GIFTED – gift planner app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Don’t you love that warm, fuzzy feeling
you get from giving the perfect gift?… …but wish the planning was a bit easier? You know the story… You bookmark a few web pages, but can’t
remember who they were for. You photograph some gift ideas, then
forget which store they were in. You start a spreadsheet for your gift
spending, but it becomes a chore to update. You jot down notes, then lose them. Let’s face it: Sometimes, it’s just too
hard. So what do you do? Use GIFTED. GIFTED is an elegant way to organize
gifts, people, events and budgets… all in one app. Here’s how it works. Start by importing your loved ones and
their birthdates from your Contacts or Facebook, so GIFTED can keep track of
upcoming events, and notify you ahead of time. Then simply add a gift idea any time
inspiration comes. Include a photo, web page, price and store…
plus any special notes. Match your gift idea to a person or event, or just keep it as an idea for later. Browse through your gift ideas when an
event rolls around. Use the slider to track the progress of
each gift. Just move the slider to “need it” and GIFTED ads the gift your shopping
list. Do big family events feel overwhelming? Keep track of gifts chosen and gifts
given, so no one is forgotten. Worried you’ll overspend at the holidays? GIFTED shows you whether your gift
totals are within budget. Can’t remember your nephew’s favorite
game? It’s there on his profile page in GIFTED:
likes, dislikes, notes and clothes sizes. Worried you’ll give the same Father’s Day
gift as last year? Check Dad’s gift history to be sure. GIFTED even keeps a record of all those
“spare gifts” you keep at home in your gift closet. Put the joy back into gifting. Get GIFTED. Gift management made simple.


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