should take a couple days off clear your mind and
stuff but I just you know part of it is like I enjoy it and then the other part
of it is there’s always a little bit more to do right there’s always a little
bit more to do but for example a couple weeks ago I turned off my laptop on
Saturday in the middle of the day and I didn’t turn it up back on until Monday
and I think I largely didn’t check my phone on that Sunday so it was a day off
my wife and I went hiking with her dog and sort of check things out right and
just I don’t remember what else we did but basically you’re able to clear your
mind and I think for me may actually take you know a few days I think it’s
pretty common though to take a couple days to like detail
and I’m looking for I’m actually planning a short trip actually it’s a
long ish trip take that back it’s the longest trip coming up in like the
summer time right so my wife and I had traveled a lot for a few years and then
we kind of buckled down for the last probably two years or so and were you
know excited to take a trip coming up here before too long all right next we
got oh Anthony you’re right I didn’t miss miss your question about napping
during the day does it improve productivity it depends on like you know
what it does for me in general like if I can get some sleep however I usually
don’t take a nap I’ll usually go to the gym instead so occasionally it like if
I’m pretty tired or if I have a bit of a cold
I will opt for a nap instead of going to the gym but for me going to the gym
gives me a lot of gives me a lot of energy and in fact one of the books that
I snagged actually it’s the one that’s right next to me this one’s called a
Productivity project by Chris Bailey pretty good book actually really good
book the exercise pill the takeaway in the exercise pill is the amount of
energy and focus that exercise provides you with in return for your time is
incredible and easily worth the challenge of integrating and exercise
routine into your life after you feel how much of an impact exercise has in
your brain I think you’ll want to continue with a routine if only to make
the feeling lasts and I yeah like I mentioned before really enjoy exercising
and just you know one just getting out of the house and I think for me it’s
been a habit for quite a while okay and cool hi hi about your site good to hear
daniel says you have a regular 8 to 5 job three young kids and you’re working
on a niche site is the productivity course something that would benefit me
considering you have so many things needing your attention every day
I think well I think so if you want to you know let me know more specifically
shoot me an email Daniel at Doug initial side project comm and we could talk
through a more more detail but in general you know one of the ideas and I
hope I think I mention it in like the some of the sales material but the
reality is you’re going to have to prioritize certain things and shift
things around right you know you know sometimes you may have to you know D
prioritize you know sleep right because you’re obviously a busy person you have
a lot of stuff going on so you may need to shift things around and once you
shift it around I hope you’ll be able to potentially like take the activities for
the niche site for example right take the activities and then narrow it down
to the very specific things that you have to do and not you know not get
distracted so it would be obviously you know your children and family would be
one of the highest priorities so you know you may shift things around there
and then when you only have a limited amount of time to work on your site then
for example you could be able to prioritize that subset of activities so
is the productivity course something that would benefit you it depends on how
well you have that stuff like managed on your own right so if you feel like you
can improve on productivity then you probably can if you think you have a
masker then maybe the course you know won’t be the exact right thing for you
but you feel free to shoot me an email and I could you know let you know
specifically all right Anthony says do I ever get a sense of anxiety when winding
them from all the distractions since you service people and have businesses to
run with a lot of moving parts yes I do and a lot of it is related to like
email and comments right the community part because it becomes difficult
sometimes right because I want to I mean I have a pretty small following compared
to bigger people which is a dumb statement when it once I say it out loud
so I have a fairly small following however for me it’s the biggest I’ve
ever had right and it’s been growing so I get more questions than I ever have
before and I have been and I still do I answer basically every email I get
unless someone is just you know slightly brewed and asked for something but even
people that ask for stuff if they’re not rude I’ll typically reply back and this
is deaf difficult to manage now it may not be timely in fact I know it’s not
timely because I like I said before to Daniel like I have to prioritize stuff
so I have to make sure that you know I’m servicing the community being you know
I’m I think I’m fairly polite in general so I you know that that is me right I’m
on camera enough like I think people know my personality if you’ve watched a
few of these so it’d be exhausting if I was acting in any fashion and you
probably also see me right so anything you’ve been in a few of these you’ve
probably seen me get frustrated too that is also real I wish I could suppress
that a little bit more but sometimes I can so the point is do I get anxiety
yeah I wouldn’t call it like because I know some people actually suffer from
like anxiety where it really gets them down me I just get a little annoyed
maybe a little frustrated or something like that but I usually am okay with it
so is it is a real anxiety like debilitating no it’s more like alright I
need to take a break I’m gonna go on that run I’m gonna go take the dog for a
walk and throw the ball or whatever right so I’ll definitely you know see
that I’m getting to that point but typically it
around just trying to like be a nice guy at scale right and that means like
trying to reply back to all in the comments try to reply back to all the
emails and when you’re getting like so many per day it’s difficult and then the
other you know I’ll shut up about this but the other part is sometimes someone
will say hey they’ll explain their situation and they’ll say hey can you
please just take a look at my site and let me know what you think and that’s
really I simply don’t have the time right like I said I I’m trying to be a
nice guy but I don’t have the time and if I did that every time someone asks
that’s kind of all I would be doing right and I have you know literally
customers students who are working with me
and those folks get the priority they have the bat-phone type email address so
they can get to me in the productivity course there’s Skype
right like we have a skype group so that is a thing I’m testing you know over
Facebook and I mention it in the material Facebook can be a huge
distraction productivity is about avoiding distraction in half ways so
we’re trying Skype Skype can be a distraction too but for me it’s like the
intention of Skype is not to distract you and Facebook is literally like they
have engineers and behavior engineers like trying to figure out how to keep
you on there longer they’re really good at it you know they know what you’re
looking at so anyway Anthony yes sometimes all right okay I
see cup other questions in there so I’m gonna
hit Anthony other Anthony’s question Anthony says how often do I check my
email way too often if I’m doing it right I’m checking it like four times a
day but I typically can’t help myself so I end up checking my email like 40 times
a day or something like that I’ll check out my phone and I should probably I
should probably limit it a little bit more but it is one of the things so even
like when I’m at the gym there’s like really good Wi-Fi I’m on YouTube
watching videos and stuff and I will check my email so if something pops
through I’ll check my email so way too often and I have been adding a VA
component to help me manage email so I have an assistant for you know certain
types of emails and it’s really just about sorting ahead of time and then for
the emails that are sort of like common questions and this is for like course
material so you know it takes a long time to teach someone the material of
the course so I you know I’ve been working with someone for four months and
yeah it’s definitely helped in in certain areas with the email management
and Lucas says what were my working hours on my part-time business when I
worked full-time you’re knackered when you come home from a stressful job
cool totally understand Lucas the the answer to your real question there is
you can potentially trying to wake up earlier to work on your stuff right to
work on your own project right so if you’re working on your own project in
the morning then you’ll be a little more tired at work and then you know at least
you’re spending your time on your stuff right that’s what I did how many hours
was that working on the part-time business when I worked on the full-time
anywhere from like one to ten hours a day right so it depended on what
I had going on and you know if it was a weekend especially when I was getting
started I would maybe wake up early work for several hours hang out with my wife
do normal stuff on the weekend and then in the evening I would work on it some
more so I mean you probably know how it is you’re so pumped and like excited
about certain things and you can just work on it longer when it’s your own
project right when it’s your boss telling you to do something where you
know that it’s just gonna be thrown away at the end of the day you know working
on a report that’s never gonna be presented that sort of thing it’s really
hard to motivate yourself but if you’re working on your own site you look it up
key words and all that stuff like that’s exciting right all right and then
Matthew says he appreciates the fast response the other day yeah I appreciate
you saying that Matthew and you say to get more done you take the battery under
your phone spend like a week now oh that’s amazing man yeah like if you if
you can get away from the distractions on your phone you can really get a lot
done Anthony says you find you lose a lot of time working on the cosmetic
design of a website how important is a design for a niche Scientology okay so
that is a that’s a cool way to get a niche site question in they’re not that
important not that important and that is you know part of the key you know that
that is something that I go into and five-figure a niche site right so that’s
the affiliate site course the productivity course is about looking at
that on a grand scale from like all the things that are taking up your time and
distractions so you know when it comes down to it how important is the cosmetic
design of your site or how important is it for me to wear stylish clothes right
so I have a lot of these black t-shirts I have a bunch of just plain t-shirts
it’s pretty you know easy for me to just look presentable enough
can also see it on waste too much time shaving either so you know it just needs
to be good enough much like my appearance for most of these videos and
sometimes you’ll see it’s a little rougher than then other times alright
I’m gonna get to the book so it looks like the questions have slowed down just
a tad it’s a Productivity project by Chris Bailey really good book
accomplishing more by managing your time attention and energy you’ll notice when
you read a lot of these different books on similar topics around like
productivity or working or habits or whatever they cite a lot of the same
research studies and they cite a lot of the same like ideas and stories which is
cool because you have it reinforced over and over and over again and you know the
more you you see something cited sort of the more legitimacy it has at least you
know from a psychological standpoint this one checklist manifesto I actually
got this one way back when I went to a project management workshop and like an
old client that I worked at it’s a very big very huge telecom company and they
are based out of like Dallas and Atlanta so if you looked it up you could figure
out which one it was but I went to like the IT project management like I can’t
remember was like a two-day sort of internal conference there were speakers
and stuff like that and they gave everyone the checklist manifesto which
is cool and I don’t know why some of my co-workers they didn’t even pick up one
of the free copies I’m like it’s a free book it’s like a New York Times
bestseller like just grab it it’s free so pretty good book 4-hour workweek of
course and I you know read this a little late to the party
Santiago is on what’s up good to have you on there’s some great ideas in here
there was a great podcast a couple a couple weeks ago Tim Ferriss on his
podcast he did like the 4-hour workweek revisited and sort of talks about it and
then there was a response by the tropical mba and
their podcast I don’t listen to many podcast anymore but those are two that I
do listen to and yeah it’s interesting there’s there’s a tone in the voice in
which this book is written does come off a little abrasive and I think Tim
mentions it they mention it as well so if you can get past that and get past
like sort of it’s hard to read a tone right into like words on a written page
or an email however the thing is you you can get some great ideas out of it so if
you can get past like the voice that is written then it’s pretty good and there
are like if you tried to apply the ideas directly out of the 4-hour workweek
right now like that some of the action steps on dropshipping or something like
that or if you’re trying to like outsource your life right there’s a
little chapter on that you’re gonna struggle a little bit it was very
interesting in 2007 but nowadays like the specifics have changed but the
principles are indeed the same so okay deep work I’ve talked about this one a
lot Cal Newport and this is you know right into what Matthew was saying about
taking the phone out of your battery Cal Newport like dropped off with social
media and he’s a computer scientist like professor right a computer science
professor and I can’t remember I think maybe MIT but I mean it’s all about
getting deep work done and a lot of productivity is really just about like
limiting your distractions and working on the right things right like it’s that
simple it’s very it’s very straightforward it’s very hard to do
that it’s just super hard to do and even you know what I’m trying to do it if I
can just get you know one to two days per week of like real deep work done
that’s basically all I need but it’s kind of amazing you can get so much done
if you could focus for a short time all right
he says can I list all the books that I just spoke about in the description of
the video sure good call outliers the story of
success is in Malcolm Gladwell book another awesome writer and I mean this
isn’t specifically about productivity but it does talk about like I guess just
being excellent at certain things and you start to understand about like the
focus that people give things and trying to think if there’s any other details in
here but outliers kind of closely related to peaks of peak is by Anders
Ericsson and the 10,000 hour rule which is referenced in outliers right the
person who did the research and the study is Anders Ericsson right so it’s
sort of they had a little debate right they sort of take different angles at it
Anders Ericsson is more of a you know research professor and that comes from
that angle Malcolm Gladwell as a journalist so they kind of like Malcolm
Gladwell simplified the ideas but you know he wrote this book you know a
decade ish earlier in this book Peak well it’s a little bit newer and it’s
straight from you know Anders Ericsson all right I’m just taking a look at the
chat over here in two books that go hand in hand so the one thing and
essentialism if I had to pick one I think I like essentialism better even
though I read it afterwards so it’s by Greg McEwan and I just enjoy the
narrative and essentialism better than the one thing there are I mean they’re
generally kind of the same ideas you could imagine from the names they and
you know they’re both black and white but some read on them so kind of kind of
funny they’re both really good books they’re both new I guess the one thing
is a Wall Street Journal bestseller and essentialism is a New York Times
bestseller if you care about you know which one
you check out and yeah I would recommend if you’re a reader I would go through
both of them you know but I slightly favor
essentialism and I read this in the last year and finally and I have a few other
books these are just the ones that I could carry smarter faster better you
can see I’ve like taken a lot of notes and marked this one up again another
Charles Duhigg and I was super excited when this one came out I think i
pre-ordered it and stuff and yeah really really enjoyed that one again Charles
Duhigg great writer in you know basically if I just kept rereading these
books this set and implementing certain things
that would that would be great I wouldn’t need to read any other books
okay cool stuff says what do I think about the nomadic lifestyle today we
have a lot of people calling yourself a digital nomad can a person stay on the
same level of productivity traveling around the world
sure but everyone’s different right so everyone’s a little bit different I
think the key thing that you have to do is have like a home base for like
periods of time and this is sort of the nomadic I wasn’t a digital nomad my wife
and I traveled some we did a slow travel thing that was like suited for our like
just our preference over all right so we were to rent a house in a city from like
a month to six weeks or so and we would live there right then if you’re there
for that long you don’t have to like fit stuff in although while I was there it
took like every Friday off you know like I took a lot of days off but that also
meant when I wasn’t traveling that I was banking those days now that was back
when I had a corporate job and I mean I was super productive during that period
because I was you know waking up early I was getting stuff done for my online
business I was operating really at a high level for the corporate job during
that period I got promoted I had a big team working for me like I mentioned
before and I was like doing extra stuff like I was doing exceptional
and all I was doing all this stuff at the same time so it’s definitely
possible and the key for me right and I think this could be you know the more
people I talk to you this could be the key where you if you just set up base
for a little while you’re gonna be okay and then you can get a lot of stuff done
you can you know take the deep work approach and work very hard for a
shorter amount of time not get distracted start leaving stuff out that
is not important things that you know maybe you thought you needed to do but
really you don’t need to do them and then you can get a lot done and I’ll
give you a couple examples so I have a couple friends they’ve been on the
channel by the way so Zoey Arielle on YouTube and if you just search for for
Zoey on my channel you’ll find her actually she has a huge channel so if
you just search for so here yeah you’ll find her for sure and then Mackenzie fly
they both were sort of digital nomads right but they you know more recently
have like set up base and they’re like they want to have a spot where they’re
more stable they don’t want to live out of their suitcase and they’re ready to
like get some work done you know so the stability is really helpful if you’re
trying to you know focus on another area because traveling takes away from your
focus Anthony says don’t listen to audio books when jogging no so I used to
listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks but I don’t listen to
audiobooks much anymore I typically I read them straight up now out of either
on my Kindle or a book so if I know it’s a good book or if I’ve already read it
I’ll buy a print book so like a lot of these books I probably not all of them
but the majority I read them I read the eBook version ahead of time and then I
bought the physical book because I liked it so much others for example like
outliers it’s been out for a while so I went to ebay and I bought it this book
used for like four dollars right I bought like several Malcolm Gladwell
books for like four bucks each free shipping which is
insane is practically brand new right I mean people read a book and then they
take it to like goodwill or they donate it to you know Salvation Army or
something and you could buy them for super cheap so if the books been out for
a while check on eBay you can get them for really cheap but and then in general
like when I’m jogging I don’t if I’m outside I don’t listen to anything it’s
sort of like meditation outside and when I’m on a treadmill or if I’m at the gym
I’m probably watching YouTube or something like that just because you
know the Wi-Fi is really fast and I can Anthony says you notice you’ve been
pumping out a lot of content videos thanks yeah more than two are about two
videos a day over the month what changed from the past and what allowed you to
free up more time to be more productive it’s in the course overall right so it’s
in the course but it’s setting up systems and testing them ahead of time
and then finding the weak spots fixing the weak spots and then turning
it up and that’s really all I mean I didn’t work
I didn’t free up more time I wasn’t more productive when you look at oh you know
what I’m more effective right so I’m producing more with either the same or
less output so I’ve done basically the same thing it’s just been a steady a
steady effort and the key thing is to implement a system and then push through
it right so it’s literally what I did in my day job for years I didn’t management
consulting firm it and you show up somewhere you analyze like their system
or their workflow it could be software it could be in a warehouse
it could be supply chain stuff through a warehouse with a power company
which is an actual project I was on and it’s really it’s
the same stuff you you take a look at the as is you know what you’re working
on you look at where you want to be you close the gap you do a gap analysis
right so I leave out some of these details but basically I I tested the
system ramped it up the areas where I was really the bottleneck right you’re
always the bottleneck the areas where I was really the bottleneck I got out of
that area and then found people that were better at it and could do it
cheaper than me and then that’s it yeah so and then Anthony also said ask
how does a Productivity course relate to people with kids family and full-time
jobs so it relates to everyone and it’s agnostic to tools it doesn’t matter you
know if you’re working on a niche site or if you’re trying to get promoted at
work or you want to take these things and
implement it like it’s your full-time job right but it’s it’s generalized
right and that that’s a key thing so I keep it generalized and you know all the
books that I just mentioned it’s like a curation and consolidation like I put
all those ideas in my head and then pumped out like what I knew with project
management and my personal experience and that’s what came out right so I
curated the information I’ve had my own examples out of my own stories and how I
implemented certain things and then take you through the exercises so typically
so typically like if you go through the exercises it will clarify for you your
priorities and what you should be working on and then you could take that
from like a general sense kids family job side project and then you could go
deeper dive into each one of those areas to figure out what you need to work on
and how to prioritize it and Colorado I figured your name Colorado starts with a
B maybe I can’t remem sorry you’re watching about three videos
a day so I need to pick up the pace well I’m just about to slow down so the one
of the other key things right so I did this sprint of work and you know
published a lot of videos and when March comes around which is tomorrow I’m gonna
slow it back down right so there’s some other areas that I need to work on and
when you do a big like push of work a sprint of work like I’ve done and you
know I just have a couple part-time VA s putting in I think total it’s probably
under 25 hours a week people are helping me
cumulatively so under 25 hours and we’re gonna scale it down a little bit and
assess what we’ve done so that is another important thing from a project
management standpoint is to you know you do the project in this case publish a
bunch of videos in a month and then see what the results are right so we need to
evaluate what’s what’s going on was it worthwhile what happens when we did you
know certain things when you do a lot of work all at once you’re able to learn a
lot you were able to you know take that information afterwards the sort of the
wrap up a post project meeting if you will and then figure out what to do next
so if I just kept publishing all these videos blindly why’d go crazy number one
but you can you can do things a little bit smarter and I can make sure I’m
publishing the right kind of videos and I really did I got a ton of data out of
this so and I roughly I can’t remember but there’s a lot of different ways to
take a look at the analytics but the watch time went up a significant amount
over the past month so okay any questions and if people I see we have
like 25 folks on so the the punchline to the whole the whole thing is to you know
write out all your tasks right like do a brain dump get everything out of your
head that you can you know if it’s your your home life and different areas you
have going on you you know you have maybe your parents are a little bit
older and you have like aunts and uncles around as well and then you have your
your kids and then you have your job and then of course your you know friends
that you won’t spend time with as well and then you have like your side project
that you want to work on like get everything out of your head don’t try
and do everything it’s really not it’s really not going to help out if you try
and do everything and I see her hand is on it I went to thank the kind
moderators for hand and Duke appreciate it everyone give those guys a shout it’d
be a mess in here if they weren’t here and yeah any other productivity
questions and again if you’re interested in the course it’s a beta course it’s a
little rough around the edges it’s pretty solid though I think it’s pretty
solid as a beta member you help shape the material you help me test the
material that’s in there and you help shape the new material so the folks that
went through the pilot course they said they wanted to see more project
management stuff so I put in a whole project management unit and based on the
information I get from the beta group I’ll probably either add more material
into the project management section or provide more case studies so that is a
sort of thing you get in the beta group or you know the other aspect and
honestly people weren’t highly interested in this angle but I like its
I think it’s pretty cool you get to see sort of the other side like the internal
workings of a course being launched right so a lot of people are interested
in courses in some fashion and it is not
necessarily easy to do but it’s not super complicated so I in fact like
share like the numbers right I share the marketing numbers conversion rates and
stuff like that as well as like the actual revenue and stuff so that that’s
interesting for a lot of people although like I said people weren’t super
interested in the pilot but the there was a course that I took it was a
another I guess it was a beta course but it was actually a pilot type situation
but I took that course by Derek Halpern and it was good I got to interact with
him I spoke with him on the phone a couple times there were some group
meetings but much the same is the way I’ve outlined this right one of the
reasons I took his beta course is so I can see how he ran a beta course right
that is that was highly valuable to me just to see the inner workings of like
how he was doing things and when and you know just working with the other people
in the group so pretty cool okay Anthony says is there a community spot for
people in the five figure niche community to keep this and other
discussions going like a Facebook group yeah there yep in her hand mentions
there is a Facebook group for students of five figure niche site that is an
awesome networking like hurry up and this is so I have a there’s another
Facebook group there’s a free Facebook group but the problem Anthony with a
free Facebook group is anyone basically can get in there right so there is high
value in being able to interact with people that have skin in the game and
it’s an unfortunate like you know I guess observation but it
it’s real right like I’ve definitely enrolled in courses and I have like
taken I guess it was sort of like a mastermind group course situation just
to get access to the other people in there and it’s it’s really important to
have that sort of like-minded group so yeah and if you find just a free
Facebook group sometimes it’s not about it in mind I heard leave and I don’t do
much with it at all all right if you have questions about just general stuff
non productivity related that’ll be for Friday in Colorado is asking how much
time do I invest in a niche research before starting a new site I don’t know
I’m not sure however long it takes so bad answer bad answer but it’s in the
course and five-figure niche site you have three weeks to do a bunch of
brainstorming and check it out Anthony says what productivity things in my
working on well I’m launching a course but I don’t think that’s what you’re
asking you want to rephrase it a little bit
yeah I’m not really sure what you’re asking about or are you asking just in
general what am i working on and in other news I know a couple people
probably saw some of the videos that I was or one of the live streams I worked
on yesterday where I talked about I’m hosting issues and you know sometimes
things go wrong sometimes you try and be productive and you have a list of four
things that you want to work on and then unfortunately sometimes you’re hosting
goes down or there’s some issue and that actually happened to me in the last
couple days I’m not a hundred percent sure what the issue is but I upgraded my
hosting to see if that was the issue and I’ll let you know so if you happen to
catch that stream yesterday I upgraded my hosting and it seems to have helped
WordPress is a funny thing in that everything’s fine right
everything’s running fine for a while and then if you hit a certain number of
users and I’ve seen this on a few sites a few times so I’m just now putting it
together but I feel like if you hit a certain
number of sessions the the site just kind of goes to crap right like your CPU
usage is that you know for me it was it like five six percent most of the time
then all of a sudden it went up to about I don’t know ninety nine to a hundred
percent you know it’s just spiked and when I take a look it actually
corresponds with just a little bit more traffic over a couple days and I like I
said I’ve seen this on a couple sites on different hosting companies and I think
it may have actually been just more users on the sites on the server day and
normal just a little bit not a ton just a couple more and I think it hits a
threshold so I doubled it I added more you know CPU and memory and instead of
it 99% it seems to be stable and running at about 40% so I think it may still be
a little underpowered but we’ll see how it goes and forehand says you’re
interested to find out about the hosting one of the sites that Fran has with one
host switched the host and the resource usage almost doubled the new host
couldn’t find the issue but upgraded the hosting free of charge cool and the
other thing is you notice with Lightspeed Lightspeed hosting and
Lightspeed cache the resource usage goes down a lot
okay good to know I do it’s it’s interesting I do have Lightspeed with my
MDD hosting and that’s where we’re I was having an issue but yeah I’m not sure I
think maybe that would be something that I need to look into cuz I mean they
installed lights be cash I’m automatically but I need to make sure
it’s on all the sites I guess Anthony says do I set tangible productivity
goals for yourself or do I just keep trying to do things smarter as you go
are you trying to make more income and more passive that is sorta and in all
those cases I am working on like a variety of different areas in general
all of those right so I’m always I try and set tangible like measurable goals
so that I know if I’m getting close or trying to break those down as well
I try and do things better as I go as well and in general I’m trying to make
more income and make certain areas more passive so yes on all those accounts the
specifics I actually struggle coming up with some of the specifics because
things change so fast in the area that I’m working in so if you I got if you
followed me for a while you know in 2015 I got laid off and then in 2017 sold a
site for like multi six figures with a partner of mine and had a very good year
so things escalate quickly so when you set go and this has happened with my
mastermind group as well we set goals and then we did really well like we did
better than what we were trying to accomplish so it’s hard to like reset
and get into the right framing so hope that makes sense okay cool I think I’m
out of here the questions seemed to slow seem to have slowed down a little bit so
thanks for joining in if you have questions about the course feel free
ask like in the comments or you could shoot me an email and otherwise we’ll
catch you probably on Friday maybe sooner I may do more just like random
live streams so okay I’ll see you later everyone have a great day



  • One thing I did after I got your email response was do a brain dump. Holy hell. Just taking all my notes, my to-do's, tasks (daily, weekly, monthly) and put them into a sectional type written notebook. Getting all of that chaos into one place, messily organized, took a huge weight off my shoulders. It felt freeing and opened my mind up. Just thought I'd share and still thinking about your course, it's will I be productive enough to put your processes into action 😉 *sarcasm

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