Gmail Security Hack – How to Fix It!

Gmail Security Hack – How to Fix It!

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? I’m feeling somewhat concerned because there is a phishing attack which you
might call a virus going around infecting the Google community, especially the Gmail
community. I’ve seen it. In fact, for friends in the past several days, you might have received
an email that says, “You have offline messages from me” or quotes from, interestingly enough,
Harry Potter. It’s a problem. Accounts are being hacked and we have the solution today
on DottoTech. There’s a nasty little piece of hacking
going on the internet which, surprisingly enough, I don’t see too many comments on
in the conversation threads. But I have seen it affect several friends of mine in the past
few days so I thought I would share with you exactly what’s happening. What happens is
basically you are going to receive an email. It seems to be only affecting people on Gmail
at this point. You’re going to receive an email and it’s going to look like one of
these emails. It’s going to look, “You might have received some offline messages
from me. Read them now.” So basically, if you read and click on the
link of this particular email you become part of the problem instead of becoming part of
the solution because somehow, somebody is now managing to hack your account and start
to be able to send emails from your account. Nasty business. We don’t know what else
they’re doing, or at least I certainly don’t know what they’re doing at this point, but
you don’t want people poking around inside of your Gmail account.
So what do you do about this particular attack? By the way, there will be a string. You can
tell if people are infected because there’s a string of emails including quotes from Harry
Potter coming down the pipe. Well, I do appreciate Harry Potter. I don’t necessarily want poorly
written Harry Potter quotes in my email. So here’s what we do about it.
The first thing you need to do is change your Gmail password, your Google password. You’ve
got to go in and change it. Change it to something cryptic, something difficult. If you want
some advice on things to do around password management and making sure your password is
a little less easily hackable, then it is obviously was if you were hacked, then check
out our video on LastPass. It’s the service that I like to use. It’s a password manager.
There are other ones but come up with a good and difficult password and change your Gmail
password. And of course you should change it fairly regularly as well as you go down
stream. The second thing that you’re going to have
to do is you’re going to have to verify that account. Typically what will happen is
I have a link to the document in the show notes beneath but if you go and you basically
just put in your telephone number of your cellphone, they will send you a verification
code and then you respond back which will verify your account. Now speaking to some
of my friends who have cleaned this system up, they’ve received several verification
texts following the original. So somebody is still trying to get access to their account.
Ignore those other verification texts. Just respond to the first one that you create and
generate. That’s the next thing you have to do.
Then if you want to avoid problems in the future, even with a good password, you might
consider stepping up your level of security and installing two-step verification. It’s
a process where every time you log into your account, you actually need kind of a second
opinion on the fact that you are you. What happens is as you sign in, a code is sent
to your cellphone and you use that code to log in as well as your password. It’s called
two-step authentication or two-step verification. If you click on the link above the video,
I have a video on that and you can walk through that process. It works really well. It’s
free. It does require an extra step as you’re logging into your accounts but your accounts
become that much more secure. The next thing that you can do as well is
flag all of the emails that you’ve received here in your email inbox from people who are
infected. Flag them as spam so Google starts to recognize that that text and that content
is spam and it starts to go into spam filters and less people get infected by it. That is
something you can do for everybody. So bottom line is if you see this happening, follow
this process. Flag it as spam. If you have been hacked, change your password. Even if
you haven’t been hacked, maybe this is a call to action. Change your password now.
It’s a good thing to do on a regular basis. Check out our LastPass video or come up with
a good password manager. Consider two-step authentication and verify your Google account.
Sorry, we had to do this email today. It’s going to be a pain in the butt for a lot people,
embarrassing and who knows what damage it could be causing downstream. We don’t know
what information is being stolen or what information is being accessed because people have access
to these accounts but it is obviously something that should be a concern to us all. So please
be safe out there, folks. It’s a jungle online.
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41 thoughts on “Gmail Security Hack – How to Fix It!”

  • There is a Google security concern I have been noticing the past few days, here is a quick fix, not sure if there is going to be more to this story!

  • This is so low level. You need to check email filters and remove those added by hacker. You also need to access to third party application management page to revoke all applications. You also need to print the logs in account activities as a prove in fact of legal investigation on you!

  • Not sure I understand entirely, Steve. If I'm not mistaken, receiving these weird emails does NOTHING. It's only when you click on their included links that a hack occurs. Just ignore and delete these odd emails, and you're safe. CORRECT?

  • Samuel Liebermann says:

    How is this thing new? How is it different from other phishing attempts?

    The one thing missing on this video is the general warning that should be said whenever speaking about phishing to a not savvy audience: NEVER EVER reveal your password to anybody, NEVER EVER enter password on a site you reached by clickin a link, NEVER EVER tell your details to someone that called you.

    Instead – go to the link from your bookmark, call the caller using the number you know is authentic.

    And – if your bank calls you and ask for details or send you a link for login instead of promoting good online habits – they should be put to shame on your facebook page for others to know not do to business with.

    This kind of security issues should be imposed by law.

  • No Google, I don't want to use my real name. says:

    Steve you should do a review of this chrome extension:

    It helps you access your dropbox folder without going to and login to the website, and without having to install dropbox and syncing the files. I personally find it really useful cuz I'm always surfing the web, and not having to exit my browser to access dropbox really does it for me 🙂

  • Mikael Magnuson says:

    Just another thought on making a new password: Use a pattern on the keyboard rather than thinking of it as a word or number or character combination. An example: use every third key on the middle row of letters, alternating holding down the shift button (obviously this is too short, but you get the idea). A pattern such as this creates a cryptic password, which is a pain for even the user to remember unless they have the keyboard in front of them. Even right now, without looking at a keyboard, I don't know what my online banking password is.

  • I have just started using Gmail and appreciate your notice. I use a password program called Dashlane and they set up high secure passwords for me. So far I have not been hacked but will Flag as spam any emails I get that is questionable.
    Enjoy your presentation on topics.

  • Jeremy Nieuwoudt says:

    My problem with services like LastPass is what stops them from being hacked like all the other 'safe' sites. It would be worse than losing your wallet with all your details inside :-/

  • Is there a way to get my account back? Because this scam guy hack my account he changed the password and he put his number

  • Sayonara Beelzebub says:

    last night my phone factory reset and i try to login again my problem i forgot my 2nd verification CODE i cant login with out the code how to fix him instant. or tricks

  • someone hack my account and my phone get factory reset and i get google recovery email once only and i cant open the link and the gmail is not now sending me a recovery option once i get backup of it

  • Can u help me pls someone hack my account and he/she put 2-step varification and my mom bank account is there and he/she spending mumps money for some stupid games

  • Ralph Espallardo says:

    pls help me.. my account is hacked i never put any recovery number or email and i can't open it.. pls help me

  • Good, day to your sir I'm very secure about all my accounts, you know what these hackers are like these days. For all you people out there I recommend to stop hackers, hacking into your accounts set up googles, 2step verifications security it's very secure, also use hard passwords so people can't guess them so I recommend not using a pets name or where you live.Make it harder for them to crack your password use @ symbol capital letters, and numbers. also back up codes if you ever lose your phone and do regular security check ups.

  • If there was any hacker who tried to hack me I would get alerted straight away, that's a good option as well if you turn on security alerts so you get alerted from where your signed in from.

  • And also if any of you are having security problems on any other of your accounts like facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat. I recommend turning Facebook's login approvals on so u get alerted when someone try's signing in from a unknown device, also do the same with twitter, and snapchat and on Instagram I recommend turning your account on private so, you have an option to approve that person who requests to follow you on Instagram it's a good option to have to be honest, thanks for your time everyone for reading my comments.

  • Sorry to disturb you again, Steve dotto what would we do if some one guesses our password to our google account and gets passed the 2step security?

  • You, know that virus email that you showed on the video, if you accidentally clicked the email link by mistake and if you have 2step verification enabled would you still get hacked?

  • Sorry, to disturb you Steve You know if a hacker was to Install illegal hacking software and was to hack into your gmail email and password and was to get that right, the hacker couldn't, still get in without a special security code?

  • Antonio Lasala says:

    well sir I dont want to learn to hack gmail… Just pls help me to recover it from scammer… Before that Ill make sure that account is mine ill prove

  • My gmail accounts have been hacked for over a year. i have been created gmail accounts over 100 accounts theyall have been hacked. as soon as I created it got changed password roght swau.

    2-Steps verification can not stop the hacker.

    Received no text and no phone call. phone was changed to somethomg else.

    please anyone help with instruction to stop this.

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